Paper, Glue, and a Big To-Do

spread from Mandi's art journal- Making Nice in the Midwest

It’s always amazing how picking up some paint and a pen can clear my head. But the problem is, I never seem to be able to clear the table long enough to spread out my endless supplies and really delve into an art journal. It always seems like such a big under-taking, though getting back into the habit of journaling has been on my to-do list for an embarrassingly long time. The last time I really worked on a book was in 2011, and while I’ve dabbled since then, nothing compares to opening up a composition book and filling it with bits and pieces of paper and thoughts.

My scrapbooking friend Vanessa came to visit for a long weekend, and since she brought along her supplies, I felt encouraged to embrace the creative mess and begin an art journal. I’m really excited about keeping up with a book where I can record the little details of my life, from mundane things like shopping lists and frequent dinners to personal thoughts about being a mother and dealing with cancer. I enjoy the creative outlet of putting together little messy spreads with magazine clippings, Instagram snaps, and whatever else I feel like adding to the mix. Nothing about this book will be complicated or intimidating for me- at least, that’s my goal. I’ll just be adding to it whatever strikes me as important at the time. It’ll be fun to see how this book fills out as the year goes on!

spread from Mandi's art journal- Making Nice in the Midwestspread from Mandi's art journal- Making Nice in the Midwestspread from Mandi's art journal- Making Nice in the Midwest

19 Responses

  1. Yay! Love these pages, Mandi. I’ve missed your art journalling! :)

  2. Nadya N. says:

    body image.. always on a girl’s mind..

  3. ashley d! says:

    wow! your body transformation is really great in just 1 month! i have a 9 month old and just can’t get motivated again. i was in the best shape of my life right before i (finally!) got pregnant and now i’m the most horrid shape of my life. i just need some inspiration and time… and sleep!

  4. Becca says:

    Such gorgeous pages! Glad you got a chance to do some art journaling!

    Ladyface Blog

  5. Ashlee says:

    Love these pages! Your body transformation is really inspiring! You look amazing! I wish I had the motivation to art journal. Your pages are really inspiring and so so lovely.

  6. Nora says:

    So happy to see you crafting! And you look amazing…super inspiring!

  7. Et tu, tutu? says:

    I’ve always wished i could make an art journal like this, but I’m never happy with how they turn out. I love your pages though!


  8. sweetmillie says:

    I love your craft style! I would love to finally do an holiday book note this summer. When I see what you have done, I really feel a great motivation. ;)

  9. Annabelle says:

    These pages are gorgeous. I try to take 30 minutes everyday to sit and work on my journals (i have a concert inventory, birthday memories, playlist inventory, random art and thoughts journal….) and it puts all the negativity away. Thanks for sharing these inspiring pages :) x

  10. Lisa L says:

    Oh goodness, your journal is looking so awesome! I have been going back and forth with doing one like this….playing with paper makes me so happy, hope it does the same for you :)

  11. Your journal looks beautiful, Mandi! So creative and inspiring.

  12. vanessa joie says:

    i love this way of journalling!

  13. cheryl flowerday preston says:

    This read and the art was inspiring for you and your journey, and inspiring for me! The honesty and creativity says so much about your strength! Thank you.

  14. These scrapbook pages are adorable!!! I forget that scrapbooking can be whatever style you want and not just the Creative Memories brand stuff that some people buy. I need to start documenting things like this for my girls!

    I am so glad to read that you are cancer free! I have been praying for you since you first blogged about the tumor. In fact I told the people in my church to pray for you too. :) My husband was very sick for a year or so before we found he had a tumor on his pancreas in 2008 and had massive surgery. It was a near death experience for him and I was pregnant with our 2nd child at the time. So I have really felt great compassion for you and your family when you shared what you did in past blog posts. :)
    Also your tumblr is amazing so many good recipes! Keep up the good work!

  15. Lisa W. says:

    I follow you on instagram…so I couldn’t wait until I had time to look at your blog. There is NOTHING better than seeing you create. I am a advid scrapbooker, and I know you used to work in the field, AND we all know how artsy, creative, kinda girl you are. I LOVE it!!!!!!

  16. You always do such grand things like this!

  17. Joy @ OSS says:

    These are so pretty! You are just too good with your hands.

  18. Mollie says:

    These are FABULOUS! You have such an eye for graphics and text. Now I want to try something like this…

  19. Miki says:

    OMG, Mandy! Cancer? :( I had no idea! I’d been trying to find your blog but couldn’t remember its name, I finally got to it today. You look amazing and so does your adorable daughter. Hope you’re doing great!