Touch of Evil | A Video Gallery
directed by Alex Prager


You could call it art for the ADD afflicted, and that might explain why I found it so interesting. I couldn’t stop rewatching these intriguingly sinister bits of cinematography directed by Alex Prager as featured on the NY Times. Touch of Evil features the top film performers of the year in short clips inspired by infamous characters some of us will recognize immediately.

You’ll definitely want to watch and rewatch these dreamy videos, and take a moment to figure out the inspiration behind each one. If you don’t know the backstory, don’t worry! Each one is provocative enough in its own right to inspire a day’s worth of dreams.

screen shots taken from Alex Prager’s Touch of Evil short films


Easy Wrapping Ideas from Stephanie
Life, Love, Babies


Phil and I are sitting here on the sofa, listening to the new She & Him Christmas record (I know, I'm a clich? blogger girl.), sipping spiced tea from our holiday mugs, and staring at the unwrapped presents under the naked Christmas tree. Oh man. Motivation, where are you?! Procrastinating a bit longer, I popped over to my friend Stephanie's blog to see what her cute family was up to. Good thing I did, because her simple, but savvy wrapping ideas were just the inspiration I needed to stop what I was doing, pull out the patterned paper and Scotch tape. But first, I had to share a bit with you. ;)

Now. It's time to delve into my button collection! I'll be back later with an outfit post.


Inspired By: Maintaining a Sketchbook


Sometimes I can get so carried up in the desire to make everything so pretty, that I end up throwing my hands in the air and not making anything at all. This can be pretty stagnating for a creative person, so I’m delighted that next week I am completely signing off from the internet and all things digital. What am I going to do? Well, I’m going to lay on a sandy beach with my sketch book and a handy set of Micron pens. (Oh, and don’t worry- I have posts scheduled for the week, to keep you entertained and hopefully inspired!)


I was a little concerned about how much I am going to enjoy this vacation. Spending a week with Phil’s whole family isn’t exactly my idea of getting away. But when I saw this sketchbook series by Art Expiration, I suddenly began looking forward to stealing away by myself on the beach and finally expressing myself creatively, in the most rudimentary way. I’m hoping the isolation will help some creative juices find their way to the surface, and I’ve already decided that nothing needs to be pretty. Just expressive.

How about you? When do you feel most creative?