Mandi’s Most Wanted: GOLD & PLENTY

This time of year I can’t help but get the itch for glitz. More gold, and glitter too, if you don’t mind! It’s not my usual look, so if I’m going to make a golden, glitzy purchase, I like to make sure that it will fit into my life the rest of the year. These golden trinkets above could certainly find a cozy, often-used place in my life!

 gold star clutch from ASOS | $52.63
 gold eye crayon from ASOS | $14.00
 gold polka dotted iPhone case from Kate Spade | $40.00
 gold tie necklace from ASOS | $28.00
 gold plated spade watch from Kate Spade | $175.00
 House of Harlow 1960 earrings from Zappos | $30.00
 glitter rain boots from ModCloth | $39.99
 Bodum french press in gold and silver from Zappos | $29.95
 glitter belt from Madewell | $39.50
 mini bow ring from Madewell | $15.00

2 Responses

  1. Gold is my current favorite color, so I obviously love all of these! Great finds! :)

  2. Selvi says:

    yay for gold! i just bought a huge golden hair bow from etsy and am so exited to wear it at christmas!