I’ve never been much of a subscriber to fashion magazines, but when I stumbled on a vintage shop jammed full of vintage magazines, I couldn’t resist snagging a small pile of fashion and gossip magazines. From the 1960s. It’s fun taking a step back in time, reading the articles that were relevant 50 years ago, and pouring over the fashion inspiration from the it-girls of the 1960s. My favorite era is around 1965, and a favorite gal of mine is Pattie Boyd.

In the 1960s, Pattie Boyd was famously the muse for her first husband, and my favorite Beatle, George Harrison, but before that she was a widely recognizeable covergirl and then small-time actress. I first “met” Pattie while watching Hard Day’s Night, the silly Beatles’ movie in which she played a teenage fangirl who met the Beatles during their tour. I thought she was cute, with her gapped grin and energetic personality. And then I got to know her style, and fell hard for this style icon. Her hair, her mod schoolgirl style, and penchant for hats are just what I’m going for these days. Do you love her as much as I do? How could you not?!

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  1. Anna says:

    Love her! I read her autobiography, Wonderful Tonight, a few years ago and it was fascinating learning about the muse behind George Harrison and Eric Clapton. Great post.

  2. Erin says:

    Oh my goodness she is adorable! I need to learn up on my women of the past, there are some great ones!

  3. An amazing set of photos.

    I really wish I could get the lifted hair but hair still down in a headband look right. What a classy lady

    Nicolette xo

  4. Kellie says:

    i can totally see why!!! i’ve never heard of her before (i feel embarrassed saying that) but I’m so glad I have now!

  5. charity says:

    she’s so damn lovely!

  6. She definitely was so pretty. Always loved her style.

  7. She’s so adorable. I love the gap-toothed smile, it’s so unique and cute. And she had such great hair and style! Ah, I wish everyone would go back to that era…

  8. Hello

    I loved her too — still do. That gap in her teeth and pretty face – not common like the botoxed babes of today. I read her book and loved it, so honest and interesting. Her life before George as a child was fascinating too . I was surprised a movie wasn’t made about her book. That group of people (Clapton, Paul and Ringo from the Beatles), Rollingstones, people and groups like that are aging (most in the seventy range). Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get the view of the past through an honest person as she. The HBO special about George wasn’t what it could have be en. Read responses about it. What a shame. She was a huge part of his life at the best time.