WHAT I WORE: Maternity Style: 23 Weeks

If you’ve been readig my blog for a while, you know I’m a big believer that you don’t need much money to have style and live a creative life! Living in the Midwest, you hear a lot about hardwork and making ends meet, but it drives me up a wall when I hear people brag about how they don’t need nice things. I will be the first one to raise my hand and say, “I NEED NICE THINGS!” (Okay, so I don’t neeeed them, but I wither a little without them.) And I also don’t need much money. I promise you- my lack of funds is the biggest source of inspiration and creativity I have.

So, when listening to older moms reminisce with me about how they only had two or three maternity items to wear during their pregnancies, I felt a little pit growing in my stomach, and wondered how I was going to maintain my style as my belly grew. I started out by ambitiously purchasing a few vintage sewing patterns- the kind from the early ’60s with lots of style variations to them. Then, of course, I had to get some fabric and learn how to sew! This dress was made from a thrifted bed sheet that I scored for $1, and the dress was a simple pattern that a novice seamstress like me could easily fit together. And how cute is it? Cute and comfy.

I also made a top from this same pattern, with a variation on the neckline and shoulders. I’ll share soon, and show you what pattern I used.

O U T F I T   D E T A I L S :

dress: made by me from vintage pattern | socks: Hue
shoes: thrifted | hat: Secret Past (Cuyahoga Falls, OH)

27 Responses

  1. Gwyneth says:

    You look so beautiful!xo

  2. Holly says:

    You are a vision! Gorgeous! Well done sewing the dress, looks so cute. Happy baby growing!

  3. becky. says:

    you look gorgeous! i love that hair length on you.

  4. Hannah Alyse says:

    You look fabulous! I can’t believe this pattern was that easy but I hope it was so that I (a novice sewer) might be able to make it :)It’s darling…

  5. skunkboy says:

    I love it! The dress is darling and I’m so in love with your hair, Mandi.

  6. Cheyenne says:

    You look beautiful! The dress is very cute, and I love the hat :)

  7. Super cute and I love the fabric’s print! Well done! (Also, I don’t think I’ve noticed your tattoo before–it’s beautiful!)

  8. liz says:

    you look stunning! you need to show me how to sew ;) i do, but not very well and i can’t read a pattern for the life of me. my mom has tried to teach me and she gave up.

  9. jorjiapeach says:

    dang, girl. i’m impressed with your sewing skills.

  10. steffy says:

    omgomgomg i cannot believe you made that!! teach me :)
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  11. Michelle says:

    You look so beautiful, your hair and make-up are gorgeous, love your maternity style posts! x

  12. Aoife says:

    Not to be clich?, but you are glowing. It’s so special to see your happiness. Congratulations xx ps love the hair xx

  13. Lisa W. says:

    You are VERY creative…I love that!!! And your right you really do NOT need a ton of money to be fashionable at all. I love LOVE your artsy styly, so right up my alley. And I gotta say I SO miss being pregnant. I know I know allot of you gals hated it. I truly loved it. Getting big was all good! I was truly blessed with 3 children. Can’t wait to meet your little one soon:) Take Care!!!

  14. Lisa W. says:

    Ooops I forgot. That tatoo is awesome!!!

  15. Alexandra says:

    Your hair looks beautiful in this post!

  16. That top photo is literally the cutest thing I have ever seen.

  17. Maddie says:

    You have definitely maintained your style while being pregnant. I think it is so great that pregnancy has gotten you into my favorite hobby – sewing :)

  18. Maryse says:

    You are so pretty!

  19. i can’t believe you made that from a sheet! It looks AMAZING!

  20. Erin says:

    Wow, I would highly say you are a novice if you could make this. It’s so cute!

  21. well you look adorable and I would have never guessed that you are a newbie to sewing. Your dress really turned out well.

  22. Tin says:

    you’re so cute :)

  23. You are truly making the most amazing maternity clothing! I am obsessing over the collar!
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  24. You look so beautiful, your hair is lovely that length and that dress is amazing! x

  25. I wish I wore pretty dresses like you when I was pregnant. These are soooo cute. I like this!! You are beautiful. I love the last shot! Seems like it was a REALLY cute pattern you found. Good job making it!

  26. Ren says:

    caa-ute outfit ^_^
    lovely hair!

  27. Georgina says:

    You look so cute! There’s so many bloggers making such cute stuff from vintage patterns right now. I definitely need to learn to sew and get making some stuff for myself.