WHAT I WORE: Floral Glamour

floral 1970s vintage maxi dress

Winter is a great time to pile on extra glamour with fancy gloves and luscious fur collars. I’ve collected some vintage furs through the years, and I think they make all of my winter outfits more interesting- no hat necessary! (Though hats are always an added bonus, of course.) Fur is obviously a controversial addition to any outfit, but I’m of the mind that wearing vintage furs is alright, as they otherwise would just be collecting dust at antique shops and vintage stores. Reuse and recycle, right? But what about you? Would you ever wear vintage fur? And what do you think about wearing faux fur?

O U T F I T   D E T A I L S :

dress: Call Me Chula on Etsy | shoes: ASOS (sold out – similar pair here) | gloves: Medina Antique Mall
fur: Secret Past (Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio) | tights: ASOS (sold out – similar pair here) | necklace: thrifted
photos by Phil 

fur collarfloral 1970s vintage maxi dresst-strap shoes and mustard tightsfur collarfloral 1970s vintage maxi dress

17 Responses

  1. lauren says:

    You look lovely as always! Because you asked, I’m personally not a fan of any fur (real, vintage, fake) as I feel the look of it perpetuates the “trend and okayness” of wearing it. I know you don’t wear it to be trendy but…I dunno, people on the street don’t know what’s vintage and what’s not…

  2. Ashley says:

    LOVE the glamorous touches with the fur and the gloves! And that dress fits you perfectly – very vavavoom for a maxi! I love it!

  3. Laura says:

    the dress is beautiful! x

  4. Chloe Moon says:

    What a beautiful dress!! Has anyone ever told you look like Florence from Florence + The machine? =)

  5. Beth says:

    I feel the same way about vintage fur – why let it sit there and rot away? It’s beautiful, so wear it!

  6. Salvaged Strawberry says:

    Those shoes! That print! Yes!

  7. Kaitlyn says:

    Love this outfit! You look absolutely divine! ;) I’m a fan of faux fur and would probably consider wearing vintage fur, but after receiving a few fur and leather items from my Grandma, I found I wasn’t a fan of the smell!

  8. Hi! Love the color palette and flowers. Agree on fake fur, it’s ok with me but no real thing. Once one investigates how it is actually taken from animals, it’s just too horrific to stand by it, no matter how beautiful. Your shoes, gloves and stockings complement the outfit very well.

  9. zero style says:

    i don’t personally own any fur pieces, but i really don’t see a problem with vintage furs! the damage is already done, and you’re not supporting the industry in any way with a vintage fur. i guess to me, in a weird way, it’s more disrespectful to the animal to just let the item sit and rot.

  10. Love, Carrie says:

    I have a couple vintage furs from my grandma and love them…..I agree with zero style.

  11. Rachel says:

    I love that floral print, you look very fancy!
    I personally just don’t like the way fur looks so I never buy it. I do buy vintage leather, though! I try for fake leather whenever I’m not buying used.


  12. Paula Strong says:

    the print on that dress is so pretty. Great color on YOU!!

  13. Lisa L. says:


    Mostly Lisa

  14. Aoife says:

    Girl, you are hot hot hot! Such a glam and fabulous look. Your hair is also really beautiful and that style suits you so much.
    On the fur topic, I believe that you have the right to wear any item if it corresponds to your own ethical stance. I do, however, feel that there is a difference between wearing vintage fur and modern fur in the sense that, theoretically, the industries producing the fur would function in vastly difference ways and hence, the arguments for promoting these items would differ greatly. Personally, I have tried a vintage family fur and simply didn’t enjoy the feeling of wearing it. It’s difficult to pinpoint whether this discomfort was related to either the fact that it was fur or that it was an unfamiliar, slightly creepy sensation to wear an item that I had only ever previously felt when touching a living animal. Overall, I feel that there is room for greater dialogue on the ethics of mass market fashion in the contemporary age, and how this level of production based on market consumers is vastly out of proportion to the amount of product that actually gets sold to customers. What happens to these excess clothes, manchester and furnishings (to name a few), and what impact is this having on the earth? I am morally concerned with just how dangerous this is in terms of necessity, need and petrochemical-based fabrics.
    I’m sorry to so comprehensively hijack the comment box! Mandi, I really enjoy how open and thoughtful your posts are. The quality of your writing, your ideas and building of dialogue is of such a high standard and I deeply admire your work.

    Ps, I don’t have a problem with fake fur, although if it’s tacky — like anything tacky — it’s completely cringe worthy. My mum gave me the most incredible fake fur (mohair) for my graduation, that literally looks like a snow leopard. We refer to this breathtaking monstrosity as ‘The Caaaahhht’ and the best part is the label that says: Mink Imitations. Hahaha!

  15. Java says:

    You look so incredibly beautiful. I’ve been peeking at your blog for a few months and am constantly in awe of your warmth and loveliness. This outfit is a stand out piece! To be honest I’m confused about fur. I understand it’s beauty as an accessory and the idea that it better be worn than discarded makes complete sense. My worry lies in the fact that as it is such a beautiful accessory, by continuing to wear it we promote the idea of animal fur as a positive asset to female adornment.
    I guess this anecdote from my aunty has always stayed with me..
    My aunt was a model in the 1980’s and had a shoot set with the iconic photographer David Bailey. She was in a proper nervous tizz about it. She did her make up, did her hair, wore her most slimming yet ‘Im aware of what is high trend’ outfit, and then topped it off with a fur coat. She looked devastatingly beautiful. The kind of beautiful you don’t want to touch because it might set you on fire.
    She was sacked as soon as she got to the studio. David Bailey was not a fan of fur.

    I guess it makes me realise that however beautiful it can make one look, it’s still fur.

    I dunno. That was a bit of a brain splurge!

    And just to reiterate, you are mother flipping cool. Java x
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  16. That dress is so fantastic! And I agree with the vintage fur– I would never buy new fur, but vintage fur is just going to sit there and collect dust, so why not wear it?

  17. skye says:

    Fantastic, as always. I agree with zero style that letting vintage furs rot is disrespectful to the animal and the process. The animal is already dead, and I’d rather it didn’t die for no reason.

    I also don’t think anyone who eats meat and/or wears leather should complain about fur.