WARDROBE | Maternity Style – 28 Weeks

Today my doc and I were sharing a giggle about how rude people can be towards pregnant women- whether it be passive-agressive personalities, or sheer stupidity. Fortunately, most people in my life just tell me I’m looking great (they remember what I looked like when I was dreadfully sick, though…), while some others ask, with a cheerful smile, “Are you sure there aren’t two in there?” Uhhh… so you’re saying I look bigger than I should. Great. Thanks. And I’m pretty sure after five ultrasounds and twenty-eight weeks of pregnancy, they would know if there were two. So there’s no need to ask such a silly thing.

But really, I’ve had it quite nice, with people being mostly polite and caring in their comments. And I haven’t had anyone come up and try to touch my belly yet (besides close friends, but they get a free pass), so that’s nice. I wouldn’t want someone touching my belly when I’m not pregnant, and people, these things do not change when you stick a baby inside. Promise. Just restrain yourself. I’m preparing for the day when I’m in the frozen foods section and I notice a stranger’s hand on my belly. Oh Lordy. That’ll be the day.

O U T F I T   D E T A I L S :

blouse: thrifted | skirt: thrifted | hat: Avenue Antiques (Canton, Ohio)
sunglasses: Tejas Vintage on Etsy | shoes: thrifted (vintage Hush Puppies)
photos by Phil (the husband)

24 Responses

  1. Gisela&Zoe says:

    you look great! and I’m guilty on being that belly toucher, i sometimes forget and as a mother my hand gravitates instantly to a baby belly, although i think most of the time i do remember my manners and ask :)

  2. Amy says:

    Ah, you look beautiful! I love these special outfit posts, by the way! : )

  3. I love your leopard glasses- they are amazing. I would hate people touching my belly (pregnant or not), and I must confess, even with friends and family, the last thing I want to do is touch their pregnant bellies, they kinda freak me out a bit up close. After seeing my niece flip inside her mother’s tummy, I’ve always freaked out! You look lovely as a lovely pregnant ‘mum to be’ xxx

    • Mandi says:

      Ha! I am the same way! My friend was about as far along as I am now, and she grabbed my hand and pushed it to her belly suddenly, because her baby’s foot was sticking out and she didn’t want me to miss it. I was just a little surprised and too shocked to even know what was happening or what to feel for. :) I’m also scared of carrying babies, because I might break them… so it looks like I have quite a bit to just get over.

  4. Bekuh says:

    You look fabulous! I love that your style continues to develop and change as your body does too, and you have yet to give up and wear MuMus. I look forward to these posts every week. Your style has been a long time inspiration to me.

  5. Krystle says:

    ha! a random hand just slides across your belly..
    you look amazing, stretchy knit skirts look like the way to go! i hope i can be as stylish when i’m pregnant!

  6. I remember when I first was really sick and my stomach was hurting so bad I would rub it just to get some relief. Someone assumed I was pregnant and reached out to rub me! I stopped rubbing it after that… AWKWARD! ;)

    • Mandi says:

      haha! I would have given them the weirdest look. People sometimes. What did you do? Did you let them rub your belly? I hope they were embarrassed and learned their lesson. :)

      • Yeah, they got a weird look from me for sure, and caught it just before the hand reached me so they quickly pulled back. Thank goodness! Just the thought of being touched like that was weird enough. I think they were embarrassed, but I tried not to make a big deal of it. :P

  7. kris says:

    You look beautiful!

  8. Sunnie says:

    I think there is always at least one person who will ask you if you have 2 in there, its like a pregnancy requirement to be asked that!

    You look great!

  9. Hi Mandi, I really agree with you and can totally relate to this post when I think about my pregnancy 3 years ago. Why would anyway feel like touching a woman’s belly in general, and even more when it’s such a lrivate place hosting a baby??? I will never understand that.
    You look great anyway and do not wonder about size. People are totally cruel with comments like that, sometimes even friends not realising they are rude saying things like “are you sure is not due tomorrow” and you are still in the 6th month or so.
    Enjoy your pregnancy.

  10. Megan says:

    I totally relate to this post so I had to leave a comment. I am 24 weeks pregnant and was buying plants the other day and the woman who was checking me out asked how far along I was, I then told her and she replied with “Wow! He must be a big boy!”
    Ummm, according to my doctor I am right on par with weight but people can be so rude and strange. Just ignore it, 9 times out of 10 they haven’t even had a baby and have no idea what they are talking about! You look beautiful.

  11. Dom says:

    I love this outfit It’s so cute and stylish. Girl, you are definitely working these style notes even as your belly grows which is really fun to see. I might have to copy this look ASAP, sans the baby bump.

  12. Ali says:

    Oh some people really need to think before they speak huh! I’m 23 weeks with my second baby and it always suprises me how all of a sudden your weight and size seems to become okay for people to comment on! I’m pretty sure no women, pregnant or not, will ever be happy with someone telling her she’s huge!

  13. Taylor says:

    My sister had triplets last year, and people can be very rude without realizing it. The first question most people ask is, “Are they natural?” Of course they are, they’re babies not robots! We’ve started joking that they’re just trying to figure out how sorry they need to feel for her (because obviously she was asking for it by taking fertility meds, haha!). If you wouldn’t ask it to a one-baby mama, you probably shouldn’t ask a triplet mama either.

  14. I really really don’t understand how people think it’s okay to touch someone else’s belly! It is so so so weird! Besides friends of course! ; ) And just for the record, I think you make a totally smokin’ pregnant lady!

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    • Mandi says:

      Aw, thanks, Jo! That means a lot coming from somebody with your looks. :) I am agreed- belly touching is just so weird in American culture, I don’t see why they think it’s okay. Ever. Next time someone touches my belly I’m going to kiss their face and see how they like it. haha (But what if they love it…?)

  15. Kristian says:

    Wow- you look great!

  16. I love the outfit! Yes, people can be annoyingly rude and I’ve had my hand grabbed once to touch a belly and it was… well, weird… I barely knew the girl, it was a friend’s friend.
    And I can’t share the same enthusiasm as the mom to be herself. So, yes, I was wondering what I was ‘obliged’ to feel and faked a huge smile. :p

  17. steffy says:

    you look adorable! love the new blog layout!

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  18. Suzy8track says:

    You look great! By the way, those sunglasses are awesome! I must have them! Hee!

  19. kendra says:

    i am such a belly toucher. i can’t help it. not to strangers. that is crazy creepers.

    honestly, your maternity pics are better than anyone’s. they are so stinkin’ adorable.

  20. dabivintage says:

    you’re so lovely!kisses from Italy