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teething necklace chewbeads for baby silicon non toxic safe

Whatever happened to the days of piling on all of the necklaces I own, plus cateye sunglasses, a lacy lingerie robe for a jacket, and a head scarf tied neatly under my chin? Well, I suppose when I was a four-year-old (as photographic evidence would suggest), cooky accessorizing was of the highest fashion. But these days I’m terrified of accessories, and really just like to stick with just a simple hat and some ladylike lipstick. That is, until I saw the joy on baby Lucy’s face when she saw my pendant necklace dangling before her. Well, dangling before her until it went promptly into her mouth! Uh-oh! Thankfully, during a visit to The Breast Feeding Center, I found these non-toxic silicone teething necklaces for mothers and babies to enjoy alike! I still feel a bit costumey when I wear accessories with my already slightly eccentric outfits, but I think these beads will work perfectly with a simple Summer wardrobe, eh?

O U T F I T   D E T A I L S :

shoes: Nine West | top: vintage | skirt: thrifted | scarf: gift | necklace: chewbeads

teething necklace chewbeads for baby silicon non toxic safeteething necklace chewbeads for baby silicon non toxic safeteething necklace chewbeads for baby silicon non toxic safeteething necklace chewbeads for baby silicon non toxic safevintage fashion blogger

21 Responses

  1. Ashlea says:

    You look great! Super cute outfit and baby :)

  2. Ashlea says:

    You look great! Cute outfit and baby :)

  3. Krissy says:

    Your outfit is so cute and that necklace is such a great invention!

  4. You are rocking it girl! I love that scarf but pretty much your entire outfit is gorgeous.

  5. Seriously, your baby girl is absolutely adorable. I hope you are feeling well.

  6. Kaitlyn says:

    You look amazing! I love this outfit, the monochromatic color scheme is great and very summery! :)

  7. Rachel says:

    You look so great! I especially love the pleated skirt.


  8. Becky Bedbug says:

    Teething necklaces are such a good idea!


  9. Dom says:

    What an adorably vintage yet fresh outfit! Love the neutral color palette.

  10. Lisa L. says:

    You look gorgeous! This outfit looks so comfortable.

    Mostly Lisa

  11. Robin says:

    This color palette is so summery and chic. The necklace looks perfect with it. You and Lucy both look great!

  12. Jenn V. says:

    I love it! I’ve never heard of such a thing, but its a fantastic idea.

  13. Charlotte says:

    I have these in a few bracelets and a necklace, they are great! I wear the bracelet a lot and hand it off to my 9-month old if he needs a distraction. They just want to share in the things you love. :) Love the outfit, so cute.

  14. Kristian says:

    I don’t think it is costumey. Retro, yes, but the neutral color palette keeps it from being costumey. Also, that is the craziest thing- necklaces for moms with teething babies. Very clever!

  15. Those beads are such a good idea!!
    You look awesome! I’m quite intimidated by accessories but I love this outift!

  16. Cute outfit!
    Those necklaces are brilliant. When a friend first showed me one, I thought they were such a great idea, I bought a bunch of them online for all my friends who are mums and gave them as Chrissie pressies… The coloured ones are great too. Who doesn’t love accessories that are both stylish AND functional?!! X

  17. One of my best friends had always worn teething necklaces for her babies to chew on too and they were always so pretty (she has three girls ages 6 months to 6 years). I always adored them but never purchased one. My boys actually never grabbed on to my jewelry to chew or anything and had certain toys they preferred to suck on or chew on. You look so lovely!

  18. Gah! Such great style no matter what stage of life you’re in. Looking so chic and beautiful, mama!

  19. Kelli Murray says:

    Ahh what a great idea!! I wish I had known about these necklaces when my daughter was teething! Noted for the next babe :)

    xo Kelli

  20. Mollie says:

    That dress looks smashing against that mint green door and bubble gum pink wall. Love the color choice. :)

    Forgot all about silicone beads! I’m a nanny and one of my baby’s mom got them as a Christmas present…I thought it was the cleverest gift ever.

  21. becca says:

    so darling. I love the neutraly colors. and the baby!