Stress Relief in the Wintertime


Lately, I’ve been struggling with anxiety more than I ever have in the past twenty-five years. In the good old days, I used to create more art, too. So, I figured I would make a little collagey book, kind of like a journal, and in it, explore my anxiety and ways that I can overcome it.

Here it is, size 6.5″x8″, and made from photos, vintage magazine clippings, and a little extra fun stuff like paint, fabric, and tape.









A Little Handmade Lovin’


Phil and I dated for 6 years before we were married. Yeah, I know. That's a really long time. But we started dating when I was a sophomore and he was a junior in high school. Not that I actually thought we would get married or I would even date him for a long time, but that's how it turned out! (No complaints here!) Add three and a half years of marriage to the six years of dating, and a lot of the romance has faded away.

Well, at least, I'm not very good at romance. Phil certainly is. So I thought I would whip up a little handmade valentine for him to show him how much I appreciate his little gestures. We all have our love languages, and I'm pretty sure this little card is right up his romantic ally. ;)


S U P P L I E S :

kraft cardstock, blue lace (cut up into smaller strips), white trim lace, clipping from a vintage magazine, sewing machine & thread, and a black gel pen.

The Art of Making a Paper Snowflake


As I discovered last week during my snowflake making party, making the little dandies isn’t as easy as it seems, and not everybody knows how to wield their scissors in creating their own paper snowflakes. So, I thought it might be helpful to do a quick photo-series to help you figure it out, if you’re running into trouble making your own.


Start with a square piece of paper, thin enough to cut through several layers at once. I used marker paper for the banner you see above, mostly for its translucent quality, but also for ease of snipping.



The next part is where it can all go wrong if you aren’t careful. Fold the paper in half, then in half again, and fold it two more times- but be sure you keep folding it on the same axis, or things will go terribly awry when you go to unfold your snowflake at the end!



Alright, so if you have folded your paper correctly, it should look something like this. You could trim off the uneven edge, or just delve right into cutting the sides of the paper at this point.



When you are cutting the designs into the sides of your folded paper, make sure you leave a space on the folded side in between where you are cutting and the top edge (at some point). Otherwise, nothing will hold it together when you unfold it.


Voila! They aren’t perfect, but neither is any real snowflake, right? And when hanging them in a bunch, nobody will notice. Hope that helped ease any paper-snowflake-making angst you might have had, and if I might suggest, having a little get together with friends, warm drinks, and Christmas movies makes an excellent evening for producing lots of these little guys. :)