Movie Monday: That Touch of Mink 1962


In my mind, Doris Day is the reigning virginal Hollywood actress. Her characters are often squeaky clean, all smiles, and are never comfortable with pillowtalk unless it is with her respective husband (Rock Hudson, anyone?). Leave it to Cary Grant to change all of that.

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In That Touch of Mink, it seems that none of the fellas can get it through their thick skulls that Cathy Timberlake is just not that kind of girl. Cathy’s quite happy on her high horse, as unemployable as she is, until quite by accident, she’s wooed by millionaire Mr. Shayne (Cary Grant), who whisks her away on a trip to Bermuda. In a hotel. With one bed. And plenty of alcohol. It’s enough to make Cathy break out in hives, which, of course, she does- ruining the romantic getaway and further proving that she just really isn’t that kind of girl. Though, in fear of losing Mr. Shayne‘s interest, and despite advice from her roommate, she sets out to win him back with whatever womanly wiles she can muster.

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The movie is full of hilarious innuendos, all as wholesome as you might expect from an early 1960‘s film, though more daring than you might have thought ’62 could muster. Doris Day is at her finest in this film, without the need for breaking out into song (just hives), and keeping her normally squealy voice down to a minimum. (Sometimes that lady is just too much for me. I will admit.)

In That Touch of Mink, the characters could easily be seen as 1962 caricatures, mid century cliches shine through (though not too glaringly), and the comedy is just screw ball enough to be delightful, though restrained enough to be tasteful. In all honesty, I would have to declare That Touch of Mink to be my favorite 1960’s comedy. (Ask me later, and I reserve the right to change my mind. As always!)

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  1. Oh my goodness, I love That Touch of Mink! I remember watching it when I was like 11 for the first time. Such a good one.

  2. Kelly says:

    Oh, this movie sounds delightful. Must add it to my to watch list. And Cary Grant … Swoon.
    Kelly @
    Elegantly Academic?

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I love your movie reviews – you do a fantastic job on them!

  4. steffy says:

    i must see this movie! i havent even heard of it.. apparently i need to brush up on my oldies movies :)
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  5. Hannah B says:

    I love this movie! As a matter of fact I pretty much love every Doris Day movie!

  6. I haven’t watched this since I was 16. I should do that. Doris Day has been my favorite actress since I was about 12 (I’m nearing 28). I love her so much. Cary Grant always makes me laugh in all his films. Funny thing about Doris Day seeming to be virginal though, is that her husband Mr. Melcher directed many of her films where she isn’t as virginal! There was one of her movies that was certainly like this where she was with Richard Harris in the 60s. But I mean there are a few others too. I don’t know. . .I can’t keep track because I’ve seen loads of her films. I should count them like I have counted Robert Downey Jr.’s movies I’ve seen (65). i should count Jimmy Stewart’s films too since he’s my favorite (and I know yours too). I’m rambling.

  7. 34 D. Day films, 32 J. Stewart films. Now I feel better knowing.

  8. Jill D. says:

    I love this movie. I remember spending a few sleepless nights when I was pregnant with my second child watching Doris and Cary and munching puffed rice! Oh, the memories.

  9. Catherine says:

    One of my all time faves! Great pick!

  10. Maureen says:

    I love how crisp and clean they always look. This reminds me of my Mom…she is of this generation, and always looks impeccable. Meanwhile, I’m still sitting here in my pajamas with unwashed hair. Oh dear!
    P.S. I found your lovely blog (which is now nestled in my Google Reader) from the oh-so-awesome Pugly Pixel!!

  11. Lauren says:

    :) I love Doris Day!
    XO, Lauren

  12. Angel says:

    no joke! i just returned this movie to netflix! i loved it! thanks for sharing :)

  13. Sue says:

    Not my favorite Doris Day comedy, but still loads of fun to watch…especially since Cary Grant is in it!