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We’ve had plenty of friends popping in and out of our house helping with moving heavy furniture, painting, doing yardwork, and even dropping off some fresh fruit! Moving house was the hard part- making thank you cards for everyone who has blessed us? That’s the fun part! Here’s a simple card I whipped up today to send out to Phil’s grandparents.

S U P P L I E S :

  • Kraft cardstock
  • Neon cardstock
  • Greeting card envelope
  • Pencil
  • Black gel pen
  • Sharp blade
  • Sewing machine (or sewing needle)
  • Black thread

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S T E P   O N E :  Using the size of your envelope as a guide, cut out a piece of kraft cardstock to be slightly smaller than the envelope (when cardstock is folded).

S T E P   T W O :  With a pencil, draw the shape you want to hold the card’s main message. Shapes like circles, hearts, triangles, and flowers work well. Then, use a sharp blade to cut around the pencil lines to remove the shape.

S T E P   T H R E E :  Cut your neon cardstock tp be slightly smaller than the kraft portion of the card. Fold it in the inside of the kraft cardstock, then stitch along the fold to keep the two pieces together.

S T E P   F O U R :  With a pencil, mark the beginning and end of where you want your message to go. Short sentiments like “thank you,” “get well,” “thinking of you,” and “congratulations,” easily fit into the shape, without getting crowded. Flip up the cover of the card, and write you message, beginning outside of your shape, and ending outside of the shape.

S T E P   F I V E :  Stitch the front piece of kraft cardstock to the front piece of neon carstock. I kept mine simple with just one line of stitching. Pull the threads through to the inside, knot them, and trim. At this point, your binding threads should also be knotted and trimmed.

Now all you have to do is write your message on the inside of the card, and send with love! Off to the mailbox I go.

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10 Responses

  1. What a fun little ideas!
    Thanks for the reminder about thank you cards.
    We are going to be moving to a new flat come April. I need to do those for people that help too!

  2. Kamaile says:

    So easy. I love homemade cards so much better than store bought.

  3. Hannah Clare says:

    Love it! Also, your handwriting is lovely.

  4. Victoria Pasquale says:

    Love it, so cute and simple.
    This is so much more meaningful than a purchased card!
    We are moving soon too, over a mountain pass to Idaho, argh!

  5. Sally says:

    Lovely idea. Thanks so much for sharing. I look forward to giving this a go :)

  6. Freya says:

    How wonderfully simple! And to think people spend upwards of $12 on cards that you can make yourself!

  7. Lindsey says:

    How fun! I’d love to give or receive a card like that. :)

  8. Courteney says:

    I love using cardboard like this for projects. All my photography clients receive their discs in handmade cardboard sleeves, and I love how simple and natural it feels.
    PS: Your handwriting is beautiful!

  9. daisymay says:

    So sweet and simple
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