INSPIRED BY: Laura Petrie- In Color!

Laura Petrie in Color The Dick Van Dyke Show

Television and movies can be pretty powerful sources for fashion inspiration, but when you’re constantly watching the black and white classics, as I am, your wardrobe can easily become increasingly drab. Lately, The Dick Van Dyke Show has been continually playing in the corner of my computer as I get work done, or on our tv screen when I’m nursing baby Lucy. I’ve become obsessed with Laura Petrie’s (Mary Tyler Moore) classic wardrobe, but in turn, I’ve noticed that I’m starting to favor black, white, and gray in my personal style choices. It’s silly, really, because do you think those are the only colors Laura Petrie wore? Doubt it! After that realization struck me, I began to daydream about what colors Laura’s outfits really were. Here’s a little peek inside my head, and Laura’s newly technicolor wardrobe.

Laura Petrie in Color The Dick Van Dyke ShowLaura Petrie in Color The Dick Van Dyke ShowLaura Petrie in Color The Dick Van Dyke ShowLaura Petrie in Color The Dick Van Dyke Show

It gets pretty Pleasantville, doesn’t it? Colorizing Laura Petrie’s wardrobe was sort of addicting, and now I want to do the rest of the characters, and the Petrie’s living room too! It’s like a coloring book for crazy adults. Kind of therapeutic! I know. You guys probably think I’m pretty nutso. But when inspiration strikes… you just gotta do what ya gotta do.

Laura’s my most recent style icon to emulate in my own personal fashion choices. Who are your favorite style icons from tv shows?

Laura Petrie in Color The Dick Van Dyke ShowLaura Petrie in Color The Dick Van Dyke ShowLaura Petrie in Color The Dick Van Dyke ShowLaura Petrie in Color The Dick Van Dyke ShowLaura Petrie in Color The Dick Van Dyke Show

41 Responses

  1. HeidiAnn says:

    I absolutely LOVE this! I hope you will do more – because her wardrobe is fabulous, and what you have done to make her apparel stand out against the black and white background looks SO cool! Kudos to you, and thanks so much for sharing these!

  2. Laura says:

    these are lovely! i always wonder what colour everything is in black&white movies! x

  3. Diane says:

    Very cool! I always thought some book company should make a Laura Petrie paperdoll book. I’d buy one!

  4. Orchid Grey says:

    This is so insanely cool! I love the colors you chose, they seem completely natural with her outfits and the setting.

  5. danielle thompson says:

    as an avid photoshopper, i know how much time these took you to create. ; ) amazing. Love it!

    • Leah says:

      I was thinking the same thing… I’m a design student and am learning photoshop. I was checking out these images going “man! she had to select each section, then change the colours in each one… ” I think? Is that how you did it?

      Anyway, loved the post.

      • Mandi says:

        Actually I did a new layer for each color, and used the brush tool to color it in, with the layer blended as “color.” It’s much easier with a tablet to use. :)

  6. melanie says:

    so awesome! makes me wonder how many colors you got right. wonder if there is any way to find out….

  7. Danette says:

    So cool! I love these choices and the show. :)

  8. Tara says:

    These photos are so cool!

  9. What a fun idea! I don’t know that TV has influenced my wardrobe (movies have), but I did love Mary Tyler Moore’s style here and on The MTM Show. So effortlessly stylish and elegant.

    I’m posting a link back to this page.


  10. Mimi says:

    Love this!!! So fun!!! I always wonder what color people are wearing when I watch black and white movies and TV shows. I would love to see the furniture in color too.

  11. Leigh-Ann says:

    Did you paint the black and white stills?! That’s so freaking cool– they look perfect and amazing :)

  12. Robin says:

    hmmm I’m trying to think of T.V shows that has inspired my style lol, the only one I can think of in recent history is FireFly, many movies such as Dirty Dancing etc..right now my style is very simple. lots of white shirts and jeans cut off and flat shows right now i’m really into the less is more look

  13. Rachel says:

    This post is awesome! I’m dying to see what you’d come up with for their living room!

  14. Melissa says:

    A few years ago I screencapped almost every outfit worn by Laura Petrie. She’s my #1 TV fashion inspiration. I was and am obsessed with her style, but like you I always wished I could see her clothes in color. This is the next best thing! I hope you do more of these – they’re lots of fun.

  15. What an awesome little project, truly, you brought her to life! What a difference color makes, eh?

  16. SO creative and beautiful. It does have a bit of a Pleasantville effect to it. It is so sad that we missed out on the beauty of a lot of wardrobe looks on black and white TV.

  17. Rachel says:

    I have been reading your blog for a long time and I had to break my silence to say HOW much I love this, it’s soooo wonderful! Her first green outfit is totally amazing. Very inspiring indeed!

  18. Moorea Seal says:

    Oh my gosh this is so awesome! You should make colorizing old movie snap shots a monthly column on your blog!
    xo Moorea

  19. stephanie says:

    i cant stop coming back to look at this! im a huge dick van dyke show fan and this simply made my day!! well…make that two days now. thank you :)

  20. Stefanie says:

    This is just amazing, loved that show and seeing her outfits in colour is so cool. I can see why it became a little addicting. I have been searching for the perfect full skirt chiffon dress because of Laura and Sally. :D

  21. Katherine says:

    This tickled me & made my day. I have fond memories watching black and white tv show classics with my granny growing up. May I ask what software you used to explore this creative outlet? It seems really fun and the perfect time consumer :)

  22. Laurie S says:

    How funny — I am watching The Dick Van Dyke Show right now!

    My grandparents were professional photographers. Your photos look mipuch like the ones my grandmother hand-tinted back in the day!

  23. Sarah says:

    Your whole project here is brilliant (literally, ha!) Each frame would even make lovely, retro wall art! I really needed some inspiration today and I am so happy I randomly thought to give your blog a re-visit :) Love it, pleeeze do more of this :)

  24. Lisa W. says:

    This IS insanely cool…you just make me smile, AND what’s not better than Mary Tyler Moore!!!

  25. Mollie says:

    What a super fun idea! I’d love to see your colorful take on a Marilyn classic.

  26. Ashley says:

    This is amazing, Mandi! What a fun idea and I’m in love with Laura’s new colorful wardrobe!

  27. erica says:

    this is just perfect. i absolutely love this!

  28. Ruth says:

    I absolutely LOVE this! (Came here via a link from Scathingly Brilliant.)

  29. christine says:

    very cool! i always wonder about the colors on that show as well. but i do think dvd looks rather handsome in bw. i’m so in love with robert petrie.. haha.

  30. Jessica says:

    One of my favorite shows in addition to I Love Lucy. Have both entire series. :)

  31. Noreen says:

    Love this. Definitely my favorite show of all time!

  32. she is so cuuuuute!!!!!!!

  33. AMAZING! i love this. The Dick Van Dyke show is one of my FAVORITES.

  34. Mike Harrison says:

    Hi: Just discovered these fab images. Makes me want to see this series in color more than ever. Wonderful work!

  35. adam says:

    just discovered that I own that bottle in Laura’s kitchen – the one with the long needle stopper – it’s blue and I bought it from haywire nera pramount studios in the 80’s.