Christmas decorating

Holiday decor2

Last year I was quite the crafty holiday girl. I made these candle holders with my dad using birch logs, a circular drill bit, and votive holders. I decorated shaker boxes with Hambly rub ons. I made Christmas stockings out of thrifted sweaters, and a tree to hang them on using woodgrain contact paper and 3M hooks. I was also inspired by the movie Elf to turn my chandelier into a winter wonderland.

Holiday decor

This year, all I have made is a wreath from a thrifted T-shirt. I just can’t seem to find the motivation or ideas. What are you making this year? I seriously need a project. So, any ideas would be lovely!


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  1. sonya audrey says:

    I knit up some garland for our tree (that we have yet to get, bad, bad, bad!), and I did another bit of red garland hung up over the stove with green paper clips and some family photos. I haven’t been very productive yet actually, but now that finals are over hopefully I can knock a few more things out. :) I’ll have to come back later and see what others have been up to!

  2. Chelsea says:

    I adore that wreath! It could be used for so many different seasons!

  3. Rebecca says:

    I love the stripey wreath! Such an original idea. Your photos & projects could come straight from an interiors magazine – simply stunning..

  4. doris says:

    ok. so i adore the candle holders, the stockings, and that wreath. i think finals are inhibiting your creativity. are they over now?

  5. Allison says:

    I love love love the votive holders. I wish I had knew someone who had wood know-how and tools!
    I’m going to try and make snow globes this year – check it out:

  6. Kimbirdy says:

    I made a little felt christmas tree for my tiny apartment.
    I’ve also seen some beautiful garlands out there that I’m thinking of making:

  7. I am so so so in love with your chandelier! It is perfect.

  8. tiff says:

    the stockings are so cute on the contact paper tree! would you be willing to share how you made the stockings?

  9. Amanda says:

    I like the votive candles!
    I know how you feel about the lack of decorations this year-I’m getting married in May and don’t have a house to call my own yet, so until then I’m storing all the ideas for next Christmas.
    Hang in there!

  10. Melanie says:

    Wow, I’m super impressed by all the craftiness. I wish my house looked like that. The stocking idea is awesome.

  11. Sum says:

    I love all your creative ideas! I wish I had one for you.

  12. caroline says:

    the chandelier is ooh so stunning!

  13. Inari says:

    Oh, I love all of those! Especially the winter wonderland chandelier and candle holders. I haven’t done anything yet this year, ’cause I have been abroad and will go home just before Christmas. But last year I folded about 55 origami cranes for our Christmas tree, and it really looked beautiful. This year I’m planning to use the same ones, but if I have time, I may do something new decorations of little plastic animals or cookie cutters. I never buy Christmas ornaments, they are way to glittery and glossy in shops.
    Btw, I love your blog! Found it on Monday, and am a huge fan already.
    Love, Inari

  14. heidi says:

    i decided today that i’m going to make the ‘starburst mobile’ that’s in my betty crocker party book from ’60.
    out of straws, pipecleaners, string and small ornament bulbs.
    i can’t wait! otherwise i just string the kitschy plastic goods & old twinkle lights around our place.
    good luck. have fun!

  15. Mariss says:

    We’re making felted ornaments for each other (an annual tradition). It’s a lot of fun, and can be silly or very sweet!
    Love your candle holders!

  16. Those candleholders are wowza! I’m impressed!

  17. iris ashley says:

    the tree decal with hanging stockings is AMAZING! i’m so in love with the idea! great job!

  18. The Lil Bee says:

    I can’t get over how creative these ideas are. Your stockings and tree are absolutely gorgeous! I’m so in awe of your talent and dedication. Just had a baby and bought her stocking at Target. It’s simple and cute but now I am thinking it’s decidedly boring as well.

  19. Lindsay says:

    How did you chip out the chunk of wood after you used the drill bit?

    • Mandi says:

      I used a Forstner drill bit for this, so there was no need to chip out any wood. It did it al for me, turned the wood that was in the hole into saw dust. It was pretty intense to drill with such a large bit, so we used a drill press to keep it steady and perfectly vertical.

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