1970s Magazine Inspiration

1970s boho modern kitchen

The 1970s is experience a revival in the design world these days, and as someone who likes a little sophisticated kitsch (that’s a thing, right?), I couldn’t be happier! I recently picked up some old House & Garden magazines from around 1969-1972, and found myself pouring over the interiors featured inside. Sure, a lot of the ’70s needs to stay buried, deep, deep down never to be seen again. But some of it is just gold. Harvest gold, sure, but if you look past the nightmarish wall-to-wall carpeting and remember the magic of sunken living rooms and malm fireplaces, there’s treasure to be found.

I hope you enjoy a little decor inspiration for your Friday! I can’t stop thinking of oversized hex tiles, earthy color schemes, and funky textiles. I’m all about the mix— a bit boho, a little mid century, a touch traditional, and a dash of glam. That grasscloth clad room below right? With the tailored white furnishings, oriental rug juxtaposed with the lucite coffee table and malm fireplace? Heaven. Which one’s your favorite room?

1970s home decor

1970s home decor

1970s sunken living room

1970s open shelving kitchen

1970s pink carpet bedroom

INSPIRED BY: Late Fifties’ Homes

Late Fifties' Homes on Making Nice in the Midwest

As our 1959 ranch has begun to take shape in its second year as our home sweet home, I’ve been drawing loads of inspiration from vintage interiors from the same era. The color scheme, the restrained and smart furniture arrangements, and especially the sparse and avant-garde placement of wall art. Check out my most recent round-up of vintage home inspiration, and be sure to check out my INSPIRED BY: Vintage Homes archives!

Late Fifties' Homes on Making Nice in the Midwest

Everything about these interiors is pretty drool-worthy, if you ask me, but mostly I really love the modern furniture covered in fun colors and patterns. No safe, tan sofas in these homes! And check it out— a pink shag rug? And it somehow doesn’t look tacky. Those are the decorating chances I’d love to take if Phil would let me. It all works with tasteful style and restrained backgrounds. Someone get this women a pink shag rug, will ya? Or better yet— a pink passion pit right smack dab in the middle of my living room! Oh yeah.

Late Fifties' Homes on Making Nice in the MidwestLate Fifties' Homes on Making Nice in the Midwest

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VINTAGE HOMES | Houses Architects Live In 1977

1970s bohemian living room vintage1970s modern home living room

Remember the 1970s? Well, I never had the chance to witness it firsthand, but those who lived through the armies of kitschy figurines, forests of macrame hangings, and endless wicker furniture usually loudly groan when they see the bohemian styles of the ’70s resurrected. I’m (proudly) guilty of 1970s revival decorating in our home, and definitely stand by my love for rusty oranges, saturated yellows, and yes, even some avocado green here and there. That’s why I squealed with delight when I ran across this vintage design book from the late ’70s, Houses Architects Live In. (It’s out of print, but still available for purchase on Amazon here.) Leave it to a bunch of architects to do it up right! These homes are moatly minimal in style with  selective use of those bohemian elements that made the ’70s famous. Also, I think I’m having a love affair with built-in seating. Ooo lala!

1970s home kilim rug family1970s white living room colorful vintage home1970s living room wooden paneled modern bohemianvintage 1970s children's room red lacquered wallsorange built in cabinets vintage living room1970s living room kilim rug houseplants home