MOST WANTED: Vintage Planters

sideboard vignette with plants and candle holder

It seems like everyone’s bringing a little more green in to their homes these days, and I’m not just talking about paint! Even brown thumbs are giving houseplants a go, and with good reason! They add such warmth and liveliness to a space, and for those who like a good challenge, the right plant will fill that void in your life. Ha! As if we need another living creature to take care of, eh? Well, now that I’ve mastered the art of nurturing the houseplants I’ve had for years, I’ve been all about adding a few newbies into the mix, which in turn launched a hunt for a few new (old) pots. I really love the way vintage planters put the icing on top of my houseplant cake, adding a whole new element of texture and character to the decor of a room.

Now that I’ve claimed dibs on my favorites (they’re en route to my house as I type! Yippee!), I figured I ought to share the fruits of my vintage planter hunt with all of you, in case you’re in the market for a new houseplant or two. I mean, whose home couldn’t stand a new little green guy, amiright? Check these out, though! Very nice planters simply oozing all the cool mid century vibes.

(above planters on my dining room cabinet from left to right: West Elm; thrifted ; Lowes)

vintage plantersvintage planters

vintage planters Spiral Stoneware Planter (5″ x 6″) // $20.00
vintage planters White Splatter Pedestal Pot (6.5″ x 8″) // $26.00
vintage planters Turquoise Drip Glaze Dish (12″ x 4.5″) // $30.00
vintage planters Brown Spatter Pedestal Dish (5.75″ x 4″) // $10.00
vintage planters White Scalloped Bowl (6″ x 3″) // $19.95
vintage planters Two-Tone Brown Portuguese Planter (3.5″ x 4″) // $14.84
vintage planters Orange and Lavender Speckled Planter (5″ x 3.75″) // $18.00
vintage planters Brown Glazed Planter (5″ tall) // $14.00
vintage planters Copper Hanging Planter (2.5″ tall pot) // $48.00
vintage planters Green Splatter Dish (9.75″ x 3.5″) // $20.00
vintage planters Blue and Teal Footed Planter (5.5″ x 4.5″) // $60.00
vintage planters Black Stoneware Globe Vase (4.5″ x 3.5″) // (etsy shop on break)
vintage planters Goldenrod Yellow Pedestal Planter (5″ x 5″) // $10.98
vintage planters Large White Pumpkin-esque Planter (10.5″ x 5.75″) // $78.50

And for good measure, I thought I’d share some new plants I have in my home! Hanging pothos plants are my fail-safe houseplant that I can use in dimmer lit rooms. I’d been wanting to hang something in our bathroom for quite a while, and finally got these cool diagonally glazed planters from CB2. I think the pothos will grow pretty long and look beautiful in here!

CB2 hanging planters

I found this ficus tree (below) on Craigslist and took Lucy on a two-hour road trip (four hours there and back) to go get it. We’re crazy like that! (Super fun experience, by the way! We talked all the way there and back!) I was really nervous about having this ficus in our home, because I heard they are notorious for dropping leaves in shock when moved to a new location. I love the tree and while I would’ve been disappointed to lose the money (just $30) and waste the effort I put into the tree, I mostly just really felt like this tree is exactly what our living room has needed. So, I have lost some leaves, but I’ve also have a lot of regrowth and feel pretty good about this guy! It’s a great sculptural element to jazz up the simple white brick fireplace wall in our living room.

ficus alii

And last, but not least, I decided to challenge myself to grow a couple of cacti in our home (one pictured below). I’ve been convinced that they’re very easy to maintain, and I’ve been reading lots about them, but they’re so different from anything I’ve grown, I definitely feel challenged and a wee bit worried.

houseplant collection(above planters in order of left to right: West Elm, Vintage, Home Goods, Amazon, Ikea)

Side note: Am I the only one who stays awake at night worrying about my plants and reading up about them? I feel a a bit like a crazy person. Crazy plant lady. It’s the new cool thing to be. I’ll accept the title gladly.

MANDI’S MOST WANTED: Summer Shopping

vintage inspired summer clothes

I’m so excited to shop for summer clothes this year! In the past I’ve dreaded this season that most gals welcome with their bare, open arms. As sad as this is (and as much as I HATE to admit this), I didn’t like baring my body more than I had to. But this year, I’ve been committed to getting fit and have already lost 20 pounds. What?! My time in the weight room has given me an extra dose of confidence, too.

Because of the weight loss, shopping for new clothes is actually a necessity for me this summer, as most of what I own is becoming increasingly big. A problem I’m not really used to, but will gladly accept! It’s been pretty difficult narrowing down all of my favorites to an affordable list that will work for most occasions, and while I plan to buy some basic black and white tops and bottoms, I want to have a little fun too. Here are my favorite Summer finds that I think will be a lot of fun to wear once these Ohio days grow warmer.

  1. Denim color block romper
  2. Orange jumpsuit
  3. Cateye sunglasses
  4. Pink pleated dress
  5. Stiff brimmed straw hat
  6. Grey striped jumpsuit
  7. Wide brimmed straw hat
  8. Orange flower hair clips
  9. Gingham strappy top
  10. High waisted wide leg jeans
  11. White body suit
  12. High waisted mom jean shorts
  13. Pierced leather sandals
  14. White Birkenstocks
  15. Round sunglasses

Gift Guides for Him & Her from UncommonGoods

UncommonGoods gift guide for her

The best way to shop for holiday gifts is from the comfort of your own home, am I right? Bourbon spiked cider in hand, Christmas movies on the t.v., and then after a couple clickety clicks, you’re done! When the gifts show up at your door, they’re already in boxes, so you don’t even have to wrap them until you’re good and ready. Perfect way to holiday shop, I’m tellin’ ya!

The trickiest part of holiday shopping for me is always finding something special for my family. Every year I feel like I found the perfect gifts for everyone (like last year‘s perfect gift for my dad), but then the next year comes along, and I realize I’ve set the bar so high, I might not be able to keep it up! But UncommonGoods has such a cool collection of unique and dare I say quirky gifts, I can find something for everyone on my list with just one checkout. Check out my favorites for him and her from UncommonGoods below, and also take a look at even more great gift guides from other stylish and creative folks right here!

quirky gifts for women   1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7  unique gifts for men   1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

UncommonGoods gift guide for him
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