Movie Monday: Barefoot in the Park 1967

They teach you in physics class that in nature opposites attract, and you learn in life that the same goes for love. Barefoot in the Park is a delightful example of this law of attraction and all the havoc it can wreak on the first few days of a marriage. Paul Bratt, an even-tempered conservative lawyer, has just married Corie, a crazy, free spirited girl who just wants to run barefoot in the park.

The story starts out with Corie’s idyllic vision for the Bratters clashing with Paul’s sensible mindset in every way. But they’re newlyweds, so it’s really nothing a kiss can’t work out. At first, that is. But quickly Corie’s free-spirited antics begin to wear on Paul, beginning with her dream apartment- a fifth floor walk up with a broken glass ceiling, a too-small bedroom, and a flirtatious, imposing neighbor whom against Paul’s wishes, Corie befriends. She finds all of Paul’s annoyances charming and doesn’t understand why he doesn’t lighten up. It finally takes her mother’s worrisome adopting of Corie’s carefree attitude to instil some sense into the young bride, but by that time Corie’s afraid she may have lost Paul forever.

Barefoot in the Park is one of Neil Simon’s hysterical and relatable play-turned-movies, which is actually based on his first marriage. It’s full of wise insights into human nature, but the story is never slow or dry. Robert Redford also starred in the original stage production, and he played really well against Jane Fonda in the movie version. She isn’t normally a great favorite of mine, but she may have been perfect for this role! You kind of love her and hate her at the same time. (Phil still talks about how annoying Fonda’s character was! But he’s more of the even-kealed Paul type guy.) I enjoyed Corie’s fashion sense, their quirky just-starting-out apartment’s style, and, of course, watching Redford on screen is never dull, am I right?

Psst… recognize that poster on their apartment’s wall? I told you Corie had good taste!

8 Responses

  1. candace says:

    Oh my gosh, I love everything about this movie. The mom is so funny and Jane Fonda is so adorable – I dream of finding that perfect pink coat of hers someday! And yeah, Robert Redford is a super dreamboat in it, as always. Even when he’s uptight :)
    Movie Mondays are the best!

  2. Robin says:

    I you really want to become a fan of Jane Fonda watch her in a movie called Klute she was awesome in that and the movie is really good

    • Mandi says:

      Is that the one wear she plays a prostitute or something? I have vague memories of reading about a role wear she played a “lady of the night.”

  3. Yelle says:

    This series on your blog is super cute! It makes me want to set up a projector outside with some popcorn and watch an old film!

  4. Suzy8track says:

    One of my favorites! Jane Fonda was terrific in this and Robert Redford…*swoon*…. was dreamy! I loved how she fixed up the apartment towards the end too. Definitely a fun film!

  5. sarah says:

    I’ve always loved this movie!

  6. I recently saw this one too and it was so weird to me but really cute. I think what bothered me was how she went in such terrible mood swings in her first week of marriage from being all doting to wanting a divorce. I don’t know, I guess that is how a lot of couples get sometimes, but I am an old married fart of 8.5 years, and divorce just doesn’t cross my mind so I don’t understand the mentality like that I suppose. My perspective is pretty limited I guess.