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Remember the 1970s? Well, I never had the chance to witness it firsthand, but those who lived through the armies of kitschy figurines, forests of macrame hangings, and endless wicker furniture usually loudly groan when they see the bohemian styles of the ’70s resurrected. I’m (proudly) guilty of 1970s revival decorating in our home, and definitely stand by my love for rusty oranges, saturated yellows, and yes, even some avocado green here and there. That’s why I squealed with delight when I ran across this vintage design book from the late ’70s, Houses Architects Live In. (It’s out of print, but still available for purchase on Amazon here.) Leave it to a bunch of architects to do it up right! These homes are moatly minimal in style with  selective use of those bohemian elements that made the ’70s famous. Also, I think I’m having a love affair with built-in seating. Ooo lala!

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VINTAGE HOMES | Pops of Color of White

vintage home via Making Nice in the Midwest

By now, you’ve probably noticed the trend towards white walls in interiors these days. Especially in the homes of bloggers, eh? But this Scandinavian influence is certainly nothing new. American mid-century homes often used this clean style as a backdrop for simple furniture and bright artwork and textiles. I’m kind of missing the white walls of our apartment, so we’ve been considering brightening up a space or two in our home with a coat of white on the walls. I really love balancing whites with warm neutrals and bold colors, and these vintage homes have done just that. Too bad Phil wouldn’t agree to purple carpet!

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1950s vintage home via Making Nice in the Midwest1950s vintage home via Making Nice in the Midwest1950s vintage home via Making Nice in the Midwestvintage homes

INSPIRED BY: Dream Vintage Homes

Beware of watching White Christmas too many times! It might lead you to staying awake at night planning your own version of the beautiful ski lodge in the movie. Ever since I first saw that movie as a little girl, I’ve dreamed of a wide-open mid century style home complete with a sunken living room, built-in seating areas (a la Frank Lloyd Wright), and a grand fireplace to anchor it all.

When I was in design school, I had the opportunity to design my dream home (with certain parameters, like square footage), and funny enough, it kind of resembled the home pictures above. Phil and I just bought our first home almost exactly a year ago, and who knows if or when we will ever move, but for some reason, I can’t stop thinking about my dream home design and floorplan! As in, it actually keeps me up at night. Who knows? Maybe some day I will have the opportunity to design my own home! What about you? What would you want in your dream home? My biggest wish would be for a beautiful wide-open living, dining, and kitchen area. An entertainer’s dream!

Images were found on Flickr and are linked to where I found them.

INSPIRED BY: That ’70s Home

The 1970s gets a bad rap for interiors. Mention a shag rug in this decade and you get lots of cringes from those who lived through the original shag and all its glory. I’ll admit, there were a lot of crimes against design to happen in the 1970s. Too much macrame and wood paneling are enough to warrant a bad reputation for a whole decade. But sometimes the ’70s did funk and did it gloriously. Just check out these interiors! I’m thinking about borrowing some ideas for my own home. And I’m really digging the warm colors in these homes. Perfect inspiration for this time of year!

For some extra color scheme inspiration, check out past featured vintage homes hereThe images from this post were found via Flickr and are linked back to their Flickr source.

INSPIRED BY: Bold Colors in Vintage Homes

yellow vintage living room

We’ve already moved into our 1950s ranch and settled on a color for our walls. But since we haven’t put up curtains, settled on a sofa choice, or really settled on anything (I’m not sold on the color of the walls!), I’m still pouring over vintage homes for color inspiration. This time I’ve rounded up some bold color schemes that inspire me to go big or go home (or both?) with our color choices. Is there too much of a good thing? Let me think about that one.

For some extra color scheme inspiration, check out past featured vintage homes here. The images from this post were found via Flickr and are linked back to their Flickr source.

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