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As someone who obsesses over my own personal needlework projects, I’m quite used to hearing friends and strangers ask regarding my hats or scarves, “Ooooh, did you make that?!” Hmmm… I think to myself, well, I could take credit for it, and nobody would be the wiser. Because that’s really what they want to hear. And if I tell them I got it from a thrift store, I would end up having to explain why I don’t mind buying hats from the thrift store, and describe my cleaning techniques. Nah. Let’s not mince words. My response? A simple “Nope.”

What about you? Have you make any of your own winter wear? I’m really considering trying some hat patterns, because, let’s be honest, I really need one in every color. Tell me stories! Share your patterns! :)

2011_11_11c 2011_11_11b

 O U T F I T   D E T A I L S :

hat: thrifted | scarf: thrifted | jacket: thrifted | dress: Secret Past (Cuyahoga Falls, OH)
tights: hand-me down from my moms 1980s closet | boots: thrifted

photos by me

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20 Responses

  1. Robin says:

    Thrift store, homemade or store bought, this hat is adorable! And I love the yellow gingham dress as well!

  2. Sandi says:

    Oh you definitely should! Last year I made several hats, a couple cowls, some extra-long fingerless mittens, etc etc… Things like that are always very quick and satisfying! I’m the slowest knitter in the world and hats never take me more than two nights in front of the TV.
    Search Ravelry for “Star Crossed Beret,” “Burberry Inspired Cowl” & “Thermis” (cowl). Those are some of my favorites, they knit up really quick and they’re easy without being boring & super repetitive.

  3. oh yes – do it! there’s nothing like snuggling in your own carefully crafted knitwear on a cold winter’s day. a granny square scarf would be an easy project or if you’re interested in hats, i posted an easy peasy pattern recently http://iwishiwasagiantanteater.blogspot.com/2011/11/happy-birthday-crochet-hat.html
    it’s sort of like a slouchy beanie rather than a beret but it’s quick and easy to hook up :)

  4. Salazar says:

    Oh, I do wish you would share your cleaning techniques! Are they basically the same as hand-washing sweaters? I don’t buy hats/scarves from the thrift stores, but maybe I should now, because that purple hat is adorable.

  5. Sarah says:

    We should craft together someday!

  6. So pretty, you look amazing in that. What are your techniques btw, do you ever freeze things?? I have yet to try that…

  7. Tonya says:

    Your jacket is adorable!!!

  8. Courteney says:

    Agreed. I need a winter hat in every colour…too bad I’m terrible at knitting. I have a blanket that I started almost 5 years ago…and it’s about 1/3 done. I make a teensy bit of it each year when it starts to get cold. Considering the speed I’m going, I’ll have a full blanket by the time I need to go in a nursing home. ;)

  9. liz says:

    i’m loving this outfit. yeah, i do not knit so i can’t help you on the end. i do thrift hats and scarves and just toss them in the wash. so far they have all turned out ok, but i’m sure one will be sacrificed to my horrible wash habits.

  10. Maria says:

    Anoo… I’d like to hear about your cleaning techniques! I have none, except going to the dry cleaner’s. Oh, and that little bolero looks super cute on you. I’m jelly.

  11. Anne Marie says:

    Oh those boots!! I am in the midst of a major search for ones just like that!

  12. Helga says:

    LOVE this outfit.
    Love your blogging style,generally!

  13. arnique says:

    I live in a tropical country so no snowball fights in duffle coats but a girl can dream. ;P I LOVE the jacket, a little aviatrix, a little Victorian prairie girl. It’s awesome!
    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  14. I’d love to make my own winter things, but I haven’t tried to since I was about 12 or 13 when I attempted to crotchet without direction from others. I pretty much taught myself and cannot ever keep the sides even . . .and I never know what I am doing wrong. It is sad. Maybe one day. I’d love to knit and crotchet my own things. I love your jacket/coat!!!

  15. Arielle says:

    I love how you can see your freckles in that one picture! They’re beautiful!

  16. steffy says:

    so cozy but SO put together! i adore your style!
    <3 steffy

  17. Jill says:

    Hats are my favorite thing to knit! I recommend any by Kim Hargreaves (especially “Kat”) and my favorite yarn for hats is Rowan Kid Classic. It’s super soft and warm and has that knitted, fuzzy glow.

  18. Weesha says:

    beautiful outfit, I love the colours! I struggle with winter dressing (probably because we have it for like, 2 months here). Look forward to being inspired by you :)

  19. Fenn says:

    I’ve been wearing my cowboy boots nearly daily!

  20. Frankie says:

    I just knit my first hat this weekend. It came out decent for a first try, but is too small to wear. After I got the concept, I started my second one and it’s definitely going to be awesome. Knitting in the round is super fun and pretty easy. You should definitely give it a try. Love the purple hat by the way.