Delightful Dozen | The Feather Dress


Before heading to a show yesterday, I decided to pop into my favorite coffee shop.  Two of my barista friends behind the counter oohed and ahhed over the funky feather pattern on my dress- the one I am borrowing from The Delightful Dozen. And, of course, the conversation inevitably turned to the awkward topic of…. BLOGGING! Dun, dun, duuunnn. Oh come on, bloggers. You know what I’m talkin’ about. These conversations are always awkward.

Me: Oh this old thing? It’s actually borrowed from a friend. Well… from a few friends. Errm… well, some online friends and I trade clothes around.
Barista #1 & #2: (Blank stares. But not unbelieving stares, mind you.)
Barista #1: So, it’s like The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants?
Me: Uhhh… sort of! Only usually we trade dresses, not pants.
Barista #2: How do you know these girls?
Me: Well, uh, through blogging. (Cringe)
Barista #1 & #2: Oh, that’s so cool!
Me: (Relief)
Barista #1: So if you’re not the Sisterhood of Traveling Pants, what are you?
Me: (Blushing) The Delightful Dozen….
Barista #2: (Cracking up) Leave it to a bunch of girls to name their group “The Delightful Dozen.”
Me: Hey, it’s better than trading clothes with The Dirty Dozen, yeah? And besides, we don’t pack heat.

Okay, so the conversation wasn’t that awkward. But that’s because I’ve been out of the blogger closet for quite some time now. And besides, isn’t The Delightful Dozen a pretty perfect idea? And the funny thing is, I’m convinced this particular dress really is as magical as the traveling pants. Head on over to the Delightful Dozen blog to see just how perfectly the dress worked out for 8 of the other girls.


O U T F I T   D E T A I L S :

Dress: Sally Jane Vintage | Blouse: thrifted | Jacket: Pendleton- thrifted
Tights: Hue | Hat: thrifted | Shoes: thrifted | Purse: thrifted

24 Responses

  1. Robin says:

    LOL between you and Tanvi, I might just split a seam about blogging conversations today. I love the print on this dress. It is truly delightful!

  2. That story is hilarious! I had a similar conversation recently about why I was invited to a store opening. Very awkward…
    You look fabulous in the dress though :)

  3. brittany says:

    Haha! “Out of the blogger closet” is a good way of putting it. I’m still hiding in there….

  4. katielicht says:

    ah! so cute. blue and brown is one of my favorite color combos and it’s so perfect in this outfit. i love your blogging story too. seems like you handled the semi-awkwardness perfectly.

  5. I love blue and brown together! Lost in the Haze

  6. Sarah says:

    I wish I were in a place with blogging where I got to share clothes with other ladies. It seems so fun! At least your barista conversation wasn’t too weird, hehe.

  7. B says:

    That convo was classic! At least they knew what blogging was. Some people have no idea what that is and it’s really funny explaining!
    Love the dress! you look marvelous!

  8. Joy says:

    Lol it is kinda awkward but hilariously awesome at the same time!

  9. Katie says:

    hahaha awesome. that sounds like most of my real life conversations that revolve around my “online life”. it’s weird when the two meet…

  10. Rae Veda says:

    Cute hat! You look so Fall. I love it. xo, rv

  11. Kat says:

    I loooove that dress, but I think the addition of the tie-neck blouse is what really makes the outfit!

  12. Mackenzie says:

    Haha I’ve had similar conversations… really awkward. I’m drooling over this outfit, the colors are so great together. I’m really loving your long hair too.

  13. Chaucee says:

    Haha, that’s a funny encounter :D I love the name you girls have!

  14. Jupe says:

    Love the single-tone legs-to-feet…it draws attention to the wonderful pattern of that dress. So cute with the bowtie! Love the way you’ve styled it…perfect colour palette for this time of year :)
    <3 Cambria

  15. Yay! I remember when I found that dress. I loved the print and was sad I had to let it go. I’m so happy it’s gone on to have such a wonderful dress-life.

  16. Hahahaha!! I love that conversation – that is so hilarious!! I loathe talking about blogging – no matter what it feels like you’re bragging about yourself!

  17. Ha ha, I just had That conversation with my mum last week!
    My ma: “I hear you have a blog!”
    Me: “Um…yes. Yes, I do.”
    [Eleni blushes, wonders how the hell her Ma heard about her blog, then leaves the room to put the kettle on.]
    I imagine if I had ever had to tell her that I was gay/pregnant/HIV positive, the conversation would have gone in a very similar way.

  18. katrina says:

    god, i love your style.

  19. Deanna says:

    Love the way you wore the dress! I <3 Brown tights, I feel like they add a sweet depth without the edge of black tights.
    <3 Deanna

  20. liz says:

    absolutley stunning. very classy.

  21. Sally says:

    Beautiful dress!

  22. Trude says:

    So, so cute on you! Love the pops of navy. And I’ve totally had that awkward conversation, believe me, especially when it comes to “online friends”. Don’t we all have them by now?

  23. Dom says:

    This outfit is so pretty and sophisticated. You look gorgeous. The dress is such a cool print! Something I think I may have gravitated towards if I saw it in person. :}

  24. Aliya says:

    I love how you’ve styled this dress! The blue and the brown are lovely together! I’m so glad I found your blog! You’re beautiful and so are your pictures!! Oh and I LOVE your bag!
    My giveaway is up and running:
    Win the Vintage Dress of Your Choice! (open to everyone)
    x Aliya