Hair Style Icon: SYLVIE VARTAN

Nothing inspires me more than the mod fashion sense of 1960’s style icons. Sylvie Vartan is exactly my ideal, if I were a blonde, that is. But just because her hair is a million shades lighter than mine, doesn’t mean I can’t be inspired by her style!  I think her mid ’60’s hair style is the perfection transition cut to get me from my last style to my next one. And who knows what that will be!

Sylvie Vartan emerged in the 1960s during the French YeYe movement in pop music. She married a rock star and trail-blazed the modern music scene with her song and dance performances, all the while setting trends with her schoolgirl-glamour style. Her demure outfits, including Peter Pan collars, pussy bows, and pastel alongside classic black and white color schemes, are so enviable, and the cute bob hairstyle and dramatic ’60’s makeup is an iconic look I’m dying to try on for size!

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Etsy Favorites | Cat Eye Sunnies

As eccentric old-lady-like as I might become with my doily-collecting and vintage-hat-wearing habits, at least I know there is no danger of my becoming a crazy cat lady. Not that there’s anything wrong with cat ladies, per say… I’m just a puppy kind of person. Despite my cat aversion (mostly due to allergies), I’ve been quite drawn to cat eye sunglasses lately. Check out my favorite vintage pairs from Etsy below!

1: $25 / 2: $10.99 / 3:  $62.25 / 4: $85 / 5: $47  / 6: $14  / 7: $62.27 / 8: $89
image from unexpectedtales on Flickr

INSPIRED BY: Fashion Bloggers Around the World

Yeye Style BlogFashion-forestry

Oh, fashion bloggers. You inspire me to be more creative with my wardrobe, to travel to new places, and to spend more money on clothes (oops). I must admit, I’ve recently cleared a lot of fashion blogs from my blog reader, in an effort to streamline my mind and better curate the influences on my own personal sense of style. As I went through the process of tailoring my list of favorite fashion bloggers, I began to notice a trend in the ladies I love to follow. Each of these girls seem like down-to-earth ladies who don’t take fashion seriously, but seriously love the 1960s. Just looking at their clothes each week makes me wish we were friends in real life! (I don’t even care how lame-o that makes me sound.)

Of course, there are other fashion bloggers I admire, but these ladies have me particularly wishing for the days when this baby bump will have disappeared. Then I can find some crazy floral trousers like the ones worn by Nicole of Fashion Forestry. Ah-mazing!

Click on each image to explore each of the blogs!

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