Holiday Affair 1949

Connie is a young, pretty war widow with a son to take care of and an exhausting job as a department store comparison shopper. You’d think that a handsome successful lawyer who loves her and her son would be the answer to all of her problems, but Connie continually turns down proposals from her long-time friend Carl. It seems that she’s really just interested in maintaining the status quo. That is, until a funny sort of sales clerk comes into her life.

Steve Mason is an idealistic fella who took a job as a sales clerk in the toy department after giving up a successful job in banking. It seems like he’s there for the kids, but that doesn’t mean he’s not on his toes. When Connie comes in to spy on his department for another store, he figures her out right away. But after hearing about her husband’s death and her little boy, he couldn’t turn her in and cause her to lose her job. So instead, he loses his. Steve charms Connie when he helps her with the rest of her department store espionage for the day. But Connie’s beau Carl isn’t too happy about this new character in her life.

The story is a bit of a love triangle, but really has a lot more to do with following your dreams. I love how a young boy’s Christmas wish for a train set is sort of turned into an allegory for the wishes and dreams of adult kids too. I don’t really go in for many Christmas movies about Santa being the spirit of Christmas, and so I really liked that this movie still includes all of your traditional American Christmas themes, without focusing on Santa. (I promise, I’m no Scrooge! But I have certain opinions on how to handle the whole Santa thing.)

Holiday Affair is a great family movie about good old fashioned romance, family, and wishes coming true. It’s a great Christmas movie to watch with adults and kiddos alike, and might be a fun undiscovered film to add to your annual holiday rotation!

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  1. I don’t think I have seen this!!! I must!!!

    • Mandi says:

      Woah, I don’t believe it! I thought you have seen all the same movies as me, just about! haha Well, I can say that I think you will like this movie. It’s a really nice wholesome love story, even if it is a bit of a ridiculous whirlwind romance. :) Still enjoyable and family friendly!

  2. Jenna says:

    I’ve never even heard of this movie… but it sounds like I better find it and watch it soon. I love old black and white movies there is just something about them.

    Anyways I wanted to say hi! I found your old blog and followed it here and I decided I had to follow. And I have to say I was excited to find someone who blogs that lives around me. Or at least used to, your other blog said you lived in Canton, do you still? I have school up there! I go to Stark State.

  3. Kristian says:

    Definitely “undiscovered” but very excited to look this one up! Sounds good.

  4. Meredith says:

    wow, where’d/how’d you find this one?!
    I was raised on movies from the 40’s and 50’s, and I’m surprised this one never was introduced to me!
    Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

    • Mandi says:

      Here is a prime example of why I really miss TCM and being able to record it. I first discovered this movie a few years ago on TCM. Bless that channel! :) You can rent or buy the movie on Amazon, by the way.

  5. The only “old” Movies I’ve ever seen were some musicals. And It’s A Wonderful Life!
    This one sounds really good where can you watch these kind of films??? Are they online?
    Seriously I have never seen Breakfast At Tiffany’s or anything like that! I’m deprived!!! I’d love to look at all the old outfits and hairstyles etc. !!!! Love this blog so much!

    #2 I’m interested in your opinions on how to handle the Santa thing if you don’t mind sharing. :)
    Totally a personal decision either way…
    I have a 6 and 4 year old and Santa is just a cartoon character to them….we told them he wasn’t real from the start and I think their Christmas has been just as “magical…fun…blah blah blah” with his omission. THey watch allllllll the movies with Santa and elves and etc but its just fun make believe to them.

    But you would not b e l i e v e the way people freak out on you when they find out you don’t “Do Santa” and woe be it to anyone who publically says so(oops) because all of facebookdom tried to stone me to death last Christmas when I said we don’t and why. Its funny now. Then….not so much! LOL And I have no control over my girls spilling the beans to the other kids at school! But I did tell them its probably a bad idea because other kids and their parents will get upset so its kind of like our little secret! They make the most puzzled faces when strangers ask them what they want Santa to bring them! But you should see the face of the adult when my girls politely say “Santa doesn’t bring me prizes there is no Santa” But we don’t want to ruin anyone’s CHRISTmas! Fine if other people want to do it but its just not for us

    • Mandi says:

      Oh man! The Santa thing! I feel like it’s a really hot topic. I have been debating (with myself) over whether I should do a post about it. I probably will. I wrote this post ( a few years ago, but it really needs updating. I have different thoughts and want to go about talking about it in a different way this time. I definitely agree with you that Christmas is magical without the Santa lie. (I’m sorry- but I do believe it’s a lie! Some people think it’s harsh. But if it’s not the truth… well, then, what is it?) And the great thing about not having Santa is you don’t have to worry about losing the magic after you find out he isn’t real. Blah blah… lots to say, I’ll have to think about how to say it all! But, I will say, it’s good that my husband, his family, and my family are in support of this decision to not “do Santa” with our kids.

      ANYWAYS! haha About the movies! I don’t recommend Netflix Instant View for the classic movie lover. They don’t have many options, and they don’t rotate them very often. I do recommend Netflix DVD service for classic movies, though! But we cancelled our Netflix DVD service when they kept raising the prices. So now I go to the library mostly, but I will soon have depleted their classic movie selection too. This particular movie in this post I rented on Amazon. I rarely do that, because of the cost, but I thought it was fine to make an exception for a rare holiday movie. :)

      • YES lies!!!!!!!!!!!!! My thoughts exactly. Thank you! We are on the same page! And the Elf On THe Shelf…don’t even get me started. The truth seems like such an obvious choice doesn’t it? : *sigh*

        Movies…oh duh the library! Its so close such an obvious choice for me. Thanks!!! I will have to check Amazon :)

        • Mandi says:

          Also, you could take laziness to the next level and reserve media online and just swing by to pick it up. I do that alllll the time. :)

  6. YES lies!!!!!!!!!!!!! My thoughts exactly. Thank you! We are on the same page! And the Elf On THe Shelf…don’t even get me started. The truth seems like such an obvious choice doesn’t it? : *sigh*

    Movies…oh duh the library! Its so close such an obvious choice for me. Thanks!!! I will have to check Amazon :)