WHAT I WORE: A Valentine Date

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Phil walked through the door, kissed me on the lips, and told me he made plans for a Valentine date with me. 5:30 onward. What are we doing? Where are we going? He won’t tell! I’m going crazy. But he made plans for a babysitter, I made plans for what to wear, and now I can’t wait for date night to begin! Eeep!

O U T F I T   D E T A I L S :

hat: ASOS | tights: ASOS | dress: thrifted | shirt: thrifted | bow: Hidden Pearl
coat: thrifted | shoes: ASOS | gloves: Kohls from 2010

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21 Responses

  1. Kaitlyn says:

    Haha, I am the same way, I am so bad with surprises! I’m always throwing out guesses. ;) Love the tights and hat! :)

  2. Gosh, you are gorgeous. I love your pink tights and pink hat! And the polkadots! Ah, so, so cute!
    Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you have a lovely date, whatever you do!

  3. Moorea Seal says:

    SO adorable! Oh my gosh, the hat and tights combo is the greatest. You look fabulous in that fuchsia color!

  4. Becky Bedbug says:

    What beautiful colours!


  5. This is really the cutest outfit ever, especially I like the fact you avoided red for this occasion and it must be said: this color scheme becomes you tremendously. :-) share what the surprise was if you like. Enjoy the day

  6. Ashley says:

    You look adorable! I love this look — Happy Valentine’s Day!

  7. Kipin says:

    That coat is a dream coat. A dream I say!!

  8. Kristian says:

    Oh surprsies!

    The pink bursts are so adorable!

  9. Meanz says:

    Ah, you look so cute Mandi and your husband is awesome! I love the hot pink accents!

  10. Leigh-Ann says:

    man you’re cute!

  11. Loulou says:

    How exciting! You look terrific. What a great colour combo.

  12. Dom says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! You look completely adorable and I love to the 1940-1950’s vintage nod. I love the pop of fuschia in your tights and your stay as well as the color of your coat!

  13. Eugénie says:

    How funny, I bought the same hat in beige ! You’re lovely in pink !

  14. Jessica says:

    Seriously in love with your hat and those tights are the BEST color. This outfit has the best vintage vibe going and I hope your date was wonderful!

  15. Claire says:

    Those pink tights are amazing.

  16. Those little pops of pink are too perfect. You look so pretty and I hope you had the most fantastic date!

  17. Krissy says:

    You look absolutely lovely! I adore your hat and gloves!

  18. Alice Barton says:

    This is such an amazing outfir, looove it! xx
    Alice Barton ? TheMowWay

  19. Katy says:

    Oh, this is SO cute!! I love your pink tights and hat. Now on my “to buy” list: pink tights!

  20. skye says:

    You’d fit right in in 1960s France! :)

  21. LOOK at the beautiful coat! Hi from your newest follower! I am a lover of all things vintage, so I am pumped that I found your blog! Hope you have a wonderful evening!