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Vintage-Inspired Mother/Daughter Fashion

Sometimes you hear a great quote and it becomes your new life motto. When Don Draper directed his creative team with the famous line, “Make it simple, but significant,” I knew it would be my new mantra. Lately I’ve been considering simple significance in most everything I do, whether it’s analyzing my wardrobe, cooking dinner, or renovating our kitchen.

Lucy and I chose simple, all-inclusive outfits for our family dinner outing at a local restaurant that fits right in with Don’s creative advice. Canton’s downtown scene had been lacking excellent casual dining downtown until recently. You could easily find upscale restaurants and seedy dives, but the lack of moderately priced meals in a nice, casual environment pushed people like me to the suburbs for family outings. A couple of modest places have popped up to fill the void, but it wasn’t until Deli Ohio opened last year that I said, “Aha! Yes— This is what we need.”

A simple space with an attractive, and decidedly fuss-free dining room, it’s the perfect spot to pop in for an amazingly delicious sandwich you can feel good about. The family who owns Deli Ohio works with local farmers to source ingredients, and I gotta say, the bacon alone is worth the trip! It’s a great family atmosphere, and Lucy loves sitting still for her meal and then running around the open space with special permission from the staff. (They’re really chill and their own toddler enjoyed playing with Lucy too!) We love it there, and Canton’s better because of Deli Ohio. Be sure to check it out if you’re in the area!

W H A T   I   W O R E :

dress: ASOS / shoes: Clarks / necklace: Avenue Antiques in Canton / bag: Cleveland’s WMC Fest 5
lipstick: Laura Geller Rosato / waterproof lip liner: It Cosmetics Romantic Rose

W H A T   L U C Y   W O R E :   100% thrifted

canton ohio fashion blogger

sixties' toddler fashion

wmcfest fashion blogger

vintage tassel necklace

modern sixties style- Making Nice in the Midwest

sixties' toddler fashion

modern sixties style

sixties' style, revisited

sixties' toddler fashion

Deli Ohio - Canton

Deli Ohio- Canton

Deli Ohio- Canton

Deli Ohio- Canton

15 Responses

  1. Taylor says:

    Awe, I adore both of your outfits! I have a hard time finding places to go out to eat too. There are so many chain restaurants around where I live and I loathe about 99% of them. It’s awesome when you find a good place that’s reasonably priced!


  2. marie says:

    both of the dresses are adorable! adorable, adorable. I just love the giraffe.

  3. I love both of your outfits! You look so fantastic in that dress and that color, and Lucy is just darling! I think we have the opposite problem here– not enough fancy restaurants. When my husband and I want to get dressed up and go to a more upscale place, there aren’t many choices. But we have lots of nice, casual (but not seedy) restaurants to choose from.

  4. Heather R says:

    You are looking so fabulous! Yeah you! Thank you for the abstract painting tutorial. I have painted in the past but lost my mojo after working in an art gallery. You inspired me to dig out my painting supplies, dust off my easel and I created a lovely new painting that I cannot stop looking at.

  5. Ashlie says:

    You are such a babe!

  6. Perri says:

    omgosh, Mandi! That necklace is beautiful!! &that last picture of Lucy kills me. Her little face is so adorable! Such a fun/cute post :) Thanks for sharing!

  7. Harris says:

    Oh gosh, if that isn’t just the cutest dress on Lucy! You both look positively wonderful!

  8. Jessica says:

    Lucy is seriously the cutest little girl and Deli Ohio sounds delicious!

  9. Marlen says:

    oh my goodness, her dress is just ADORABLE! and i feel like these past six months i’ve picked up that same motto. i just want everything streamlined, white, and simple. the less fuss the better. And Deli Ohio sounds amazing- i love stores that support the local farmers and really work with their community.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  10. Kerry says:

    Well as soon as I saw your dress I ordered it . It came today and I loooove it. So comfy and versatile. Thanks for this blog post and for making that dress look so cute :)

    • Mandi says:

      Nice! Isn’t it great? They have (or had) one in red too, I think it was listed as a different product, but it was basically the same dress. I bought that one too in a different size, because it seems like my weight is always fluctuating. I wish they had it in black too!

  11. I seriously love that little Lucy face. She is so precious.

  12. Susan says:

    I just look so forward to these posts! You guys are adorable and your little one is such a cutie!

  13. Love both of your looks…lucy is so cute.. go get ’em tiger!!



  14. You are the cutest family ever! I love everything your all wearing and little Lucy is cuteness over load! x