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After four years of marriage, what’s a wife to do? (Okay, okay… what’s a sweet G-rated thing she can do?) Well, you could write a cute blog post including photos from your wedding, make a scrapbook page about your anniversary date, or, I suppose, if you’re a really good wife, you could put together a little book detailing special memories from the past years.

Since I’m a really good wife, that’s exactly what I did! (No need to get all squinty-eyed, either, because I left out the juicy details. Those will be discussed over dinner. And maybe reenacted after dinner.)





15 Responses

  1. Virginie says:

    That’s such a great idea! The best gifts are always the hand made ones.
    It’s looks really cool and it’s also very romantic. I made a book of our honeymoon for Christmas and my husband just loved it :)

  2. This is incredibly beautiful! You are very talented and such a good wife. :D I’m sure he loved it.

  3. Kat says:

    That’s so sweet and inspirational! Happy fourth anniversary :)

  4. Martina says:

    I just checked out those wedding photos and you totally beat the Duchess of Cambridge (who is NOT a Princess because she is ‘common’. Ridiculous. I’m talking about Willz and Kate here) to her dress!! Style points to you! And you looked beautiful :)

  5. Becky says:

    This is beautiful! x

  6. Wow, you MUST be an amazing wife! These are lovely (: Happy Anniversary!

  7. Katie Tumino says:

    darling book! I recently discovered your blog and have really been enjoying it :) had no idea you were local – I live in Akron!

  8. allie says:

    This is a lovely idea! I’m sure Phil, Phil, Phil, PHIL, PHILLLLLL loved it! :)

  9. Sasha says:

    How lovely. Such a great idea!

  10. So beautiful, and such a great idea! I love that you made something personal :)

  11. Elizabeth says:

    I really like how you used the notebook paper on these pages. :)

  12. Kelsey Fleshman says:

    Love this!!! What is the cover material (looks like leather)? And how did you put it all together like a book (looks like needle and thread)?

  13. Mandi says:

    Kelsey, the cover is made from an old leather sample the interior design studio (at school) was getting rid of. I just used a zig-zag stitch on my sewing machine. It’s held up well, and we have it sitting on our coffee table. Friends often pick it up and flip through. :)