INSPIRED BY: That ’70s Home

The 1970s gets a bad rap for interiors. Mention a shag rug in this decade and you get lots of cringes from those who lived through the original shag and all its glory. I’ll admit, there were a lot of crimes against design to happen in the 1970s. Too much macrame and wood paneling are enough to warrant a bad reputation for a whole decade. But sometimes the ’70s did funk and did it gloriously. Just check out these interiors! I’m thinking about borrowing some ideas for my own home. And I’m really digging the warm colors in these homes. Perfect inspiration for this time of year!

For some extra color scheme inspiration, check out past featured vintage homes hereThe images from this post were found via Flickr and are linked back to their Flickr source.

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  1. Some very good ideas come from that period, but sometimes homes of the 70ies tend to be a little too ‘heavy’ in spirit, don’t know how to describe it exaclty. When I think of the common home of the common people I have seen, or when I look at family pictures back in the days (not when architects and designers are involved). Anyway, of this nice serie of examples I like 1, 3 and 4 best. Have fun with inspiration for your new home :-)

  2. With only a few tweaks those photos could be from all the shelter mags that just arrived in my mailbox!

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  3. irene wibowo says:

    love it :)\
    Irene Wibowo

  4. L.D.N says:

    Wow, loving these interiors and color schemes. I agree that the 70s are too easily associated with the dark wood paneling and obnoxiously colored shag carpeting, but it’s great to see examples of how modern and bright a well designed home in that era could be. As someone who loves the kitsch and color of the 70s, this post totally made my day by showing how to utilize the super-saturation of color from that era in a way that doesn’t make you feel like your trapped in your clove-smoking grandmas house.

    Gypsy Alchemy

  5. joy says:

    some of these are very nice. it would have been cool if you could include don from mad men’s new apt with his new wife megan!

  6. Catherine says:

    I am absolutely in love with everything about these rooms. B-E-A-Utiful post!