MANDI’S MOST WANTED: Vintage Paintings

Now that things are beginning to fall into place at our new house, I’ve been thinking about what to hang on the walls. I laid out all of the art I had kept from our old house, and with a furrowed brow, realized I don’t want to use all of what I have in the new digs. Some, sure, but definitely not all. Mostly, I’m just using less art than I have in the past— due in part to how much I enjoyed the visually cleaner walls of our old house as I was clearing things out for our move. But also due to a more minimalist approach to decorating this new home.

As I’ve been putting old artwork into storage, I felt a little crazy realizing that I wanted to get a couple of new pieces to hang instead. Art is such a personal thing and can absolutely change the mood of a space. I really want to get it right. In the past I actually found most of the art for our home at thrift shops and garage sales. But now that I’m getting more wiggle room in our budget, I’d like to be more discerning. So I’ve been  obsessively window shopping for art online, considering options and placements, but have only pulled the trigger on one purchase so far— the painting of the little girl I’ve hung in my living room (as shown above). I figured I’d share my other favorites with you, because sharing is caring, right?!

Vintage Modern Art Paintings

  1. Mid Century Acrylic Abstract 25.5 x 13″ // $495
  2. Mother and Child 11 x 14″ // $128
  3. Abstract Oil Painting 20 x 16″ //$68
  4. Horses Painting 32 x 16″ // $163
  5. Abstract Ink on Paper 18 x 14″ // $695
  6. Mixed Media Collage in Pinks 33 x 32″ // $364
  7. Running White Stallion 15 x 12″ // $140
  8. Large Floral Still Life 41 x 51″ // $950
  9. Abstract Acrylic Painting 26 x 31″ // $595
  10. Modern Bicycle Lithograph 32 x 27″ // $148
  11. Square Oil Painting 13 x 13″ // $177
  12. Female Figure 30 x 40″ // $465
  13. Two Girls 20 x 24″ // $275

Vintage Modern Art Paintings

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