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There are a lot of good things that come out of my humble home of Canton, Ohio. Yeah, yeah, we’ve got the corner on the football market, so they say. But Canton has also produced such incredible people as Kelly Wearstler, Marilyn Manson (went to my highschool. really.), Macy Gray, The O’Jays, and friends like the boys from Relient K and Lovedrug. Oh, and somebody I’m personally very proud of? Our very own Mike, errr… Mikey Burton! It’s pretty cool to be a fellow graduate of a tiny (we’re talking 20 somethin’ in a graduating class) private school in Canton, and see someone else actually doing their own thing their own way. And making it work. (Cue Frank Sinatra’s My Way…)

Anway, I’ve been in the same art room as this guy, and now that he lives in Philly, I still get to share the same internet space (littered with Mikey Burton paraphernalia) with this really awesome Teddy-Bear-Lumberjack of a guy. Last time we spoke, he said, “Thanks for making Canton look cool!” And I said, “Mikey, Canton IS cool.” To which he replied, “Yeah, I know that. And you know that. But not everybody else knows that.”

So, what I’m trying to say is, Mike, thanks for making all of Ohio look cool. Even if you don’t live here anymore. And thanks for the super soft T-shirt. I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on it. In addition to boob staring. Okay, maybe not always boob staring. T-shirt staring. (I’m not used to wearing printed T-shirts.)

2011_10_11e 2011_10_11f 2011_10_11d

 O U T F I T   D E T A I L S :

tee: Freelance Ain’t Free c/o Mikey Burton| everything else: thrifted
photos by: Phil outside of Heggy’s choclates in Canton, Ohio

2011_10_11c 2011_10_11b

14 Responses

  1. Cassie says:

    I’m absolutely in love with your hat! This outfit and location are perfect.

  2. allie says:

    Yay!! I dig!! :)

  3. allison says:

    Funny, when I started reading you blog I literally thought “Oh, she’s from Canton… just like relient k.”
    What can I say, they were my favorite band all through high school. =)

  4. Canton sounds like a super cool town!! Love the outfit today and especially love that little peak of yellow! :)

  5. steffy says:

    i love the yellow blouse layered underneath… and in all of your photos canton, ohio looks so charming!
    <3 steffy

  6. Joy says:

    You look very adorable here!

  7. You also make Ohio look pretty cool. I live in Youngstown, but have been to Canton many times. You have such a great way of representing it. I love how you layered your shirts. Adorable all around! You give us fellow Ohio girs some real inspiration.

  8. liz says:

    there is something about canton….i wanted out for so long and now that i’m here i don’t understand why i would leave. we’ve built our foundation here in this lovely city and we’ve made our roots. i’m proud of my little town.
    i love the last picture of you. as always, you look beautiful.

  9. Lauren says:

    YESSSS I have been wanting this shirt so bad. I might just go for it. Though, because I do freelance, I in fact do not have the money. Also, I know someone from Canton and she is also cool and doing her own thing!

  10. Trude says:

    Awesome shirt! I seriously love how you layered it over the stripey button down. So cute!

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Love it! Was born in Ohio & my husband is a freelancer.

  12. Liz says:

    You’re adorable. And I need that shirt!

  13. Katie says:

    i think it’s so great the way you showcase your town. and what else is great? this t-shirt. way to rock it mandi :)

  14. Mallory G says:

    Oh, Heggy’s…..DROOOOOL…..