Our Kitchen Renovation Progress

Kitchen renovation- Making Nice in the Midwest

It was about halfway through our kitchen renovation that I started feeling incredibly anxious. It might have been my irrational feeling that my kitchen would never ever be clean again, or maybe the real struggle of keeping a toddler from constantly climbing one of the two ladders that were always standing about. After I forced myself to let go of the pressure (and sent Lucy to my parents for the night), I decided to just plow forward, nose to the grindstone, and bust out as much work as possible so we could get back to normal.

Kitchen renovation- Making Nice in the Midwest

Two 4AM bedtimes later, I went from a near breakdown in a cluttered house and ripped up kitchen with no counters (see image above) to exhaustedly sipping fresh coffee in an almost finished kitchen! (See last image for our current progress.) We still have a few things left to do, like install the ceiling ventilation to replace the hood vent, change out the overhead light, mount the under-shelf lights, and a little bit more accessorizing. But we’re almost there, and I’m so excited to share my post recent progress today at A Beautiful Mess.

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Kitchen renovation- Making Nice in the Midwest

My Favorite Script & Handwritten Typefaces

favorite free script typefaces

Hunting down the perfect typeface for a project can take some time, especially when it’s for a personal project. I hate designing for myself, but often do it out of necessity, like when I revamped my blog design last week. Hand drawing type is definitely not my strong point, so I usually end up looking for a free or not super expensive typeface that fits the bill. Here are a few of my favorite free typefaces I’ve used in the past year, including one $29 font you can see in my new blog logo, Filmotype Horizon.

Click the links for each typeface below. Enjoy!

Images are from my recent abstract painting. Check out the process here.

diy abstract art

WHAT WE WORE | Summer Dresses & Bacon Grease

Vintage-Inspired Mother/Daughter Fashion

Sometimes you hear a great quote and it becomes your new life motto. When Don Draper directed his creative team with the famous line, “Make it simple, but significant,” I knew it would be my new mantra. Lately I’ve been considering simple significance in most everything I do, whether it’s analyzing my wardrobe, cooking dinner, or renovating our kitchen.

Lucy and I chose simple, all-inclusive outfits for our family dinner outing at a local restaurant that fits right in with Don’s creative advice. Canton’s downtown scene had been lacking excellent casual dining downtown until recently. You could easily find upscale restaurants and seedy dives, but the lack of moderately priced meals in a nice, casual environment pushed people like me to the suburbs for family outings. A couple of modest places have popped up to fill the void, but it wasn’t until Deli Ohio opened last year that I said, “Aha! Yes— This is what we need.”

A simple space with an attractive, and decidedly fuss-free dining room, it’s the perfect spot to pop in for an amazingly delicious sandwich you can feel good about. The family who owns Deli Ohio works with local farmers to source ingredients, and I gotta say, the bacon alone is worth the trip! It’s a great family atmosphere, and Lucy loves sitting still for her meal and then running around the open space with special permission from the staff. (They’re really chill and their own toddler enjoyed playing with Lucy too!) We love it there, and Canton’s better because of Deli Ohio. Be sure to check it out if you’re in the area!

W H A T   I   W O R E :

dress: ASOS / shoes: Clarks / necklace: Avenue Antiques in Canton / bag: Cleveland’s WMC Fest 5
lipstick: Laura Geller Rosato / waterproof lip liner: It Cosmetics Romantic Rose

W H A T   L U C Y   W O R E :   100% thrifted

canton ohio fashion blogger

sixties' toddler fashion

wmcfest fashion blogger

vintage tassel necklace

modern sixties style- Making Nice in the Midwest

sixties' toddler fashion

modern sixties style

sixties' style, revisited

sixties' toddler fashion

Deli Ohio - Canton

Deli Ohio- Canton

Deli Ohio- Canton

Deli Ohio- Canton

Our Kitchen Renovation

kitchen renovation - Making Nice in the Midwest

Our home has been covered in tarps with the contents of our kitchen displaced in boxes. It seems I’m always looking for something or other, and usually what I’m looking for and can never find is that elusive thing called time! Oh, but it’s gratifying to be in the midst of a kitchen renovation and see such dramatic changed take place in our home. I’m documenting the process over at A Beautiful Mess, so you should go over and check it out! Here are the kitchen posts I’ve shared so far:

There are already quite a few dramatic before and after photos! I can’t wait to share the grand reveal! (When it’s all finished, that is. Will it ever end?)

kitchen renovation - Making Nice in the Midwest

kitchen renovation - Making Nice in the Midwest

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