I’ll be baaaaack.

What started out as a little accident (spilled breast milk) turned into a big dilemma last Thursday night. Turns out, breast milk is great for babies, but really, really bad for computers. Of course, I had sort of figured that was the case, but my theories were confirmed when my computer wouldn’t turn on at all on Friday morning! So, amidst a busy weekend with a family wedding and church stuff, I scrambled to get a new computer (budget buster!) and figure out how to get Photoshop licensing to work with this pretty new iMac.

I’ll have a few blog posts to share this week, but not what I had originally planned. Of course, you probably wouldn’t have known the difference (save for the missing Movie Monday post), but I felt the need to share my woes. And the lessons I learned: Always, always, always back up your computer (mine was last backed up two weeks before the accident, saving all my crucial work files, but not all of my images for blog posts- gadzooks!), and never, ever, ever keep liquids close to your laptop. Like this. You might be careful, but the people yanking on cords next to your liquids might not be. Computers are not invinsible. Lesson learned. And now I’ll spend this week recouperating my software and files. And regretting the fact that I kept my blog schedule on Stickies which are now gone with my sad laptop. Yipes.

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6 Responses

  1. Mandi says:

    Oh NO! Things like that can happen SO darn fast. Glad to hear you were able to get it replaced, though.

  2. Kaitlyn says:

    My kitten knocked over a mug of water I was using for watercolor painting right onto my keyboard the other day. Thankfully it didn’t do any permanent damage and I managed to soak up the water from around the keys with rice. Scary though!

  3. Betsy says:

    I used to follow your old blog, Here’s looking at me kid, which I loved as much as your new blog. Great work and congrats on the cute little niblit you have there.

    Good luck with the computer badness!

  4. Oh no! How frustrating! I hope you get your blog schedule back together. I’m currently computer-less (I’ve broken my charging cord five times now) so I can relate!
    Lucy looks so much like you in this picture! So pretty!

  5. Joy @ OSS says:

    Sorry to hear. I really do feel for you but I think it’s hilarious that it was from your breast milk. At least it makes for a great story :P

  6. Emily McGuire says:

    I absolutely love that picture of you guys. She is the cutest baby. The picture looks like it’s straight from the 70s.