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Lately, in an attempt to make thrift store visits quicker, I’ve been browsing each aisle with more interest in the pattern  than the structure of the items hanging on the racks. Polka dots have been jumping out at me like crazy. Sometimes its dissapointing to remove a polkadotted number from the rack only to see a dress with severely puffed-sleeves and a V-shaped waist. When I found this particular dress, it was a similar moment. There was a really awful red short-sleeved jacket that was meant to be permanently attached to the bodice, and the problem with removing it was the quality of the bodice underneath. Suit lining that was splitting open in the back. Sigh.

Well, of course, I bought the dress anyway, with not a clue as to how I would style it. I thought it seemed a little 1950’s, so I both accentuated that vibe and toned it down a bit in my accessorizing-  A denim jacket for a rougher edge, and a housewife-worthy headscarf to dress down the dress even more. Not a purchase I regret at all.



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  1. gee says:

    i always browse by pattern. i am to inpatient to go through every rack in the store. i would prob. find a lot more if i did though..haha.
    you look beautiful. def a wise choice in buying this beauty. this is going in my inspiration file asap…(well, i am not going to lie about 99.9% of your outfits end up in the inspiration file!)
    have a wonderful week love. <3

  2. Amelia says:

    pretty! especially love the headscarf, perfectly 50s :) happy weekend!

  3. allie says:

    Dude, you’re awesome! :)

  4. I had an 80s-does-50s black and white polka dot dress which I LOVED. It was good for work and leisure and special nights out. It needed no ironing. It dried in minutes. It fitted perfectly. A few months ago, it tore in an unmendable way. I was gutted and am so very, very jealous of your new dress – treat it well!

  5. Robin says:

    You look lovely! I ended up with about 20 polka dot pieces from my thrifting this spring!

  6. chaucee says:

    i really love that first photo! you look great.

  7. janice ann says:

    seeing this most makes me realize why i bought so many headscarves at estate sales. i need to incorporate them into my wardrobe!

  8. aw. i love the head scarf the most