Our Fall Favorites for Kiddos

Vintage Toddler Fashion Blogger

One of my most frequently asked questions on Instagram has to be this: Where do you get your girls’ clothes? The answer is a bit of a mixed bag. Many of their clothes are vintage items I purchase from thrift stores, antique shops, Etsy, eBay, and mostly from Instagram mamas who have accounts dedicated to selling vintage kiddo clothes. But I also buy new basics and vintage-inspired clothes from the same ol’ places every year, and I thought it was high time I made a post including our favorite toddler and little girls’ clothes that are are available for purchase right now— no thrift hunting or Etsy scouring needed!

Vintage Toddler Fashion Blogger

The outfits the girls are wearing here are mostly vintage, but as usual, we mix in some modern items, like tights, shoes, and a turtleneck. Juniper’s little pants set is one of my favorite finds ever, and oh do I wish I had one in my size! Though to be honest, I probably couldn’t pull it off like she can. :)

Juni’s wearing: Pants set from chalkmarks on Instagram / turtleneck from H&M / boots from H&M / coat from H&M

Lucy’s wearing: ascot blouse purchased on Instagram (can’t remember where!) / Jumper from Colette’s Vintage / tights from Old Navy / shoes from Old Navy

And now, here’s a list of some of our favorite kiddo clothes for the season! I purchased some of these items for the girls, and am eyeing some others as Christmas gifts. (Even though they really aren’t at the age that they appreciate clothes for gifts— unless they’re fancy dresses or costumes!)

Little Girl Fashion A/W 2017

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I like to select a few on-trend, fun items for Lucy to wear every year, but since I know these items will be passed down to Juniper eventually, I try to focus on timeless styles that will still feel fresh in a couple of years. Lucy and Juniper both love dressing up at times, but they are still kiddos (and plenty rambunctious), so I like to choose clothes that are great for playing in too!

We usually purchase our bottoms (like jeans, pants, and leggings) second-hand or else use hand-me-downs from friends. But occasionally I’ll find some jeans in stores that are too cute to pass up! I did leave bottoms off my list because I ended up only purchasing some leggings from Zara this year, and the rest of what we’re using are vintage or have been passed down to my girls.


Toddler Girl Fashion A/W 2017

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 / 18 / 19 / 20

Juniper doesn’t get many new items ever year, for obvious reasons! (#secondchildproblems) But I can’t help myself and still will get her a few cute things new each season. When Lucy was little, I tried to get a lot of gender neutral items in case we had a boy next. But then Juniper came along, and loves her frilly dresses. While I do plan to probably have another baby, I’ve learned to just have fun with the kids we have and not think too much about what might happen with the next kiddo. So Juniper gets some girlier things than Lucy ever did, mostly because she sometimes refuses to wear things that don’t have frills. (I’m working on getting her in on the jumpsuit and pants set game though!)

Vintage Toddler Fashion Blogger

My mom was invited to a 70s theme party this weekend, and I helped put an outfit together, then offered to send the girls along as her accessories. :)

Vintage Toddler Fashion Blogger

Plans for the Study

Hey guys! We’re still working on finishing up a few details in the kitchen and living rooms, but I wanted to share some plans I have for another room we’ll begin working on this month! We’re calling this room the study, though it will function primarily as Phil’s office and a library for our book collection.

This space is somewhat remote from the rest of the house, tucked away by the front door, and a hallway away from the kitchen and other main living space. It used to be open to the adjacent former dining room, and the dining area used to have an opening to the kitchen. But the passageway between the front living room and the dining room has now been sealed off with drywall, and the dining space now has a doorway between it and the kitchen and is being transformed into the playroom. (More on that later!)

Now that the opening between the rooms has been closed up (see floor plan below), we have a private room at the front of the house that Phil can use as he mentors other men and has small group Bible studies. This room was a major selling feature for us as a couple, as it was important for us to have a home that was equipped with an office/workroom for me, and a separate, private area for Phil and his mentoring work. In the past it was difficult for him to have private conversations, because our old home was small and had no doorways between rooms. So now he has a study to call his own (mostly his own!) that will also be a nice quiet place for the kiddos to study one day, or just for reading a book away from the noise of the kitchen and living room. Also, the newly closed up wall gives us a nice place to put a sofa in a small room which otherwise would be awkward to furnish.

floor plan

I don’t have any actual before pictures of this room, because we set to work ripping out the carpets the moment we moved into the house. (Literally— the first day we owned her!) But imagine a medium brown shag carpet. We replaced it with the same engineered maple flooring that we are using in the kitchen, dining, and playroom areas. Now we need to do some painting, and add moulding details! (Oh, and remove that electrical cord on the wall. UGH. WHY.) But here is our plan!

study mockup

We’re working on an IKEA Billy bookcase hack on the wall across from the desk, which will surround the window with what looks like built-in shelving, in one of the room’s accent colors. This will make the biggest statement in the space, and in order to help the other walls match up to the bold elegance of a wall of bookshelves, I’ll be adding some easy moulding details and color accents on them. Pretty excited about this! I know color and moulding can really elevate a space, but what good is that when you don’t have any furniture?

So, we’ll be getting rid of our old sofa (this was the first one Phil and I bought together before we were married 11 years ago!), and replacing it with a smaller scale Article sofa, and outfitting the space as seen above. The art is literally the only thing in this room that I already owned before beginning this project. And the desk is a great vintage find I got at a local favorite of mine, Main Street Modern.

Conant Ball vintage desk

In general, I feel really good about the direction this project is taking! But I’m a little up in the air about window treatments. Should I do curtain panels? Keep in mind, there will be about a half inch between the window and the edge of the bookshelves on the one wall. Or perhaps a roman shade? I’ve also tossed around the idea of incorporating a cornice board into the bookshelf design and having sheers hang down from it, so the light won’t be obstructed by something heavier. Any thoughts on that?

Here are all of the links to everything I’ve included in the plans for the space:

Monster Toast

Monster and Mummy Toast

When food and crafts collide, you can always count me in! Two of my greatest loves, really. I also enjoy any excuse to create a fun meal that gets the kiddos excited about trying foods they’d otherwise leave to Mama, like avocado toast. I meeeaaan… monster toast!

I teamed up with Horizon Organic to share a couple of fun and pleasantly creepy toast ideas for a simple lunch idea you can enjoy with your kiddos, or heck, you don’t even need kiddos to get a little weird with your food! Mummy toast in the break room at work? Sure, why not?

Mummy Toast


halloween toastTo make the mummy toast, I started with a base of sliced ham. Then I cut strips of Horizon Organic provolone cheese slices with a pizza slicer and layered the strips over the ham, using black olives for eyeballs. You can broil these to melt the cheese a bit too!

I think the mummy toast would be really yummy with tomato sauce instead of ham to make pizza toast too!

Monster Toast


halloween toastWhat started out as a plan to make Frankenstein toast turned into Lucy and I having a bit of fun making happy and mad faces on our toast! I used a spread of mashed avocado (mixed with lime to slow down browning) and let Lucy create faces with cut pieces of tomatoes, Horizon Organic American cheese, black olives, and alfalfa sprouts.

The green monster toasts were my personal favorite (I love avocado toast), but I was really surprised that for the first time ever, Lucy was interested in tasting “the green stuff.”

Monster and Mummy Toast

These toasts were super quick to put together, but Lucy ended up taking lots of time creating more faces out of leftover supplies, like cheese scraps, black olives, and tomatoes. She probably sat at the kitchen for an hour being creative with her food! It was a lot of fun, and I liked that I didn’t need to go out and buy any special ingredients.

Monster and Mummy Toast

I love having the opportunity to work with Horizon Organic, because we really do love their snacks and dairy products in our family. If you’re interested in getting special coupons and savings, sign up for their mailing list here, and be sure to follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to get even more meal and snacking ideas!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Horizon. The opinions and text are all mine.