INSPIRED BY: Bold Colors in Vintage Homes

yellow vintage living room

We’ve already moved into our 1950s ranch and settled on a color for our walls. But since we haven’t put up curtains, settled on a sofa choice, or really settled on anything (I’m not sold on the color of the walls!), I’m still pouring over vintage homes for color inspiration. This time I’ve rounded up some bold color schemes that inspire me to go big or go home (or both?) with our color choices. Is there too much of a good thing? Let me think about that one.

For some extra color scheme inspiration, check out past featured vintage homes here. The images from this post were found via Flickr and are linked back to their Flickr source.

bright colored vintage living room white vintage living room yellow vintage living room

6 Responses

  1. Jenny Stokes says:

    Love these! I think the first one is my favorite. Good finds!

  2. Courteney says:

    Love number one! That is my absolute favourite. And I also love the matching Sonny and Cher album in the silver and white. Ha!

  3. Kat! says:

    They are all amazing but I think I like the saturated colors the best. Seems like there’s more colors to play with. My second choice would be gray and yellow. I love gray with anything!

  4. Lauren says:

    Yellow and gray is my favorite decor color combo, something about those two together is so beautiful

  5. heather says:

    I’m loling because you’re not ‘sold’ on your wall colors yet you’ve got a sign on the wall that says ‘sold.’ ;)
    Honestly, I would just look around at all the things you have and the colors you’re naturally drawn to to make your color scheme choices. I like the first choice (the neutrals with the yellow) because it would be so easy to change accent colors for the season or your mood. I think a good neutral base of cream and brown and burlap would look great with all the things you have, with little pops of color. Give yourself room to play around and change your mind!

  6. Oh I love them all, but especially the yellow!