Wardrobe | New Hat Calls for New Hair!


Do you love how much the title of this post would make a great front page headline in my local newspaper? Though, it might make for a boring story. Are people interested in reading about hats and hair these days? Well, golly, I hope so, because that’s sort of what I’m about to do.

With the purchase of my new favorite hat, I decided to try out a new hair style. So I headed off to Sally’s Beauty Supply, looking for a nice roller set to use with a brand new bonnet hair dryer. All of my research into vintage hair said this was the way to go.

I made my purchases, washed and towel dried my hair, applied mousse, and after an hour with that bonnet on my head, my hair still wasn’t completely dry! But I had to leave the house anyway. Alas, the curls didn’t stay very long, so this whole adventure has been really frustrating. Apparently I need better setting cream or something, because I tried the process again, this time bonnet-drying my hair completely, and no dice. My curls fell limp. I am at a loss. Any girls with vintage dos have any tips for me? I’d love to start mixing things up in the hair department.

O U T F I T   D E T A I L S :

jumper: ModCloth 2009 | blouse: thrifted | hat: Wear it Again Patty (Etsy)
tights: ASOS (out of stock) | shoes: ASOS | purse: thrifted


20 Responses

  1. Julia Ippolito says:

    It seems like your hair doesn’t like to hold a curl. Your curlers may be too big – try a smaller set?
    Or better yet, try this method:
    Start with slightly damp hair since yours isn’t holding curl well, sleep on it and voila! beautiful curls come morning. And with no heat!
    I use a cute gold headband pushed just to the top of my forehead and actually wear it out during the day while my curls set and get SO many compliments. By the time a dinner date rolls around, my hair is curled and ready to go!

  2. Allison says:

    love those tights and that blue/grey!

  3. Lo says:

    I understand your pain, I’ve struggled with that sort of thing as well. The blogger below is a vintage styling guru. She has addressed your concern but I wasn’t able to find it quickly so here are two links that you may want to search through. She’s a doll! Good luck!

  4. 2 cute! I want so many tights this Autumn.
    Love hat
    Love bag
    Love blouse
    Love it all!

  5. Anita says:

    Try a setting lotion like this: http://www.sallybeauty.com/Setting-Lotion/SBS-100167,default,pd.html?cm_vc=SEARCH
    Setting lotions were made for roller sets! Also, let your hair air dry about 2/3 dry (or blow dry it) before putting in the lotion and rolling it up. Then 45 minutes or an hour under the bonnet should really set it well. Good luck!

  6. Stephanie says:

    I find for my hair a cold set works way better and will last up to two days while a hot set will fall out. I also work with almost dry/damp hair instead of wet hair.
    Your hair looks cute!

  7. Wow Mandi,
    Those tights make you look smokin!

  8. Rae Veda says:

    Cute hair! I love everything about this outfit! Adorable! xo, rv

  9. ely says:

    For getting curls to stay, i suggest using hot curlers. I use some from Target that only cost $15 and heat up in 90 sec.s. There is this great book that tells you all sorts of vintage hair styles:http://www.google.com/products/catalog?hl=en&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&q=vintage+hairstyling&gs_upl=21629l21990l2l22117l3l2l0l1l1l0l254l254l2-1l1l0&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=1676&bih=721&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=12221949238412617535&sa=X&ei=lvuATumcOM2htwfnoszICQ&ved=0CHcQ8gIwAQ the only thing is that you need to be patient enough to read through every step. Pin curls are a pain for girls like us with long hair but i’ve had great luck with the hot curlers. A site with great hair references : http://thegirlnevergetsolder.blogspot.com/search/label/hair. You should also try stetting lotion its a liquid you mix with water its really great to spritz in your hair. good luck!

  10. i have the same problem! cannot get my curls to stay no matter what it seems! hope you find the solution so you can pass it on…on another note you look super cute, love the outfit (and the hat!)

  11. Kim says:

    Hi Mandi! I hope all is well! Your hair looks amazing and so do you! I love everything about this outfit and those tights are awesome!
    I love how you styled your hair, in high school I lived in hoy curlers,i put them in at night and sleep in them! I know, crazy! And I would wake up with beautiful curlers and a bruised head ;)
    Take care!

  12. Sarah says:

    Hairspray on wet hair actually works pretty well for me. Once dried, your curls will seem a bit “crispy” but gently loosening the curls will make them soft again.

  13. Jenni says:

    Too bad the curls didn’t last–they look great! Love those tights, too.

  14. Kathryn says:

    I second that video suggestion
    it is easier and takes less patience than curlers, is comfortable to sleep on, and really stays. I would start moussed or hairspray when finished just in case.

  15. Emily Keen says:

    You are looking positively gorgeous!! As per usual, but with the curls in your hair it just seems like you’re going more glamourous:) Sorry to hear the bonnet thing isn’t working as well as you hoped. The setting cream that Strawberry Koi uses is from Garnier and works very well for her styles. Have you checked out her youtube channel for tips?

  16. jessica says:

    I do the overnight treatment like the one gal was talking about. Or even in the morning and twist them up for the day and wear a scarf around them if I need to go out. Then by dinner I have great waves. All naturale with no heat! The best!
    On the other hand, maybe you could find a vintage salon chair with the hairdryer attachment and just sit under that for 20 mins or so.

  17. Sunnie says:

    Hi Mandi, I “third” the youtube video suggestion. I’ve done it 3 or 4 times and it came out well each time! I really like it because you don’t need to use heat on it. It held up for me really well. Let us know if you try it!

  18. Cosmia says:

    Such a great outfit! I’m scared of vertical striped tights but maybe I’ll give them a try. You’re rocking them!

  19. zelina says:

    ilove the curls on you;)

  20. Meanz says:

    Although you said your curls feel out, at least you got these photos and your hair looks amazing! I have been wanting to venture out and try new hairstyles and I wish I wore hats more. I love this outfit of yours too. Those tights are so awesome! I love vertical stripes and your blouse is just adorable!