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1970s bohemian living room vintage1970s modern home living room

Remember the 1970s? Well, I never had the chance to witness it firsthand, but those who lived through the armies of kitschy figurines, forests of macrame hangings, and endless wicker furniture usually loudly groan when they see the bohemian styles of the ’70s resurrected. I’m (proudly) guilty of 1970s revival decorating in our home, and definitely stand by my love for rusty oranges, saturated yellows, and yes, even some avocado green here and there. That’s why I squealed with delight when I ran across this vintage design book from the late ’70s, Houses Architects Live In. (It’s out of print, but still available for purchase on Amazon here.) Leave it to a bunch of architects to do it up right! These homes are moatly minimal in style with  selective use of those bohemian elements that made the ’70s famous. Also, I think I’m having a love affair with built-in seating. Ooo lala!

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6 Responses

  1. Claudia says:

    There are some aspects I could do without in the 70’s designs…luckily you didn’t show any of them here :) I love the colours and the funky fire places!

  2. Sara says:

    i’m guilty of 70’s decoration ahaha

    a lot of people enter my house and say it’s a ‘granny house’ <3

  3. Suzy8track says:

    Oh wow, these photos remind me of my old apartment from a couple of years ago. Love the bright colors and artwork they used back then.

  4. leah says:

    oh i love looking at photos from the 70’s… the house i grew up in had a kitchen straight from the 70s that my mother hated and i loved. it had huge gold, cream, avocado, and brown floral panels and a built in nook… oh i loved it as much as she hated it!

    that second photo is amazing!

  5. Lisa W. says:

    YOU always find the coolest things….loving all the funk too!!! Thanks for making our day!