Vintage Pop-Up Sale!

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I just wanted to pop in and let you know about a sale I have going on over at my closet sale shop, which also includes a variety of sizes of vintage from my friend Allie’s collection as well. Sizes and styles for everyone! We have more stuff to add, but I’d like to see some of what’s there go to happy homes before we offer up more of our beloved babies.

Check out all of these things and more over at the shop!vintage closet sale

2 Responses

  1. jacque kurz says:

    Mandy….I just found the youtube video you posted of your kitchen remodel/upgrade. I know it’s several years old, but I’m just now in the beginning process of diy-ing our kitchen.
    I really, really like how you did the circular sinks in the corner area. I have an existing corner sink. It’s a one piece oversized, deep white porcelain monster!! The worse part about it is that it’s an above mount sink. Wiping the countertops into the sink is impossible with the big ole lip!!
    My question……you’ve lived with this for a couple of years. Do you like it, love it or hate it? What would you do differently?
    Your kitchen remodel led me to your other more recent sites. That’s why I left a message here.
    Good wishes your way.

    • Mandi says:

      Hi there! I actually never posted a kitchen video to YouTube. Do you mind sharing with me the link you found? As far as our remodel goes, I wouldn’t do anything different! Because the sinks are undermounted beneath wooden butcher block, I should lightly sand and reseal that area of the countertops every year. I haven’t done that yet, and will be doing that as soon as the weather warms enough to have the room ventilated all day when I do that.