Thrift Store Challenge | Part Two


We had so much fun doing the thrift store challenge, I’m already planning on heading out again with some other friends to see how well they score at the store. Here’s the last round from the first challenge, Allie’s winning first place again (in my mind), with mine being a look I was considering purchasing and squirreling away for a day when I find myself with child. (No hints, just good planning.) I think Kyle’s picks make a perfect day to evening look that can easily transition from on the job (photography session) to out for drinks with friends.

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A L L I E ‘ S   L O O K :   $ 8 . 9 7
shirt: $2.99  |  skirt: $3.99 | belt: $1.99


M Y   L O O K :  $ 6 . 9 8
polka dot dress: $2.99  |  scarf: $.99


K Y L E ‘ S   L O O K :  $ 1 7 . 9 6
sweater: $3.99  |  shirt: $2.99  |  jeans: $4.99  |  fleece lined shoes: $5.99


Thrift Store Challenge | Part One


Three friends, one thrift store, six outfits. Our original plan was to spend Saturday afternoon at our favorite Canton Salvation Army on a quest for one outfit each, but lucky us, we found two each! It might seem like a crazy challenge, but with a little patience, creativity, and help from friends, it’s totally doable. I promise. Finding shoes was a little tricky for us girls, so we just stuck with the kicks already on our toes. But other than that, the day was a total success! Here are our first looks of the day.


M Y   L O O K :   $ 8 . 9 8
scarf: $.99  |  polka dot knit top: $2.99  |  gingham pleated skirt: $2.99


K Y L E ‘ S   L O O K :   $ 1 5 . 9 6
flannel jacket: $3.99  |  shirt: $.99  |  jeans: $4.99  |  fleece lined shoes: $5.99


A L L I E ‘ S   L O O K :   $ 6 . 9 8
jumper: $3.99  |  shirt:  $2.99

Just wait until you see what else we found!

Guest Blogging at Freckled Nest


Instead of today’s usual Inspired By: Fridays post, I participated in a show-and-tell guest blog for Leigh-Ann at her blog, Freckled Nest. Head on over to check out my five favorite finds, and maybe you will be inspired to go treasure hunting at the thrift store this weekend!