My Home | A Foster Sofa & Living Room Updates

I feel a bit sheepish making such a silly comparison to a wonderful thing like foster-parenting, but… Well, I might as well have it out. I’m foster-parenting a sofa in need. What? Who could give up such a lovely sofa, you say? Well, a girl who has three fabulous (thrifted!) sofas and has just moved into a teeny tiny dorm, that’s who! Oddly enough, while discussing our proposed wills of estate over drinks one night, my friend Catherine promised me her sofas should anything happen to her. Thankfully, Catherine is fine, just living in smaller accomodations for a couple of years. So, in came her pretty kidney-shaped sofa, and out went my uncomfortable old couch. Hooray!

Now yes, I am aware that someday Catherine will ask for her sofa to be returned to her. And on that day, I plan on confessing that I have absolutely no idea what happened to it. And that she can never come over to my house ever again. And if that doesn’t work, I’ll through hundred dollars bills in her face to help her forget. Or, I’ll just return the sofa and find another cheapo clunker from Craigslist. Awfully cavelier of me, eh? Well, when I spend about as much money on a new sofa as an alcoholic might spend on drinks in one week, I figure it’s a-okay.

cofee table magazines on a DIY table and kilim rug vintage pillows on an emerald green velvet sofa wall arrangement of vintage art

As usually happens when I bring something new into my home, a bit of rearranging has transpired. My ice cream poster has moved to another corner. In fact, all of my wall art has been rearranged. You’re probably wondering how I keep my walls from becoming pitted with holes. Well, the truth is, I don’t. Ha! Another cavalier attitude, eh? Ah well. That’s just how I roll.

I’m finally getting around to photographing our entire home for a little tour at another blog, but in the meantime, I’ll tell you a bit about this corner of my living room. The sofa sits out from the wall about four feet, and behind it is a path for traffic on a striped kilim rug and also a rustic bench, which stores blankets and hatboxes for unsightly items. The coffee table was made by me and my father using reclaimed barn siding and vintage hairpin legs purchased on eBay. In case you were curious, I actually have a coffee table book that has a picture of my coffee table sitting on my coffee table. I’ll give you a minute to sort out that sentence. Fun, huh? The doily on the table was crocheted by my Great Grandma Caron (a lovely French lady), whose daughter (my Grandma!) is pictured on the wall behind the sofa.

Whew! I think that about covers all of the important details. But if you have any other questions, please ask them and I will answer in the comments section below. (P.S. Did you recognize my most recent DIY sitting on the sofa?)

vintage hatboxes on a rustic bench a corner of my living room

27 Responses

  1. miss james says:

    love it!!! that couch is INCREDIBLE! oh how i wish i could drive over and snag the old ones for my house re-do. they would be puuurfect for our sun room that i am working on soon. xo! :)

  2. Michelle says:

    Wow! That is a good sized sofa!!

  3. Mandi says:

    Michelle, believe it or not, it’s actually smaller that the old one we had! It took four men to move it out of the apartment. Also, it had a queen size mattress folded up inside. haha What an nightmare.

  4. Maria says:

    So pretty! I love it!!

  5. Christina says:

    What are friends for? (besides incredible couches!) As always, amazing decor and that ceiling is out of this world. So lovely.

  6. this is my dream sofa. it looks so, so comfy, too. you home looks so warm and inviting.

  7. Katie says:

    oh my goodness, your house is amazing. love it. also, i love your blog. thanks for sharing your loveliness. :)

  8. Bibi says:

    You have a great house!!!! Love it!!!

  9. I love that sofa! I am a foster parent to a chunky wooden table a friend made – I’ve had it for a few years now and I’m hoping he’s forgotten…

  10. Ani says:

    That sofa is amazing and your living room looks so lovely. i never have the luck to find such wonderful things. x

  11. Cassie says:

    The color is AMAZING! I’ll foster it for you if you go on a long vacation ;)

  12. Sue says:

    Oh wow! I’m now searching craigslist for a kidney shaped sofa!

  13. Danielle says:

    agh, that couch is beyond!!!! I LOVE it! yes, in a couple years you may have to just not answer her phone calls or open the door.

  14. anastasia says:


  15. the sofa is AMAZING, can’t stress enough about how truly lucky you are! grrl, i’m sooo jealous! p.s. i have the same green/orange velour pillow so our pillows are twins :)

  16. Katie says:

    You have a lovely house! <3 Everything fits together so well - and that couch is amazing. But so is your coffee table, for that matter! You've done a beautiful job. I hope that when I get a house it looks very much like this. :D

  17. OH my goodness, such an awesome space. I can’t wait for the full tour!!

  18. That sofa really is a wonderful shape, love the diff colors & patterns of pillows you have on it too. What a lovely doiley, that’s so special to have something passed down in the family and wow, awesome coffee table, I’m so impressed you made it! beautiful living space girl!

  19. Oh, also I’ve certainly never found such an original couch thrifting, but couldn’t recommend it more for couches, tables, coffee tables (non to compare to yours of course : ), lamps, ok, actually everything!

  20. Your home is absolutely gorgeous!

  21. Tolly says:

    Ahh!!! MANDI. Can I hire you to please interior design my house, please? I live on Antique and Vintage Furniture Strip (not real name of street) in Austin, and let me assure you that you would love shopping here. ;)
    Also, where oh where did you get that fabulous rug?! Good rugs (like good men) are hard to find!

  22. Mandi says:

    Tolly, I no doubt would LOVE to visit Austin someday! I actually got that rug from eBay. There are some great kilim rugs you can order direct from Turkish sellers. This one is an antique, so it’s worn just perfectly. :)

  23. jessie b says:

    what a beautifully unique sofa.

  24. that sofa is divine! Yes, throw bills in her face…defriend her, whatever it takes! Or, just pray she forgets how much she loved it. I want that identical sofa.

  25. […] But I do love the character it adds to our space! Back at our apartment we had it arranged as a standard sofa, but in this space, we figured out through trial and error of room arrangements that a sectional […]

  26. Maya says:

    Stunning collection on the wall. Together with those pillows, the rug, the tablecloth and those arches – absolutely gorgeous!