Master Bedroom Reveal at A Beautiful Mess

pink board and batten

I feel like I just shared the plans for our master bedroom, and now, BAM! It’s finished! This has definitely been the fastest turnaround for a room makeover in the history of my doing room makeovers, but that just goes to show how motivating a deadline can be. It’s all thanks to the Arhaus partnership I was able to work on with A Beautiful Mess, so head on over there to see the full master bedroom makeover, complete with step-by-step instructions for how to make your own board and batten wall like this!

pink board and batten

After a week of enjoying this new space of ours, Phil and I still feel like we’re staying at a posh hotel, not in our actual home. Mission accomplished, I guess! We’ve also enjoyed exchanging amused glances at one another when friends and family remark, “Wow, it’s pink!”

When people on Instagram ask how I got my husband to agree to the color, I wish I had a better story to tell. But it was simply a matter of me saying, “What do you think about painting our bedroom pink?” He said, “What kind of pink?” I showed him a mock-up I made with elements we already owned, like this rug and curtains, plus the bed we had ordered from Arhaus. He said, “That looks nice.” So, that’s how it went, folks! I married a super easy going guy who also happens to enjoy the decorating I do in our home. I feel lucky to have him!

mother daughter style

But tasked with finding the perfect shade of pink we’d both like, I was a little worried the hue we were choosing would be too neutral, appearing flesh toned rather than pink. But we were in agreement that we didn’t want to go too light with the color, or it would feel like we were sleeping in a little girl’s bedroom. So I grabbed a few sample cans of neutral-leaning pinks, smeared them on the wall, and studied each color in the evening light and morning light. Phil and I were in complete agreement and selected this shade of Sweetened Plum by Sherwin Williams*. Color always appears more vivid on the walls than it does on the little paint sample, so I’m glad I didn’t bother buying any brighter pink samples than this.

*Originally I had planned to paint the room in Benjamin Moore’s Flax, but I had a mix-up at the paint store, and walked out with Benjamin Moore paint for other rooms in progress, but not the bedroom paint! Because I had a deadline and needed to paint on Saturday evening and Sunday to meet my deadline, I had to select a new color from a paint store that was open during those hours. Bummer, but I do like the color we ended up with!

pink board and batten

pink board and batten

The girls were as excited as I was to have the room finished! Every morning when I wake up, I find them sleeping alongside me, and I certainly don’t mind the extra snuggles— especially now that we’ve upgraded to a king size bed!

This project was a lot of fun, and it’s made me feel reinvigorated about finishing up some other rooms in our home. Next up is Phil’s study! I’ll share an update on that room next week.

mother daughter style

Master Bedroom Plans

bedroom before

When you have four rooms ripped apart to the subfloor and have begun rebuilding them, what’s a normal thing for a person to do? Pause progress and begin working on a bedroom that was perfectly fine “before?” Yeah, probably not normal, but here I am doing that exact thing.

We were given the opportunity to work on the bedroom with a sponsorship through A Beautiful Mess, so I dropped everything and said YES! Currently our bedroom is filled with a mix of items that aren’t necessarily my first choice, but it was a nice space to escape to in the midst of our intense first floor renovations. The pink rug is from our living room at the old house, the dresser part of a Craigslist set I bought for the girls’ room, the nightstands I made specifically for our tiny bedroom at our old home, and an heirloom bed that my dad amazingly created from raw materials. We’re upgrading to a king size bed since we have the space for it, and after deciding on a bed from Arhaus, I designed the rest of the room around it. Here’s one of my inspirations for the space— a hotel in Stockholm with a dramatic board and batten wall. While I planned to do a softer take on this look, I knew for sure board and batten would be the perfect way to add a cozy vibe and ground our spacious bedroom with high, sloping ceilings.

board and batten bedroom

We’re currently working on finishing up the board and batten treatment, and will be painting everything this weekend. I’m so excited to see the finished product! But mostly I’m just excited to be finished, because not only has it been a lot of labor, but I’m also tired of camping out in a tiny bedroom with the mattress on the floor.

Here are our plans for fixtures and finishes in the bedroom:

bedroom mood board

A lot of people have asked me what Phil thinks about “all that pink.” He was happy with the wall paint (Flax by Benjamin Moore) because it’s a more neutral and cozy take on pink. But I have a feeling if I had presented Phil with a more princess pink color, he wouldn’t have like that so much. One of the main reasons I chose to use a shade of pink on the wall is because I already had pink curtains from our old home’s dining room, and the rug from our old living room. I could’ve been happy with a beige on the wall, coordinating with the warm pink, but decided to go with color since so many walls in our home are white and neutral. I’m sure one day we’ll shuffle rugs around again and maybe feel ready to change up the color on the wall. After all, it’s only paint!

Here are the sources for everything we’re using in the bedroom:

Can’t wait to share the results with you!


Bedroom Makeover

small bedroom makeover

At long last, our bedroom is finally in order! It only took us three years of living in this house to touch this room. Yikes! I can’t believe we slept in that green room for so long! But, despite my best intentions, time has been marching on. And regrettably, in my haste to get things going for our little bedroom makeover, I didn’t take before pictures! Who am I? Sorry! But try to imagine just a room with green walls and clothes all over the place. A sad, lumpy bed in the middle of the little room under the window. Hodge podge. Nothing nice. You can sort of glimpse the order of things in the two pictures below that I did manage to take. It was so bad in here, I guess I just didn’t want to document any of it!

But here we are, on the other side of things. I installed a handy closet system to make up for our lack of closet space. I also designed and built new nightstands to flank the bed that my parents passed down to us. The bed was handmade by my dad, so I couldn’t say no! Besides, we had been sleeping on a plain metal bed frame before their gift. So it was very welcome.

You can check out my posts about the closet system and nightstands at A Beautiful Mess, as linked below:

Creating an Open Closet System
DIY Parsons Nightstand

open closet system

vintage dresser vanity

I’m quite sentimental, which explains the random notes from loved ones that I keep taped up around the house. This one (above) from my dad is on my dresser mirror. Also, behold the stack of hats which need to be put away into their boxes. Or else sold off to the highest bidder. I have way too many hats for my own good! But like I said, I’m a sentimental gal. I can’t bear to give them up, and besides— Lucy loves playing with them! It would’ve been my dream to have such hats for playing dress-up as a child. So I keep them around for her sake. (So I tell myself!)

small bedroom makeover

open closet system

small bedroom makeover

The view from the hallway is much nicer these days! Before, you would be likely to spy a pile of clothes that had no home, or boxes of things we’ve cleaned up from the rest of the house and decided to dump into our room…. because, well, why not? It was a wreck anyway. Bad, bad habits, I tell ya!

perfume bottles

When I first got into antiquing (as a middle schooler!) I started a collection of vintage perfume bottles and vanity accessories. These days I’ve donated or sold off most of my collection, but I have kept a few things which I keep on my dresser with other usual suspects, like my glasses and perfume of choice (Burburry).

We’re enjoying feeling more settled now that our bedroom has finally become a pretty and calm space. And in case you are interested in some of the decorations we’ve used, I linked ’em up below. Thanks for looking!

-Art: Debbie Carlos x Scout & Catalogue
-Lights: Urban Outfitters
-Rug: Amazon
-Radio: Vermont Country Store
-Bedding: Target
-Pillow: West Elm (no longer available)
-Bed: Handmade by my dad (proud daughter!)

small bedroom makeover