DIY SKINCARE: All Natural Recipes for Healthier Skin

DIY Skincare- All natural recipes for cold cream, exfoliating scrub, and eye makeup remover

homemade natural skin careAs intimidating as homemade skincare prodcuts was to me, I finally decided to give it a go. Through the years, I’ve spent a lot of money trying out different products to deal with acne, blackheads, and oily skin. I’ve even cut out gluten and dairy. Some of the products I tried out were pretty helpful in controlling my oily face situation, but I wasn’t happy with the list of chemicals in their ingredients. Lately I’ve been passionate about eating whole foods and trying natural remedies, so why not try natural skincare products? Continue reading »

A Fashionable Resolution: Wear Hats with Confidence!

I felt all eyes on me the first time I wore one. Sure, I had worn winter caps and slouchy berets before, but the first time I took a real chance and wore a vintage hat in public, I was terrified. Would I look like a goon? What would people think? But it was 2010, and this was the year I had firmly resolved to wear more hats. Although stepping away from the mirror and stepping out in public, I was so close to giving up on the whole silly New Year’s resolution.

Maybe it was the fear of what horrible hat hair laid beneath, but I resisted the temptation to leave the hat in my car, and to my surprise, I received so many compliments and delighted looks throughout my whole day! When I got home and put my hat back into its box, my feelings of insecurity had been changed into the heroic sentiments of a do-gooder. Really, wearing hats does make the world a bit of a better place!

It’s true that wearing a hat these days can take quite a bit of courage. They’re an endangered species, so wearing a hat will steal your anonymity and invite attention from strangers. But if you’re like I was, always admiring women who wear hats and wishing you could pull it off, you might decide to make a fun resolution this new year and commit to giving hats a chance. What’s there to lose? Okay, so there’s a little at stake. You don’t want to waste your hard-earned dollars on something you might never wear. So you’ll want to find a hat that you can wear with confidence. One that seamlessly blends in with your wardrobe and makes you feel like Audrey Hepburn reincarnate. Or Anna Karina. You just want to exude awesomeness. So let’s talk about some guidelines and tips that will get you to Awesometown. Continue reading »

Hair Style Icon: SYLVIE VARTAN

Nothing inspires me more than the mod fashion sense of 1960’s style icons. Sylvie Vartan is exactly my ideal, if I were a blonde, that is. But just because her hair is a million shades lighter than mine, doesn’t mean I can’t be inspired by her style!  I think her mid ’60’s hair style is the perfection transition cut to get me from my last style to my next one. And who knows what that will be!

Sylvie Vartan emerged in the 1960s during the French YeYe movement in pop music. She married a rock star and trail-blazed the modern music scene with her song and dance performances, all the while setting trends with her schoolgirl-glamour style. Her demure outfits, including Peter Pan collars, pussy bows, and pastel alongside classic black and white color schemes, are so enviable, and the cute bob hairstyle and dramatic ’60’s makeup is an iconic look I’m dying to try on for size!

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