Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair Tutorial

Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair Tutorial

Brigitte Bardot is probably the babeliest babe that has ever existed. This isn’t really debatable, though I’ve presented my arguments once before. And while I don’t feel the need to have sexiness ooze out of my every pore as she goes, I do think her va-va-voom hair is amazingly fabulous and wish I could snap my fingers to make my own brown locks like her famous big, soft, sexy sixties’ style. I can’t do it with a snap of my fingers, but! I can recreate my own version of Brigitte Bardot’s hairstyle with some hairspray, rollers, and a headscarf. No extensions or weave necessary!

I’m so glad my hair is finally long enough to do recreate Brigitte Bardot’s hairstyle with medium-length hair, but I’d like to try this look with extensions too. But that’s for another day! For now, click through to check out the full hair tutorial where I transform my boring tresses that you see below.

Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair TutorialBrigitte Bardot Hair Tutorial

For this hairstyle, you’ll need an aerosol hairspray, a bristle brush for optimum teasing (but a fine-tooth comb will do), a flat iron, a nice set of rollers, a head scarf, and a couple of bobby pins as well as a snap clip or two. I couldn’t find my roller set available anywhere online, but it’s a nice set of medium to smaller sized flocked rollers with heated clips. Any medium-size rollers will do, but I recommend a set with hot clips, like this set. For hairspray, I’ve experimented with several less expensive brands, and enjoy TRESemme and L’Oreal’s quick drying spray the most.

Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair Tutorial

First, part your hair on the side and put it all up in rollers as shown above, having the each segment of hair roll downward. A good technique is to brush each segment of hair upwards before spraying with an aerosol hairspray and then rolling with the hot curler. If you have different sizes of curlers, use the bigger curlers on top, and smaller ones on the bottom. If you have bangs or are growing out bangs, like I am, leave them out of the rollers.

Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair Tutorial

While your hair is setting in the hot rollers, work on beefing up the front bangs section of your hair. If you don’t have bangs, you’ll do this part after you have taken out the cooled rollers. Pull your bangs upward and spray generously with a (preferably quick drying) aerosol hairspray. I use a bristle brush to do my teasing, because I find it’s really efficient in teasing a large amount of hair in less time than a fine-tooth comb. So, hold your hair upwards, and brush downwards towards the roots. Go ahead, be aggressive. It’ll look pretty crazy, but you can smooth it out so that it looks like my hair below to the right.

Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair Tutorial

After you’ve smoothed out the tease, work at shaping the bangs with a flat iron so that it has a nice wave and can easily be pulled off to one side of your head, like mine in the below right image. It might take a bit of trial and error, but be sure not to overheat your hair or it will lose its ability to hold curl until its next washing.

Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair Tutorial

You’ll want to let the rollers cool completely before removing them, so during this time, you can tie the headscarf around the rollers and carry on with any other duties (manicures excluded) that your little heart desires, like making a cup of tea, catching up on your e-mails, or even running to the grocery store! (Hey- I’ve done it, and I’m pretty sure if you put on red lipstick, you can get away with wearing scarf-covered rollers to the store! A completely vintage ensemble will give you bonus crazy lady points.)

Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair Tutorial

Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair Tutorial

When you take out the rollers, you should have nice, soft curls like the photo below right, but actually that’s not what we’re going for. So, brush ’em out, why don’t ya?

Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair Tutorial

Pin your bangs off to the side, and start teasin’ the crap out of the rest of your hair. I start at the top, pull up a not-too-thick section of hair, spray it generously with hairspray, and go to town with my bristle brush. I start in the middle of the section of hair and brush downwards to the roots, on all sides of that section of hair. Then, I flop it up and to the side to get it out of the way, and get to work on the next section of hair below it. I do this all the way around my head until I look like a raging lunatic. This is when you might want to avoid spontaneous trips to the grocery store.

Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair Tutorial

Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair Tutorial

(But like I said- red lipstick = anything goes! Almost.)

Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair Tutorial

Alright, so you have the maniac look down pat. Now what? Well, don’t worry, now you can gently brush down the hair so that it looks more under control, like the image below left. Don’t brush out your tease, you just want to smooth out the craziness a bit. The top part of your head will probably be flatter than the rest of your suddenly voluminous locks, so you’ll want to go over that area again with a generous teasing, focusing more intensely on the hair that is right up against your scalp and right along the part. This is where a fine-toothed comb is actually better than the bristle brush, but I’m usually too lazy to switch out tools at this point. So, bristle brush it is!

Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair Tutorial

Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair Tutorial

Now you’ll want to make sure your bangs are a wee bit fluffy, combed to the side, and pinned in place. Fold your headscarf so that you have about a 6-8″ wide section that will rest on the top of your head. It’s really up to you and your headscarf! Tie it not-too-tightly at the nape of your neck, off to one side (I chose the side that my bangs swoop towards), and then secure it in place with one or two of those snappy clip things. Now you won’t have to worry about the silky headscarf shifting around. Wonderful!

Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair Tutorial

I left the ends of my bangs hanging out of the scarf and curled them just so with my flat iron. I like that little bit of curl, but you can tuck your ends away if you don’t like hair tickling your nose every time you lean forward, or, if your hair’s just too long (jealous!) to let it hang out. Finish with any touch-up teasing necessary and set the look with a light coat of hairspray.

Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair Tutorial

Brigitte would rock a nude lip with over-the-top eye makeup, but I stuck to my signature red lip color and a subtle cateye. This quintessential sixties’ look really sends off good vibes, and not to worry- If you’re concerned about looking too dated, this headscarf style is actually a great vintage look to try out without feeling like you’re in costume. So fresh and so fun!

Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair Tutorial

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  1. Traci says:

    Looks easy when you do it…but I struggle with tutorials like this! I’ll keep this one in the bucket list, though. Love the stripes and polka dots together!

  2. your facial expressions are too cute!!! Nice job. I used to have a tutorial on my former youtube account but for one of her other hairstyles. Lovely!!!

  3. Briseidy says:

    so pretty! love her style!

  4. Lisa W. says:

    She WAS a beauty…and so are you:) Enjoyed!!!!!!!

  5. patty says:

    So pretty! Lucy is lucky to have a mom that will be able to do her hair!

  6. I agree with Traci I get inspired by hair and make up tutorials and then mess up, if at first…..
    Hopefully I will get this one right.

    I would like to ask photo advice, My pictures turn out badly when I have a window behind me but yours are great in this post, please advise. Use small words I am a very tired new mummy my brain is still adjusting to the new lack of sleep but I love mummy time so I am okay with being dumb for now xx

    • Mandi says:

      I actually don’t have a window behind me. I’m standing in front of a mirror, taking the photos through the reflection. There’s a white door to the right of me and a light green wall behind me, and then a window just off to the side of the mirror in front of me. I don’t really ever attempt to take backlit photos, but I usually set up photos by a window like I did in this post:

      The window is to the side, and there’s a light bounced on the other side of the photo- you can see if all set up in that post I linked to. :)

  7. Tilly says:

    Gorgeous! I love this look, but usually just attempt to recreate it with a bit of back combing and hairspray. I must try harder!

  8. Stacia says:

    This hairstyle is cute, and these photos are SO fun. I also love what I can see of your tattoo. :)

  9. Amy Castillo says:

    Lovelly! I might just try this with my shorter A line. Go big!

  10. Jessica says:

    I followed your tutorial for a 60’s fashion show I was going to. I loved the result and got TONS of compliments. I went against using the scarf at the last minute but here is what it looked like:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Shiv Sharma says:

    Hey nice pics here… nice hair styles…..Womens can follow these easily…..

  12. Claudia says:

    I just wanted to say that I love your hair tutorials. I wanna try some. Thank you