Powder Room Progress

powder room mock-up

I’m so excited to be able to pop in with a powder room update for you all! So far I’ve completely rearranged the bathroom with help from J&J Plumbing, settled on tile and fixture choices, and have even begun tiling!

Right now I’m in the process of thinking about decorations as I pause work on the space for a moment. I’m torn between using mostly white decorative elements to add more of textural interest with less dynamic design, or something warmer like what’s pictured above right. What do you think?

powder room makeover

Our sink and toilet used to be arranged on the left wall of the powder room, but now the sink will be across from the opening, with the toilet to the left of it.

powder room makeover

We built out the wall a bit in order to create a ledge behind the small sink, but it was actually quite handy, because we realized the wall we wanted to move plumbing too wasn’t just drywall. It was masonry, with no space for pipes. I definitely got lucky that my original design solved the issue before it became an issue!

powder room makeover

Right now we’ll be working on tiling, and I’ll be adding the wood for the ledge and trim. The walls and ceiling still need painted as well.

I am torn a bit with what to do about grout. You can see a sample piece sitting below the sink in the photo above. The grout color on the left is called Haystack, and would provide a softer backdrop without as much contrast. The dark gray would definitely highlight each individual rock in the tile sheets, but I can’t decide if that would just be too much, considering this tile is going up half the wall and will also be on the floor.

I need to decide what to do about grout in a few days! Send me all of your opinions!

Patio Projects for the Win!

patio makeover

Wow, you guys! July was such a busy month that seemed to both crawl and fly by. We spent so many evenings working on our patio makeover— it was quite exhausting! But I’m happy to report that the project is finished! Check out my patio planning blog post I wrote before setting out on the project. Kind of crazy how the result actually turned out how I planned! Ha! I’ve shared two posts at A Beautiful Mess about the first steps of the project:

The grand reveal is coming soon, along with a post about the slat wood pergola we build. But for now, I’d love to show you some of the process and results right here at my own blog.

patio makeover

This is the lovely view we had from our sunroom door, which has since been transformed to the view below. We spent a grueling weekend stripping the deck, and another entire week putting up the privacy fence. I can’t even believe it was this bad before! Mostly the floor was in super bad shape, but the overall darkness of the space has been dramatically improved.

patio before

Here’s another great before and after scene! Above is the original dining area, complete with a grill which we moved out of the way to better position the dining table. We extended the fence posts so the roof in here would be enough height to add the slat wood pergola. What a difference all of that white makes! And now we can enjoy dining al fresco without baking in the hot afternoon sun.

patio makeover

patio makeover

Before we refinished the deck, it was pretty chippy and scratched. Some boards were so chewed up that we had to pull them up and replace them. Phil and I would’ve loved to replace all of the deck boards, but that just wasn’t in the budget. But I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, even though it took soooo much effort to make this old deck shine again!

patio makeover

patio makeover

Here’s how the deck looked before we finished staining, fencing, and adding the slats above the pergola area. It was so exciting to see it com together!

Below you can see what it looks like from the outside. I have since planted sweet autumn clematis up here, which will climb up fishing line that I’m string long the posts of the fence, to keep the clematis off the actual fencing. I hope it fills out how I would like! I’ve been reading a lot about caring and pruning clematis, but any extra advice you have for me would be more than welcome!

patio makeover

patio makeover

We’ve definitely been over-indulging in s’mores since the patio completion, but I know that winter has a way of sneaking up on us here in Ohio, and then we’ll be longing for this warm summer evenings with toasty sugar sandwiches! haha!

I’ve included a list of all of the products I’ve used in this space down below. Article gave us all of the outdoor furniture to be used in the project (except for the umbrella and fire pit). We’re really happy with the quality, and I’d definitely recommend their furniture to anyone who is looking! Feel free to ask me questions and I’ll check back in to answer.

Product Sources:

Article Burrard Sofa Review

article burrard

Transforming the front room of our house into a cozy study has been such a rewarding project! I’ve still been making minor tweaks to the space since sharing its grand reveal last month, but I wanted to take some time to talk to you all about what we think of our Burrard sofa from Article. So many people have been reaching out on Instagram to ask me what I think about it, but I think I ought to say a bit more than “We like it!”

When selecting a sofa for your home, there’s quite a bit to consider. Before choosing the Burrard sofa, I considered the ideal sofa size, seat depth, arm thickness, and upholstery fabric for the study. I wanted to talk about what I was looking for in this space, and hopefully it will help you if you’re embarking on your own sofa shopping adventure!

In the interest of full disclosure, you should know that Article provided me with this sofa in exchange for images and blog post material for the study makeover series that I shared at A Beautiful Mess. But I can assure you that all of my opinions I’m about to share are authentic and honest.

article burrard

1. Sofa Size

Although the study is a relatively small room in our house, I knew I wanted a full size sofa for napping and sharing with the entire family. Article has a variety of full-size sofa lengths to choose from, and some smaller versions of those sofas too. There’s a smaller version of the Burrard, but I ended up going with the full-size for this room and then selecting smaller end tables so the space wouldn’t feel crowded.

2. Sofa Bulk

Sofa designs vary quite a bit when it comes to arm and back thicknesses. I knew I didn’t want to waste any space with a bulkier back and arms, so I checked out the dimensions listed on Article’s website for each sofa. The Burrard had some of the slimmest arms and back of all the sofa styles. The slimmer arms also made the Burrard feel more sleek and sophisticated.

3. Seat Depth

Because this sofa would be primarily used as a place for cudding up with a book, and often sharing a seat with our kids, I knew I wanted a sofa with sufficiently deep seats. I liked the look of Article’s Parker sofa, but after comparing its seat depth to other seats in our home, I realized I wouldn’t be as happy with its depth. If I was designing a room to function more as a sitting room, and less of a spot to really cozy up, the Parker maybe would’ve been a better fit.

article burrard

4. Comfort

When it comes to the comfort-level of a sofa, people are surprisingly varied in their opinions. I like to have a bit of something to sink into, mostly at my back, but I know other people like a ton of cushion. I suppose I fall somewhere in the middle with wanting firm/soft cushions. For me, comfort is more about proportions, such as the depth of the seat and height of the back.

The Burrard’s cushions were actually super firm when the sofa arrived, and I was a bit nervous. What have I done?! But as we used the sofa occasionally over the course of two months, they softened up a bit and now they feel perfect. The back is much more cushiony, but it still maintains its shape and doesn’t slump or look sloppy. I’m really happy with it now.

5. Upholstery

When you think about a study, usually worn leather furniture comes to mind. I had it stuck in my head that we just had to get a leather sofa for in this space, but in the end Phil said he preferred fabric to leather, and I had to agree. When faced with the choice between snuggling up on a leather sofa or a fabric one, we’d choose fabric every time!

Fabric isn’t usually as rugged as leather, but you can order fabric samples from Article if you need reassured that the fabric thickness will last well over time. I’ve had no pilling issues with the seasalt gray upholstery fabric of our Burrard, and while it’s soft enough to the touch, it seems like it will hold up well over time. In the past I’ve sprayed my sofas with Scotchguard to protect it from spills and stains, but since the Burrard’s cushion covers are removable, I’m not too worried about messes. Besides, this is a less used room in our home, so it’s less likely that stain issues will happen in here.

6. Sofa Color

This is a highly personal choice, and is usually influenced by the design of the room. I love using slipcovers for furniture, so I wasn’t too trigger shy about committing to a sofa color. In the end, I felt like gray was a safe color, and it gave me a lot of options for coordinating accessories. I was a little disappointed that the fabric color was cooler than the gray that Article’s website shows, but not enough that I felt like I couldn’t be happy with it in my home. Of course, I could’ve ordered fabric samples ahead of time, but I probably still would’ve gone with the seasalt gray.

article burrard

Let me know if you have any questions about Article’s furniture or the Burrard sofa! I’m also working with Article for our outdoor project, and I couldn’t be happier with my selections! I’m excited to share that space soon. I’ll also be sharing an update on the adjustments I’ve made to the study soon. I know you’re probably thinking I should leave well enough alone, but I can’t help myself! :)