Wardrobe | A Walk on the Beach


I have returned from the hot and humid beaches of Hilton Head Island to the comfortable and breezy lands of Northeast Ohio. Though our trip to the beach coincided with  jelly fish season, I did enjoy the shallow shores of the beach, and sometimes braved deeper waters with the assistance of a large raft.

During the week long vacation, I got a lot of freckles, ate a lot of ice cream, suffered from mild sunburn, did a bit of vintage shopping, but barely took any photographs. I do kind of regret my lack of documentation on this trip, but I will admit, it was a nice reprieve for this photographer! Today I’ll share with you photos of our walk on the beach, and later this week I’ll show some pictures of our daytrip to Savannah.

2011_08_20d 2011_08_20 2011_08_20f

          O U T F I T   D E T A I L S :

  • headscarf: The Clothing Warehouse (Savannah)
  • sunglasses: le love (Etsy)
  • top: thrifted
  • shorts: Urban Outfitters 2009
  • purse: Canton Antique Expo (September 2010)

2011_08_20b 2011_08_20e

16 Responses

  1. kelsie says:

    looking cute girl, those glasses are perfect on your face! im so glad you had fun girl. WE NEED TO MEET UP. golly. and im REALY excited about seeing your Savannah pictures// that town was my dream town for the better part of my life. it is just so beautiful. it hurts!

  2. Rachelle says:

    You look fab lady! I’m glad you had a great time :) Sometimes the best times aren’t photographed but remain a beautiful memory in the mind :)
    Rachelle xxx

  3. Ali Lynne says:

    These photos are so blissful! You look like a fabulous vintage vixen running around on the beach. I also love your hubby holding your purse and sandals in the bottom photo… at least I hope it looks like your husband or I’ve just insulted you. Ali

  4. Lyzi Unwin says:

    Gorgeous! Sounds like you had a great time by the sea :) xxx

  5. Love your headscarf! The colors are so pretty :)

  6. Ashley says:

    You look so flippin’ adorable! I live in Atlanta, but have still yet to go to Hilton Head!

  7. steffy says:

    i love your beach outfit youre adorb!!! great sunnies!!
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  8. you look charming… very charming

  9. Hannah says:

    You look so gorgeous and happy! I adore everything about this outfit. Beachy, but still modest, with the perfect amount of retro. Why have I never thought to wear a headscarf to the beach before?? Duh!

  10. Della says:

    I’m so glad you took a few photos…looks like you had a very enjoyable trip!
    That jumping pic is fantastic!

  11. Jupe says:

    Perfect outfit for the beach, truly! I love the stripes and high-waisted sailor shorts. Plus the tip-top of red on your head…so perfectly vintage.
    <3 Cambria

  12. Chaucee says:

    you look so happy in all these photographs : ) a weekend at the beach does a soul some good.

  13. Rae Veda says:

    That looks like a blast! I hope you had a lovely time.
    xo, rv

  14. Kim says:

    Hi there! Welcome back! You two looked adorable on the beach! I am so glad to hear you had a great time! I love your beach outfit!! Love the shorts! Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos!

  15. anastasia says:

    Your beach look is so good! Jellyfish terrify me :C it’s why I tend to avoid the gulf coast’s deeper waters. The photos you DID take/share are amazing. Makes me miss the ocean C:

  16. stefania says:

    Looooove these pics!!
    your glasses are so cute!
    glad that i find your blog!