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Have you ever found the perfect pair of shoes that basically turned every outfit into perfection? Mine was a simple three-year-old pair of black t-strap pumps. The arch hit my feet at the perfect point, and somehow, perhaps magically, I could walk around in 3-inch heels without faltering the slightest.

One fateful day last Spring, I set up a Fine & Dandy pop-up shop at a downtown Canton venue, bringing along my camera and an extra lens so I could capture the evening shenanigans. Of course, I brought along my perfect t-strap shoes to change into, because I wanted a little comfort and class as I galavanted around downtown with friends after the show. I didn’t end up taking any pictures, but instead I left a paper bag containing one of my prized camera lenses and even worse- my favorite black shoes! After calling the club that night and the next day, the only news I discovered was that apparently the bag had disappeared and had maybe been thrown into the trash. The trash! My friend Mike and I went dumpster diving the next day, but to no avail. My camera lens and my shoes were gone forever.

2011_10_25e 2011_10_25b

I’ll easily  admit that it’s a bit pathetic how I reminisce about those shoes. I thought to myself, there had better be a pretty spectacular sartorial treasure in my near future to make up for tragic loss! But months passed with nothing unusually spectacular having been found. That is, until last week’s trip to the Antique Mall. It was a spur of the moment 45 minute drive that my brother convinced me to take with him, and boy am I glad I did! I scored the perfect leather chair I’ve been wishing to add to our living room, and sartorially speaking? I’m pretty sure this leopard collar will be adding the charm that’s been missing since my t-straps went away.

O U T F I T   D E T A I L S :

sweater: Rag Refinery (Ohio City) | skirt: thrifted | nylons: ASOS
hat: Avenue Antiques (Canton) | shoes: ASOS | collar: Medina Antique Mall

2011_10_25f 2011_10_25c

15 Responses

  1. You look splendid Mandi.
    It is strange. When I moved here to Germany I had to leave two pairs of shoes with my mom at the airport and four books because my baggage was too heavy and I had no room in my carry-ons. I think about those shoes all the time and imagine my life would be a lot better if I still had them.
    I don’t know if that is true.

  2. vio says:

    wow wow wow!

  3. Liz says:

    You look beautiful! Also, that couch is awesome.

  4. Arielle says:

    Those are cute too. Glad you found some replacement shoes, and there’s no shame in missing shoes!:)

  5. Agh, I know exactly what you mean. Once upon a time I owned the perfect black flats, and then one day – they just disappeared. I have no idea what happened to them. My house has been turned inside out. Weird and frustrating – ha!
    Your photographs are gorgeous, and your look is absolutely divine – as usual!

  6. That is a terrible story about how you lost your lenses and shoes. I’m very sorry. I guess that is why it is good to not hold on to the things of this world since nothing really lasts.
    You look amazing in this outfit. These shoes are nice too!

  7. steffy says:

    sorry to hear about the shoes :( i love the ones you have on! and the collar… what a FIND! i have one similar to it attached to a dress. i imagine having the ability to put it on anything is glorious :)
    <3 steffy

  8. dena miller says:

    you always look so lovely?

  9. kelly ann says:

    You always look like a classic movie star. So, so pretty.

  10. Jupe says:

    Oh I can SO relate. I had the perfect pair of Mary Janes with these amazing thick high heels–the arch was perfect, the shape was perfect, the height was perfect. They were incredibly comfy and the perfect shade of brown. Well, they’re gone forever…and I’ve never seen anything remotely like them again! So sad :(
    Your t-straps here are quite wonderful though…so don’t feel too bad :)
    <3 Cambria

  11. Heidi says:

    I rarely comment on blogs… but this is your best outfit yet. Definitely one to repeat in the future!

  12. Jennifer says:

    I had a similar thing happen – I lost a pair of Christian Dior sunglasses, that I had specially tinted at an optical shop. The worst part is, I have no idea where I lost them. I retraced my steps and called the restaurant I was at earlier that day, but of course, they weren’t there. It’s been years, but I still miss them :-(

  13. You’re not alone: I still reminisce about a pair of boots that I threw out nearly 10 years ago! I threw them out because they were almost completely worn out, and this was before I’d discovered how god-damn easy it is to get shoes repaired! I could just have had them resoled and probably put some new insoles in, and we’d still be together today. [sigh] the folly of youth.

  14. Katrina says:

    Poor you. Shoes are important!!! In this case, that shoes you are wearing are LUSH!!
    Great and meaningful post, girl xx