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Continuing with my inadvertent “Don’t say no to stripes” campaign, I purchased this oversized shirt from the thrift store, hoping I could belt it for a chic look. But instead of chic, it just looked sloppy. That’s how the blouse become the target of my most recent scissor snipping fest.



I wanted to shrink the top of the blouse, and gather the bottom portion. So, I cut apart the two pieces and used another blouse in my possession to size how to correctly trim the sides of the top. A few snips later, and I ended up with what you see below.



After I sewed darts into the bodice, I tried it on and realized that I cut the bodice too small, so I left one side open and stitched ribbons on the front and back to enclose the side like you might see on a pinafore. Lastly, I hemmed where the sleeves had been removed, and did a loose stitch around the top of the bottom portion so I could gather it to the perimeter length of the top portion. After I stitched the two portions together, it was finished!



It took me about two hours to figure out how to construct this blouse, as I was careful not to make any mistakes. Funny thing is, I still made a mistake, resulting in needing ribbons for the side rather than having room for a zipper. Oh well. I think I really need a dressform that I can tailor to my own size, in order to prevent these mistakes in the future.

Even though I messed up a little bit this time, I’m not going to give up on this style. In fact, I with I had more fabric for the gathered “skirt” portion of the shirt, so I might even hunt for more striped blouses to alter from the plus size section of the thrift store. Oh, the possibilities!

16 Responses

  1. Alessia says:

    I love this little blouse! It really looks great on you, pefect to wear with jean cut offs too!

  2. Katie says:

    The blouse looks great on you.

  3. Lovely! Total improvement! The bows on the side are adorable!

  4. Robin says:

    Great job! This turned out beautifully and I would have never guessed you didn’t intend the ribbons to be there. They add a great soft touch to the blouse!

  5. aww well i think you fixed up the mistakes well enough with the cute ribbon on the side. I really think this is a pretty DIY though.

  6. maren says:

    The ribbon on the side is cute but if you wanted another option to fix the oops, you could have put thin panels of a solid-color knit fabric on both sides. This would b a nice solution if you didn’t want to worry about layering, and it adds a little stretch/fit as a bonus.
    This really is inspiring to me to make thrift mods!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I love the colors and images. Clothes are very original.

  8. zelina says:

    I actually love it this way it has character.

  9. Kelly says:

    Wow! This is super creative. I love the finished result …
    Elegantly Academic

  10. That is just lovely! It looks great with the ribbons, i think that was a pretty happy accident :)

  11. That turned out so cute! Now I got even more inspiration to go out shopping :)

  12. Mallory G says:

    I truly love this makeover. I’m constantly finding vintage shirts while thriftin that I fall in love with and then talk myself out of buying because they’re too big. You’re a fantastic motivator!

  13. geek+nerd says:

    Cute makeover – thanks for sharing!

  14. Zoe says:

    This DIY is amazing such a great idea, im so so excited to give it a whirl. Thanks for sharing.
    Zoe x

  15. Elena Burner says:

    very cute and interesting idea!