Fall Fashion Inspiration


Here’s a peek at what I’ve been feeling fashion-wise this Autumn. It’s all rather ironic, actually, as I’ve spent the last 6 years avoiding anything that looks remotely similar to what I wore back in my days at a private prep school. Not to mention the fact that I used to have hang-ups over anything to do with cheerleading.

(I was a volleyball player, you see, but I have since gotten over my issues with cheerleaders. Don’t worry, we can still be friends!)


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Francoise Dorleac and Catherine Deneuve


It’s so lovely to look at the candy-coated images of these two French sisters. But to think about the tragedy of Francoise’s death is enough to turn any mood into melancholy. Drive safely, my friends, and be be gorgeous.





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Silent Star- Clara Bow


I’m always a little surprised when I’m inspired by fashion which predates the 1950s. But it happens in the least likely of places! Like silent movies. I simply don’t pay attention to one thing at a time for a long enough period of time to become a fan of silent movies. I like to multi-task, and that doesn’t work out quite well when you can’t hear what’s happening on screen.

Clara bowclassicfilmheroines

Ah, but Clara Bow. I’m suddenly overwhelmingly inspired by her sweaters, pleated skirts, collars, ties, suspenders, and scarves. Even her bob! (Don’t worry, I’m not planning on cutting my hair any time soon!)

Classic hollywood wild party

I might see if any of her films are available on Netflix. I suppose classic fashion, like great design & wonderful films, truly is timeless.

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