Inspired by Cinema | Halloween Costumes Part IV

Hands up if you’ve got a red sweater and a red skirt in your wardrobe! Perfect! Now grab some standard trim pieces, a black pair of may janes, fluff out your hair, and get ready to terrorize the world with your tantrums! I’ve always thought the best Halloween costumes are the ones that have really fun characters to match. When I was Mary Poppins, I had a lot of fun singing about spoonfuls of sugar and feeding the birds all night long. I’m sure a healthy dosing of wanting everything “now, Daddy!” would be alright for just one night, eh?

Pssst…. I wouldn’t mind wearing these items separately any given day. Costumes are the perfect excuses to pad your wardrobe a little bit. Am I right? ;)

Part I: Melanie Daniels | Part II: Annie Hall | Part III: Anna Karina

buttons | ribbon | collar | sweater | cuffs | skirt | shoes

Inspired by Cinema | Halloween Costumes Part III

Who wouldn’t want to be Anna Karina for a day? Silly people, that’s who! This costume requires a little DIY action to get that pretty white fur trim, but if you already own a cobalt blue dress, then this should be super simple! Got blonde hair? No problem! I found a wig for you. Not sure who this character is? Check out my review right here. There. Now you have no more excuses. I think this would be a darling costume, and if I didn’t already have something else spectacular planned for Halloween, you better believe this is would be mine, all mine!

Part I: Melanie Daniels | Part II: Annie Hall | Part IV: Veruca Salt

wig | umbrella | fur trim | hair bow | dress option 1|2 | kitten heels | tights

Image: Word Doodles

Inspired by Cinema | Halloween Costumes Part II


Topical Halloween costumes are really a great way to cut to the chase when meeting kindred spirits at costume parties. If I dressed as Annie Hall, there’s a good chance whoever recognizes me would be great at carrying on Woody Allen conversations. And who knows, could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

I know this costume series isn’t comprised of completely original ideas…. I mean, the movies I’m selecting are older, so I’m sure the costumes have been done over and over. But the point is to give you clever ideas for costume parties that you can create using some items from your own wardrobe, or even things you could find for a great price at the thrift store. And of course, as always, if you’ve got the change to spare, and don’t have time to shop around, I’ve rounded up the perfect items to create your very own Annie Hall costume idea below.

Part I: Melanie Daniels | Part III: Anna Karina | Part IV: Veruca Salt

hat | trousers | shirt | vest | neck tie | shoes | bag