DIY Tiered Tassel Earrings

DIY Tiered Tassel Earrings

Just as my wardrobe has become more minimal, my earrings have become… well, maximal! I have clear memories of feeling quite glamorous as a kiddo with pierced ears wearing my mother’s oversized earrings leftover from the ’80s. But then there was a span of about twenty years when, as my fashion sense developed, earrings felt a little too gaudy. Well, that is with the exception of my minimal silver hoop earring phase at the turn of the century. (They went well with my flared jeans and Abercrombie tees!)

Lately I’ve found myself surprised by my interest in the oversized earrings I’ve seen dangling on the ears of fashionable ladies all over the web. I decided I was ready for the earring revival, and I was going to jump in with both feet– and with a DIY take on the statement earring trend.

DIY Tiered Tassel Earrings

DIY Tiered Tassel Earrings

statement earring DIY

DIY Tiered Tassel Earrings

statement earring DIY

Step One: Remove the paper from one embroidery floss bundle and fold it in half. Use an approximately 12″ strand from the extra embroidery floss bundle to tie it tightly in the middle and the knot it.

Step Two: Cut through the loops at either end of the bundled floss.

DIY Tiered Tassel Earrings

Step Three: Pull the either end of the tied bundled downward and secure tightly as shown above with a strand from the extra embroidery floss bundle. I tied it once on one side, flipped it over and tied it again, then flipped it over and tied in a knot. 

DIY Tiered Tassel Earrings

Step Four: Use a darning needle to thread the two ends of the floss you just tied into the tassel and out the bottom.

Step Five: Give your tassel a haircut to make it even on the bottom and the size that you desire. You will need very sharp fabric scissors to do this well.

DIY Tiered Tassel Earrings

Repeat steps 1-5 until you have created 6 tassels as shown above.

DIY Tiered Tassel Earrings

Step Six: Arrange your tassels in two rows of three, making sure each row’s tassels are evenly sized compared to the row of tassels beside it. Use a darning needle to hide the top knot strands of the top two tassels in each row, trimming them to be the same length as the tassel. Leave only one strand untucked on the bottom tassel of each row, but tuck the other one in.

Step Seven: Use the remaining strand from the bottom tassel to connect the entire row of tassels. To do this, thread the strand through a darning needle and use the needle to guide the thread through the bottom of each tassel and up through the middle of the tassel’s top.

DIY Tiered Tassel Earrings

Step Eight: Knot the thread tightly around the eye of the ear wires, making sure to get the ear wire tight up against the top of the tassel. Then use the darning needle to hide the remaining strand of embroidery floss down into the tassels. Trim it to blend in nicely.

DIY Tiered Tassel Earrings

I was so excited about these earrings that I made two pairs right away– one in black yarn, then these in ecru embroidery floss. I wore them to church over the weekend (paired with a simple black shift dress and nude clogs) and had a lot of fun conversations about them, as you can imagine! I guess that’s why they’re called statement earrings– they practically require a reaction!

What do you think? Are you ready for the return of statement earrings, or are you happy to leave the trend in the annals of the ’80s?

Our Favorite Toddler-Made Fall Decorations

Toddler Halloween Crafts

I’ve always loved decorating for holidays, but have never enjoyed it as much as I do now that I have kiddos who ooh and ahh over every little detail. I certainly care about making seasonal decorations look pretty, but as a mom I’m more interested in fostering creativity and a love for crafting. That means our home is inevitably decorated with lots of special decorations made by tiny hands, which might not be the prettiest to look at, but are much more special than the paper or plastic decorations you can find at the store.

Besides, it’s their home too!

toddler craft ideas

Now that Lucy (age four) is old enough to want to craft and help decorate, I’ve been looking for preschool crafts that Lucy would enjoy, but would also look nice hanging up in our home. Now you might not think TP-roll monsters look that nice, but hey, I thought they were pretty cool! And it’s safe to say Lucy is obsessed with them.

Here are our favorite fall craft ideas I have saved to my Fall Pinterest board, and if you’re looking for more fun ideas, check out my Kiddo Activities board too!

toddler thanksgiving crafts

Toddler Halloween Crafts

Toddler Halloween Crafts

Besides how cute they are, I also love that these projects use materials you can find on nature walks, in your household supplies, and also present great opportunities to learn about color blending and to develop fine motor skills. Just don’t forget a drop cloth!

toddler crafts

Holiday Craft Projects

gift wrapping ideas

I’m not sure if it’s the cooler weather and resulting hibernation or what, but Christmastime always seems to be the perfect time for crafting! As you might have noticed from my holiday house tour, I prefer a handmade touch for our Christmas decorations, so each year I make something new for our home. I thought you all might like to see what kind of holiday crafts I’ve done in the past, so I’ve rounded up my favorite projects I’ve shared at A Beautiful Mess and linked to them right here.

Top: Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas / I grabbed supplies from around the house to make extra beautiful gifts for friends and family. Did you notice the orange mesh I stole from a bag of clementines?

star light and holiday village

Above Left: Star Light Holiday Decoration / This star light was so easy to put together! You may have noticed it lighting up our desk in our holiday home tour.

Above Right: Simple Winter Village / I didn’t have the gusto for a gingerbread house last year, so I made this little village out of cardboard instead! It’s backlit with a strip of LED uplights.

ceramic trees and holiday wreath

Above left: Porcelain Holiday Trees / These little tree cones are simple to make with the provided cone template and some air dry clay. I used LED tea lights inside for a festive glow.

Above Right: Winter Wreath / This delicate wreath uses unusual supplies— a coat hanger and ping pong balls to name two!

gift tags and citrus ornaments

Above Left: Homemade Cards + Tags / If you like to give handmade, but your family isn’t so into handmade gifts, this is the perfect compromise! Create handmade cards and tags for your store-bought gifts.

Above Right: Dried Citrus Ornaments / While simmering citrus and spices on the stove for a fresh scented home, why not slice up some extra pieces to dry for ornaments?

cake stencils and holiday garlands

Above Left: Cake and Beverage Stencil / This is the perfect decoration for a simple naked cake or pan of brownies. I also dusted a design on the top of my homemade latte!

Above Right: Homemade Holiday Garlands / So many garland ideas, so little time! My favorite is the “PEACE” one which hangs near my front door and kitchen sink.