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Last month my mom bought a new dress, and my dad said, “That looks like something Amanda would wear.” My dad, the robotics engineer who will wear any ol’ thing that’s long enough to reach his elbows and tuck into his grease-stained jeans, surprised us all with the remark. My first thought was, let me see this dress so I can reject or deny his claim, but then I thought, wait a sec… my dad knows my personal style?” Which made me feel all warm and fuzzy that he pays attention to me to that extent, but also surprised me that he was actually able to discern what constitutes my personal style. I feel like I’m barely there myself!

My twenties was such a journey of defining who I am, not to mention what my personal style is, and now finally in my thirties, I feel like I’ve settled into a nice groove, style-wise. But man, I guess I’ve really got my style on lock if Dad can even pick out a dress for me! Stripes and neutrals? Denim and Suede? Sixties and Seventies? Check, check, check! The only problem is, now that Dad’s got me figured out, I keep feeling this urge to shake things up a bit. Be unpredictable. But being predictable is too easy and feels pretty good, actually. Maybe I’ll just get a new tattoo! (Kidding, Dad!) (Mom, I have no new tattoo plans. Please take a deep breath.) (Love you guys!)

O U T F I T   D E T A I L S :

denim pinafore dress: ASOS / shoes: Maguba / top: similar


Ohio Fashion Blogger

Ohio Fashion Blogger

Ohio Fashion Blogger

2 Responses

  1. Stefanie says:

    This is such a sweet story about your dad!:) Something similar happened to me with my boyfriend. I think overall it tells you just how much he loves you, doesn’t it?!
    Love your outfit and also your great long hair. I’m so happy about the great news you shared this week on instagram! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Nicolet says:

    You make me laugh. So your dad knows your style, nice though that he sees you! Keep up the good work dad!