DIY | wooden bead skewers

Have you gotten into the wooden bead trend yet? One of my favorite ways to try out new fashion trends is by making home accessories with the same principles in mind. This project blends both the ombre and wooden bead craze, but instead of a project you can wear around your neck, this one makes your cocktail hour a little bit fancier.

S U P P L I E S :

    • bamboo skewers
    • small piece of foam core board
    • straight pins with small heads
    • unfinished wooden beads in desired size
    • wiping wood stain in one or two shades (I used one)
    • varnish in matte or gloss (I used matte)
    • tacky glue
    • old rag (you’ll probably end up disposing of this*)

1.) To create a base for your beads to stay secure (those pesky buggers like to roll away!), poke your straight pins into the foam board, and split your bead collection into thirds. 2.) In a well ventilated area, Use an old rag, dip into your stain and lightly wipe two thirds of the beads, using the clean side of your rag to then wipe away most of the stain before setting each bead onto the pins to dry.  After a few minutes, add generous coats of stain to half of those beads. This will give you three tones of wood- one natural, one medium, and one dark.

3.) While you’re waiting for your stain to dry, take the bamboo skewers and barely dip the flat ends into the stain. Don’t dip too much, because the stain will naturally soak into the wood further down the skewer than you want stained. After a couple of dips, lay the skewers on a rag to dry. This skewer-staining step makes sure the ends of your skewers will match the darker beads that are situated there.

4.) When your beads have dried, take the board of beads outside and spray one light coat of varnish. Once this has dried, flip the beads and give them another coat of varnish.

5.) Once your skewers and beads have dried, you can start assembling the skewers. I plopped beads of tacky glue to one end of the bead, and allowed it to seep in a bit while doing the same to the other two beads. Start with the lightest bead, slide onto the skewer, and follow with the medium then dark beads. Some glue will pool in between the beads- this is okay! It helps the beads stay securely together at the end of your skewer.

6.) Lay them flat to dry. You won’t need to worry about the glue dripping off- tacky glue doesn’t drip much, and sets up rather quickly. You’ll know the glue is completely dry when it is clear.

You can use these skewers for kabobs, or trim the ends with scissors and use for drink swizzle sticks. After each use, soak the skewers in vinegar, let them air out- and they’re ready to use again! Enjoy!

*NOTE: Most wood stains produce highly flammable fumes. You may decide to dispose of your rag after staining, but if you do, allow the rag to air out for a few days before closing it up into a bag or trash can. This lessens the chance for spontaneous combustion in a contained space.

8 Responses

  1. Mara says:

    Super cute! I might have to try this.

  2. Oh how lovely! I adore original craft posts like this.

  3. Oh these are so cute. Love the ombre effect. :)

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Love anything with wooden beads & these are adorable! Your new space looks great!

  5. A great idea, sometimes simple is best. It would be a great idea for a DIY wedding, you could co-ordinate the beads with the colour scheme. x

  6. Jewelry Rage says:

    Really cool!!! Can’t wait to try this.

  7. Stephanie says:

    I just saw this featured on craftgawker! So cute!

  8. Katie says:

    really cute. i may have to mod the idea into a shawl pin.