DIY SKINCARE: All Natural Recipes for Healthier Skin

DIY Skincare- All natural recipes for cold cream, exfoliating scrub, and eye makeup remover

homemade natural skin careAs intimidating as homemade skincare prodcuts was to me, I finally decided to give it a go. Through the years, I’ve spent a lot of money trying out different products to deal with acne, blackheads, and oily skin. I’ve even cut out gluten and dairy. Some of the products I tried out were pretty helpful in controlling my oily face situation, but I wasn’t happy with the list of chemicals in their ingredients. Lately I’ve been passionate about eating whole foods and trying natural remedies, so why not try natural skincare products?

To start out, I researched a lot about natural skincare and learned about the oil cleansing method (where you actually use oil to cleanse your face), read about different kinds of oils, and found different resources for cosmetic compound developments. I decided that I wanted to try a combination of oil cleansing, all natural skin exfoliant, and the old fashioned method of using cold cream at night.

what is the oil cleansing method
The oil cleansing method relies on the theory that clean oil is the best way to draw out the dirt and oil that clogs pores. It also does not strip your skin of its oils, which would trigger your skin to produce more oils, in turn clogging your pores and also creating an excessively oily face. It might seem counter productive to add oil to an already oily face, but people swear by this method, so I’m giving it a go!

what oils should i use on my face
My next step in developing my own skincare was deciding what kinds of oil to use, I’ve read about the benefits of grape seed oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), and extra virgin coconut oil (EVCO) for your skin. Lots of options, all with different success stories to accompany them. Since my friend Stephanie had recently sung the praises of EVCO, I decided to go this route. After reading about it online, though, I found out EVCO only seemed to work miracles for about half the people who used it, while the other half experienced good results for the first month, and then experienced awful breakouts which compelled them to stop using it all together. Some people maintain that it can work for everyone if their pores are clear before allowing it to sit for a long period of time on your skin. I kept all of this in mind while developing my skincare routine, and still decided to stick with using extra virgin coconut oil on my face, while mixing it with other products.

make your own all natural skin care products
Since I didn’t want to experience the pore clogging that can sometimes result from using EVCO, I thought it might be a good idea to use a skin exfolient and cleanser first. I still wanted to use coconut oil to cleanse my face, though, so I thought the best compromise would be to combine coconut oil with other elements to clean and exfoliate my skin. Lemons are not only antibacterial, but they also contain asorbic acid which strip away oils and act as a natural exfolient. They can be harsh, though, so in my face scrub I added some vitamin E oil which acts as a cleanser, moisturizer, and also contains powerful antioxidants that fight skin aging. The addition of salt to the face scrub helps sluff off dead skin. (read recipe below)

all natural skin care regimen
The natural skincare regimen I decided on starts out with the old housewife tradition of nightly removing makeup with cold cream. I know what you’re thinking. I thought you wanted to clean your face with oil? That’s right! I still am. I created my own all-natural cold cream that contains mostly extra virgin coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil, but also has tomato toner (or rose water for more sensitive skin) to help extract oil and dirt from pores, beeswax to help soften and firm up skin, and eucalyptus oil to soothe and heal skin. (read recipe below) To remove my makeup, I use my hand to apply the cold cream all over my face (except my eyes, more on that later), and then use a clean, slightly damp washcloth to wipe it all off. On days I don’t wear makeup, I just skip to the next step up gently scrubbing my face with the exfolient I made Then I apply a very light coat of the cold cream and allow it to sit greasily on my face all night, which softens my skin, reduces the appearance of scars and fine lines, and also reduces my skin’s tendency to overproduce oil. In the morning I just dab at my face with a warm, damp washcloth and apply my makeup as usual.

all natural home made eye makeup remover
I mentioned that I don’t use the cold cream to remove my eye makeup, though that might change, depending on how much I enjoy using this all natural eye-makeup remover. I made a solution of extra virgin coconut oil to cleanse and moisturize, vitamin E oil to cleanse, moisturize, and fight aging, witch hazel to really get at that hard to remove mascara, and water to dilute everything and lessen the astringency of the witch hazel. I moisten a cotton ball with this solution, wipe it across my eyes until all of the makeup is removed, and then begin the rest of my skincare regimen as mentioned in the above paragraph.

trying all natural skin care homemade
This whole system is brand new for me, and since I’m making it myself, I have the ability to tweak the ingredients as I feel necessary. Because of the horror stories I’ve read about some people’s poor reactions to coconut oil, there’s a chance I might try switching to grape seed oil or jojoba oil as alternates. I may also tweak my cold cream recipe to include more tomato toner and beeswax.  I’ll admit, I’m a little scared about using my own homemade skincare products. But I’ll keep you all updated as to how I’m doing with my new regimen! Check out my all-natural skincare recipes below to make your own homemade products too.

all natural skin care recipesDIY Skincare- all natural eye makeup remover recipe

home made all natural eye makeup remover

Using a funnel, pour all ingredients into an eight ounce bottle that has a secure lid. Shake ingredients before each use.

diy cold cream all natural recipe

In a small saucepan over low heat, melt together the first 3 ingredients. This only takes several seconds. Pour into a tempered glass bowl or metal bowl and add the last two ingredients. Whisk together quickly, and as the mixture cools, it will turn into a creamy consistency like bavarian cream. Yummy! It doesn’t taste yummy like bavarian cream, but it is totally edible. Carefully spoon mixture into an eight ounce container with a lid.

diy all natural exfoliating scrub recipe

diy exfoliating scrub recipe

Melt the coconut oil and combine with all other ingredients into a blender. Blend until there are no lemon bits visible. An eight ounce container is a bit too small for this, but you can use the overflow immediately and store the rest in an air-tight container.


86 Responses

  1. PRETTY ARTY says:

    I am a big fan of the layering process, as they do in Asia, meaning removing makeup with oil ( vegetal or cleansing oils), then cleaning with a soft product (I use organic cosmetics from france the most, as thémis or nominoë products), then with thermal water of lotion, serum if needed and cream.
    it really helped having a skin looking more clear and healthy. Now I can’t imagine removing my makeup with micellar water, I just don’t feel clean!
    you’re not using any essential oils in your recipes?

    • Mandi says:

      Oh, I’ll have to look into that if this doesn’t work put! As far as essential oils go, I am using Eucalyptus oil in my cold cream, and next time will probably try lavender. But I’m liking the Eucalyptus so far!

  2. Meg says:

    Your concoctions sound great! I’ve been looking into natural skin care lately too. I guess lemons can help reduce the redness in your skin (which would be great for me). I started putting coconut oil on my hair and have been happy with the results. Anyway, good luck with it! :)

  3. Dana says:

    I’ve been trying to do the oil cleansing and haven’t quite got it down yet, so I may have to try your recipes out! I have mastered the “no poo” route with my hair and I absolutely love it!

  4. I’ve been making my own scrubs for a while now, and I’ve been thinking about trying other skin care products myself too. Thank you so much for sharing your advice concoctions!

  5. Jessica says:

    Great recipes! The vitamin E will act as a preservative too and keep it from going rancid too fast.

  6. Liss says:

    Thank you for sharing!
    I would love to hear about your experiences and maybe new recipes!

    Haven’t considered making skincare products myself yet, but since I’m just not willing to spend horrendous amounts of money on products it seems like a great idea.

  7. Crystal (chaoticlilshadow) says:

    Oooooh! I might have to give some of these a try! Thanks so much for the tips!

  8. Lesley says:

    What a great idea! I’m going to have to do some research to find out what oils would work best for my skin. x

  9. sallie says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your recipes! I can definitely relate to wanting to ditch the chemical laden products (especially for acne! eek! so harsh!) and go the natural route. Plus, there’s something really fun and satisfying about mixing up your own concoctions. Please do keep us updated on your results! I’m definitely one of those girls who has a tough time with coconut oil, but I also only recently learned how much my skin likes to be exfoliated! It’s always a bit of a learning process…

  10. So funny! I have been planning a similar post for my blog! I am not nearly as ambitious though. I made a mask the other night that turned out great! Apple cider vinegar, almond milk, oatmeal and honey. It made my skin look refreshed which is exactly what I needed.

    Happy Saturday!

  11. Laney says:

    Hi Mandi,

    I have had acne since the age of 14 and have used all products, mostly those with harsh chemicals like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. I was on birth control for a long period of time to control breakouts and went off, thinking I was old enough now and my face would be okay. Unfortunately, I had the worst breakout of my life and am now dealing with the terrible scars. I started using coconut oil, natural apricot scrub, and baking soda to cleanse my face, rather than harsh chemicals. I am amazed to find that I now get barely ANY breakouts and my face is the best it has ever been! I wish I would have tried it before and saved myself all this trouble!

    I would love to hear how your treatment works for you and if you have any recommendations for what worked the best for you.

    Thanks and good luck!



    • Mandi says:

      Wow! What great story! So far, I’ve been doing this for about a week and a half, and I had a breakout after the first few days. Pretty bad, but not horrible. Fortunately I don’t go out much any more, so I wasn’t too worried about it. I just left it alone, didn’t touch it, and kept going with my regimen. And now the breakout seems to be giving way to nice, balanced skin! Hopefully that will continue. I figured I would share my results after having done this for a month. Hoping it will be good news!

      • Laney says:

        Thank you! Yes, that seems to be the best thing – to leave it alone and let it balance itself. Sometimes I use this “e.l.f. zit zapper” stick – that is all natural – for spot treatments. I am so glad to hear it is working for you! I look forward to hearing more!

  12. I’ve been really curious about oil cleansing lately and think I should give it a go. My skin FREAKED when I moved from humid TN to dry CA and with that came lots of stubborn break outs that I’m still dealing with. I, too, have cut down on gluten and dairy significantly, though not entirely, and have noticed a huge improvement in not just my skin, but the way I feel in general.

  13. Mia Gordon says:

    Great page – I use ONLY natural homemade skin care serums made from oils and masks made from ingredients at home and create specific recipes for people depending on what they want to do for their skin. You can make masks and cleansers with or without oils for just about any skin type and skin problem.

  14. Valerie says:

    Hiya Mandi, I just wanted to say, that I tried my own home-made moisturiser last year, and it was fab. My husband swiped a small jar because his face was really dried out with the winter weather. Within 3 days his face was red and itchy and NOT happy at all. We concluded that since it was fine for me, it was probably the beeswax in it, because my husband gets bad hay fever and so therefore has bad pollen allergy. I thought you might like to tell anyone who has hay fever or pollen allergies to try the olive oil one and not the beeswax one, to er on the side of caution. FYI the beeswax one was great for my skin.

    • Mandi says:

      That’s good to know! It would make sense that the two allergies are linked. I haven’t seen any lotion recipes that don’t call for Beeswax. What did you use to make his lotion more solid?

      • Valerie says:

        When I was looking in to it, I got this reply from another blogger

        “Pure beeswax has not generally been shown to cause allergic reactions in people, but sometimes propolis (Propolis is a sticky resinous substance that bees collect from the sap of certain trees, mainly poplar and conifer. They blend the resinous substance with wax flakes secreted from glands on the underside of their abdomenand use this “glue” to line the cells of their honeycomb and to fill in gaps in the beeswax walls.) remains mixed with the beeswax when it is harvested. It is the propolis (or rather, certain constituents in the propolis) that can cause contact dermatitis in people who become sensitized to it.
        I did a little research and vegans and people who are sensitive to beeswax because of this, usually use Candelilla Wax as it is most like the beeswax consistancy. ”

        The recipe I was using was this one from The Boho Mama

        And here is my blog post to when I made it, it turned out well

  15. Kate says:

    I love that you tried it! I know you were nervous about it (twitter)! I just use straight EVCO as a cleanser and then again as a moisturizer. I’ve been doing it for a couple years and aside from some hormonal flare-ups, my skin has been better than ever! Can’t wait to read your results! xo

  16. Elizabeth says:

    I almost never wash my skin, but I do have pretty dry skin. Not as bad as when I lived in Alaska (holy cow is there some dry air up there!), but I’ve been using straight EVOO (infused with mint & lavender) as my moisturizer post-shower and I love it. My skin just soaks it up. I don’t use it on my face since I think it’s probably too heavy, but I have used it with the oil cleansing method using a hot towel over my face to lift it off and it always makes my skin feel amazing! I’ve been on the hunt for some different oils to try out the Oil Cleansing Method in a more official capacity. Once I thought about the whole “like dissolves like” thing, it makes so much sense to use oil to cleanse skin instead of all those crazy chemicals and astringents!

  17. Ella says:

    I’ve never really attempted anything DIY related when it comes to essential oils, but this article was great! You have a TON of great instructions. I will definitely be trying your make-up remover! I have been using essential oils as a part of my daily skin care routine and am extremely impressed with the positive effect they have had on my skin. I use Defend Argan Oil Moisturizer, which is a blend of argan oil and essential oils and Glow Face and Body Scrub, which is an organic scrub that is oil based as well. Both of these products are from a company called Purelement Naturals. My skin has been tighter, softer, and more hydrated than ever before thanks to natural, oil based products.

  18. Katrina Jones says:

    this is amazing! cant wait to hear how it goes!
    much more cost efficient than proactiv!

  19. Madeleine says:

    Since it is winter now and my face is a strange combination of dry and oily I’ve been switching up my skin care regime as well. I use a mixture of baking soda and a few drops of water to exfoliate off the dry skin (this works better than any product I’ve ever bought). The I use raw, organic coconut oil to moisturize. I’ve been doing this for a couple months now and my skin has been very clear and soft. I only apply the coconut oil after using baking soda though, which is about 2-3 x per week. Other nights I use Bert’s Bee’s makeup remover wipes and rinse with plain water and call it a night.

  20. Katherine says:

    Have you ever used castor oil? A lot of the ocm I’ve read recommend it. Also breakouts can hide under your skin for 6 weeks so effective routines will actually bring out breakouts for the first month and a half or so

    • Maria says:

      I love using argan and rosehip oil with a little borage – borage oil is like an antiaging treatment in a capsule and its so cheap to buy (otherwise known as starflower oil).

      I make all my own serums – here is an ingredient wizard that helps you pick the right oils to add to your recipes, handy tool thats free to use

  21. Ohmygosh…I’m so curious to see how this goes, for you! I have crazy oily skin, but I was intrigued by the oil method – just totally scare that it would make things worse. This is super-inspiring! :)

  22. Mia says:

    These are really good essential oils you can add for oily skin: Cedarwood Atlas, Cajeput, Calendula Infusion, Cedarwood, Clary Sage, Coriander, Cypress, Frankincense, Geranium, Grapefruit, Juniper, Lavandin, Lavender, Lemon, Lime Distilled, Melissa, Niaouli, Patchouli, Peppermint, Petitgrain, Roman & German Chamomile, Rose, Sandalwood, Spike Lavender, Texas) Geranium, Thyme Linalool, Yarrow, Ylang-ylang

    Or for anti- ageing: (Wrinkles and really dry damaged skin) Carrot Seed, Cistus, Clary Sage, Creme Cleanser, Cypress, Elemi, Fennel, Fennel, Frankincense, Galbanum, Geranium, Lavender, Myrrh, Neroli, Patchouli, Rose, Rose Hip Extract, Rosewood, Sage, Sea Buckthorn Berry Extract.

  23. Aditya says:

    For glowing skin, be sure to get ample sleep every night. Don’t try to get by on 5 hours! You must have at least 6 hours (preferably 8) of good, uninterrupted sleep every night for maximum beauty. When you get plenty of sleep, your skin will be clear and smooth, and you won’t have bags under your eyes. Good sleep is definitely one of the best natural skin care treatments available.

  24. Jo says:

    I am very excited to try this routine, as I have been looking for an all natural solution to my adult acne. I used Pro-Active for nearly 8 years with wonderful results. Now that I am 30, my skin is losing moisture, and consequently, breaking out from the dryness and change in hormones. Could you tell me what your results have been so far? Have any of the products cleared/caused acne? Thanks so much for your help. This seems like a luxurious way to treat your skin. I hope to start the routine soon!

  25. Jessica says:

    I just wanted to share my natural skincare regimen for anyone who is interested! Just as background knowledge, I have oily skin that is extremely sensitive and acne prone. Anyways, I wash my face every morning and night with African black soap (which has plantain leaf charcoal in it to combat oily skin and acne) followed by a misting of witch hazel toner (I keep it in a small spray bottle). While this is wet (very important!) I put a couple drops of rose hip seed oil on my skin to moisturize. If my face isn’t wet, then the rose hip seed oil will not sink in as much and may leave my face looking oily. If I have any acne, I put a small amount of diluted tea tree oil on the spot and it should heal in a couple I days (even cystic acne!). Once or twice a week, I lather my hands with the African black soap and add a tiny bit of baking soda, which is a mild exfoliant. Every once in a while I will do a mask, either a honey, nutmeg, and cinnamon mask for heavy duty exfoliating, or I’ll do an egg white mask, where I smooth egg white on my face and then rinse off. If I have any blackheads, I put a layer of tissue over the egg white and let it dry, then another layer of egg white. When my entire dice is dry, I peel off the tissue and reveal smooth glowing skin. It is important that you only use the egg white in this mask because the egg yolk is a ready medium for bacteria growth, such as salmonella, which may be present in the raw egg. If you use an egg yolk with salmonella, you will break out horribly, so skip the egg yolk all together to prevent this. Lastly, I mist my chest and back with the witch hazel toner to keep my skin clear and glowing. I hope this helps anyone who is looking at other natural skincare regimens!

  26. Suvi says:

    Wow! I love this idea. As a kid my mom would do egg and cucumber facials for me and I randomly decided to google if there were more such recipes out there… This sounds amazing! I’m definitely keen to try this.

    Greetings from Finland!

  27. Just like Michelle has said – i too was concerned that using oily products may have the reverse effect. However everything great so far!

    Thanks for a great article!

  28. Willy says: long for the cold cream can we use?thanks

  29. Stacey says:

    What about honey? Kind of surprised you didn’t include it anywhere. I will smear it on my face before brushing my teeth and rinse it off when I’m done.

  30. ppaweee says:

    I love DIY home made products and I have experienced so many fruits and veggies in doing DIY and maybe I should try this one also. Thanks for sharing!


  31. karina says:


    So does the cold cream act as a toner and cleanser in one? And also what about a mosturizer? Does this double as a mosturizer too? Or should we use a bit of coconut oil or similar as a mosturizer? Also, would this routine be ok to do morning and night both?


    • Mandi says:

      This is definitely a moisturizer, but you dont really need a toner of you are using a steaming washcloth to remove it. And even after removing with a washcloth, your face doesn’t need additional moisturizing.

  32. Great info. Lucky me I found your website by accident (stumbleupon).
    I have saved it for later!

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  33. Suzanne Holt says:

    Yes it absolutely sounds counter productive to cleanse your face with oils, but in all the research I have done as well, it is noted that it is better for your skin than the toxic harsh chemicals. Almond oil is supposed to be great for stubborn eye makeup removal.

  34. Victoria says:

    I was recently told by my allergist that I am allergic to green olives which includes olive oil. Do you think that if I substitute the olive oil for grape seed oil I’ll still get the same consistency and effectiveness?

    • Mandi says:

      Definitely! The coconut oil helps it stay firm, but you could even do all grape seed and add more beeswax to help it firm up.

  35. Tallia Coleman says:

    Hi Mandi,

    I am looking into creating my own skin care, i just started researching. I have acne prone skin and refuse to go back to birth control now that I am married and want to be more natural. I was just curious if your breakouts from the beginning completely went away or do you get breakouts still?

    Thank you!

    • Mandi says:

      I had to switch to grapeseed oil. From what I’ve heard, some people do GREAT with coconut oil, others not so much. I was one of the not-so-muchers. :)

      • Tallia Coleman says:

        Thanks mandi for you quick reply!! Did you have any breakouts with the grape seed oil?

        • Mandi says:

          No, but also I didn’t use it every day. I’m really bad about sticking with a regimen! Honestly, I’ve found the MOST effective way to prevent breakouts is eating super clean, gluten and mostly dairy free, and staying hydrated. It makes sense, really- what you put inside your body will affect the outside of your body.

  36. karen says:

    have made and used your cold cream and face scrub they work brilliantly my skin has never looked so good. how long dose the cold cream keep.
    l now need to make a day cream but cant find one with out aloe vera in as l am allergic to it. have you got any recipes you would recommend.

    • Mandi says:

      I don’t use a day cream, I haven’t found that my skin really needs it unless I wash it in the morning, which I rarely do, to be honest. The cold cream keeps for a long time- not sure how long exactly, but I’ve never had it go bad before using it. :)

  37. Silvia says:

    Hello Mandy, thank you for sharing your recipes. I started oil cleansing about a year ago and it was definetely trial and error. My best recipe for cleansing is 1/2 c jojoba oil, 1T castille unscented soap, and 1t glycerine. I blend them until i get a creamy consistency then add a couple of drops of lavender and frankinsence essential oil. It works divinely for my skin. Thanks again, I am making your cold cream now;)

  38. Your recipes look lovely! I love seeing coconut oil in recipes and I use it quite a lot in my own books. Your natural eye makeup remover looks great. I usually see recipes for scrubs, masks, and lotion, but I rarely see makeup remover. Thanks for sharing that! :)

  39. I always enjoy reading articles about others who strive to stop using chemical skin care formulas and embrace natural skin care solutions. I made my own formulas for years because I love knowing that I am not putting dimethicone or other harsh chemicals on my skin. And I love the creating process of mixing different natural ingredients and seeing how they turn out. Your formulas have some very powerful natural ingredients. Grape Seed oil is one of the most powerful natural oils available. It is excellent for all skin types, even oily skin. It is full of antioxidants and absorbs quickly.

    Keep in mind that anytime we add water to oils. the shelf life will be shortened because water and oil will grow organisms very fast. If you prefer not to add preservatives, the formulas can be refrigerated for a short period of time. I look forward to reading about your newest formulas.

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  41. Wenzdai says:

    Now that you’ve been doing this a couple months now… how did it work out?

    • Mandi says:

      I couldn’t use the coconut oil, my skin didn’t tolerate it on my face. I actually did this for three months before I figured out that it wasn’t just my skin purging out impurities. Jojoba oil or grape seed oil works much better!

  42. Laura Orghan says:

    Very nice of you to share these. Does the make up remover really work without irritating your eyes?

  43. Yes i use it regularly but for haircare only but for the first time i came to know that it is also used as eye makeup remover also. Thanks for this tip that i can now apply regularly to take care of eyes.

  44. Coleen Cudia says:

    Making your own facial beauty potion in your house is a very amazing that you can do. Like me i’m so thankful to you blog and your post that you teach how to make some potion that it will help you to make you beautiful.. THANKS A LOT

  45. Shiv Sharma says:

    Its lovely to see many skin care tips you shared here. Normally I am using Moisturizer. I planned to change my resolutions for 2014. I am using Ultra Facial Colletion which provide the ultimate in skin hydration.

  46. Ditte says:

    I have little 1 oz bars of beeswax – not pellets. It’s cosmetic grade so it should be fine but how much should I use? Using a tablespoon to measure is not very easy! If I use a scale to meassure how much should I use?

  47. Ju says:

    Hi Mandi!
    I got to your blog only today, and I’ve been reading it for hours now.
    you are such a beautiful, creative and strong woman! I bow to you, applaud, everything! You have a new follower. ;)

    about this post, It’s been over a year now, and I would like to know if you still use these products, if you’ve changed them dramatically, how did it all work to you after all. I’ve seen on the comments you replaced the coconut oil for jojoba or grapeseed, but besides that, are there any more changes?

    My skin is similar to yours, and I have strong thoughts about how it responds more to what I eat than anything, but it’s always good to have something to rub and all by the night, right? and to remove make up. So, I will try you recipes (and will come back to share my results).

    thank you for all the information and for everything you share,
    I wish you alllll the best!

    • Mandi says:

      Hi Ju! What kind words, thank you! These days I’ve barely been using any product on my face, natural or no. I’m experimenting with just rinsing and exfoliating my face with adding lotion as I feel needed. I’m still figuring out what moisturizer to use, because I don’t want to rely on store-bought stuff. Lately I’ve been resorting to using Cetaphil, though, and only when I get out of the shower.

      • Amanda says:

        Did you stop using this method because it wasn’t working for you or you just haven’t had time to make the recipes and use them?

        • Mandi says:

          I stopped using the coconut oil mask, because it was too heavy for my skin. It didn’t take a long time to make, and it lasts a long time, though. The scrub I still use, though! I just rarely ever wash my face these days and find that less is more. :)

          • Amanda says:

            Thanks for the quick reply. I have been trying the oil cleansing method for about a month now and it doesn’t seem to be working the way I would like. Thought I would try sticking with the same theme and try a different oil combination and found your site. I am currently using a castor oil/jojoba oil combination. Maybe I will give the grapeseed oil a a shot.

  48. Ju says:

    ok, got it!
    I will still try and use this recipe of yours.

    thanks for answering, and I’ll be around :)

  49. NW says:

    Nice of you to share, I know how wonderful natural home made diy skin care recipes can be for repairing, rehydrating and protecting skin.

  50. marie says:

    The cold cream looks interesting! Where do you get the beeswax? And grapeseed oil,?
    Also, I recommend Cerave over Cetafil for sensitive skin. I alternate between the foaming and the hydrating which is more like a gel. I had baking soda for a scrub, or let it set for 10 min as a mask and remove with the warm cloth. Looking to try balm cleanser next. Thanks for this great idea.

    • Mandi says:

      You can find the beeswax and grapeseed oil online at placed like Amazon. I think healthfood stores also sell grapeseed oil. :)

  51. Its very interesting “Making Skin Care products at home”. I will try with natural cold cream.

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  54. Tatjana says:

    That’s a great article! I tried out to make a sugaring paste for my own a few weeks ago and I can highly recommend it. Removing hair with natural ingredients – awesome! If you are interested in my sugaring recipe, have a look at

  55. Jessica says:

    Nice skin care tips! In winter our skin gets dry. Oil is very essential for our skin. We should use olive oil because olive oil is rich with vitamin E. Olive oil also contains antioxidants that prevent premature aging. I really like your skin care tips. I am totally impressed by your post. Great post!!

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  65. Mary says:

    Thanks so much for publishing the recipe for cold cream. I made it today (I’d been waiting for my boots cold cream to run out so I could use the jar) and it works really well. Easy to make also. :)

  66. A.Marie says:

    Good Morning! I have enjoyed reading your post on natural skincare products and really appreciate that you posted the recipes. I am going to try your cold cream recipe….that looks very interesting!!! May I have your permission to post a few of the recipes on my blog with a link back to your site here?

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  67. Rose Ann Selvana says:

    Is this sure that all of these are made from all natural products. I cant wait to try this on though. I just have to pick out a good facial cream that will go well with my Solvaderm moisturizer. Thanks for this great tip. Going on a skin care store trip :)