Shrouded in infamy, Marianne Faithfull’s legacy is as haunting as the music she sings. Before 1964, when she was discovered at a Rolling Stone’s party in swinging London, she was just like any other hopeful singer-songwriter, carrying her guitar from one cafe to the next, waiting for someone important to take notice.

Thankfully, her career quickly took off and Marianne Faithfull went on to make quite a few albums I really enjoy. But soon her intense and widely publicized drug addictions began to destroy her life, break up her relationship with Mick Jagger, separate her from her son, and even eventually put her on the streets. Her life was so sad during the years of her life that interest me the most, so I feel a bit shabby focusing on something as trivial as her personal style. But I mean, look at her! How can I resist?

Faithfull is often better remembered as a muse rather than a musician these days, as so many timeless songs were said to be inspired by her, while her own career was so on-again-off-again. It’s really bizarre how her style, and even the quality of her voice, changed through the ’70s. She had suffered from anorexia in her lowest times, dramatically changed her voice with her unhealthy lifestyle, and the style of the times had changed from mod to punk. She has since picked up the pieces of her life and had moved far away from where she was during her darker years. But my favorite period of her style in voice and fashion is the ’60s- And thankfully, for our enjoyment,  it was captured on vinyl and film.


I’ve never been much of a subscriber to fashion magazines, but when I stumbled on a vintage shop jammed full of vintage magazines, I couldn’t resist snagging a small pile of fashion and gossip magazines. From the 1960s. It’s fun taking a step back in time, reading the articles that were relevant 50 years ago, and pouring over the fashion inspiration from the it-girls of the 1960s. My favorite era is around 1965, and a favorite gal of mine is Pattie Boyd.

In the 1960s, Pattie Boyd was famously the muse for her first husband, and my favorite Beatle, George Harrison, but before that she was a widely recognizeable covergirl and then small-time actress. I first “met” Pattie while watching Hard Day’s Night, the silly Beatles’ movie in which she played a teenage fangirl who met the Beatles during their tour. I thought she was cute, with her gapped grin and energetic personality. And then I got to know her style, and fell hard for this style icon. Her hair, her mod schoolgirl style, and penchant for hats are just what I’m going for these days. Do you love her as much as I do? How could you not?!

Hair Style Icon: SYLVIE VARTAN

Nothing inspires me more than the mod fashion sense of 1960’s style icons. Sylvie Vartan is exactly my ideal, if I were a blonde, that is. But just because her hair is a million shades lighter than mine, doesn’t mean I can’t be inspired by her style!  I think her mid ’60’s hair style is the perfection transition cut to get me from my last style to my next one. And who knows what that will be!

Sylvie Vartan emerged in the 1960s during the French YeYe movement in pop music. She married a rock star and trail-blazed the modern music scene with her song and dance performances, all the while setting trends with her schoolgirl-glamour style. Her demure outfits, including Peter Pan collars, pussy bows, and pastel alongside classic black and white color schemes, are so enviable, and the cute bob hairstyle and dramatic ’60’s makeup is an iconic look I’m dying to try on for size!

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