Movie Monday: Annie Hall

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How much do I love Woody Allen? Do we really want to have this five hour (plus) conversation? Well, first of all, I completely am in love with and relate to to his avid love of literature and classic film, which are both very apparent in any one of his movies. Either his characters discuss or are can be seen immersing themselves in the arts, or he pays subtle homage to some of my favorite directors and writers in the screenplay or directing of most of his own films. Also, humor. Humor in the every day. The realistic banter and usualy normal circumstances from which he weaves simple plots have meaning and leave me spellbound. I like to think my own simple life somewhat reflects the essence of a variety of Woody Allen movies. And with that somewhat obnoxious statement, I will tell you why I love Annie Hall.

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To me, Annie Hall speaks mostly about the cycle of life and relationships. The joy of encountering another soul, the sorrow of losing them, and then becoming lost in your own contrived misery and nostalgia for a bit before settling into the realization that it all is simply the essence of life. Life is a series of experiences, and the most meaningful ones are those that involve wonderful people with whom you can pour into one another’s lives in significant ways.

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The timing of the movie jumps around quite a bit, as really the whole plot exists in the mind of Woody Allen’s character, Alvy, who has just broken up with Annie Hall, and is, at the beginning of the movie, wrapped up in the comtemplative period which so frequently follows the end of a very life altering relationship. The movie is a bit fantastical, in that the characters randomly will talk to strangers on the street about their feelings, hopes, and fears (encounters which are actually only happening in the character’s mind), and also, there are moments when a character will turn and talk to the camera, or even sometimes what they are really thinking is written in captions at the bottom of the screen. To me, these silly moments are a just another delightful addition of Woody Allen humor that I love so much.

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You might be wondering why I haven’t really discussed the storyline of this movie. And really, I guess I haven’t beacuse I don’t think it’s very relevant. It didn’t impact the my opinion about the movie at all. You just really have to love the character of Alvy, or I suppose the movie won’t work for you. And if you love Woody Allen at least a little bit, you will like Alvy. Believe me. Oh, and if you don’t like Woody Allen, you might want to watch this movie for the great (and famous) Allen quotes or the chic ’70s fashion inspiration- complete with ground-breaking bohemian menswear fashion introduced by Diane Keaton’s character, and the movie’s nakesake, Annie Hall. La dee dah. What a gal.

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19 Responses

  1. Cheryl says:

    I have, ashamedly, never seen a Woody Allen movie. Not to say that I haven’t wanted to, but I just never have taken the time. This needs to change.

  2. I just watched this movie for the first time and loved it. Well, I loved the styling. I want to make a whole wardrobe based off both Woody’s and Diane’s style in this movie.
    I also, could not tell you what happens in the movie because I was too into the sets and wardrobe :)

  3. kim says:

    Design*Sponge did a great “Living in Annie Hall” post, I think you’d like it:

  4. I love Woody Allen films, and Annie Hall is one of my favorites! Such a great pick.

  5. Sue says:

    Wonderful film! One of Woody’s best. I can totally relate to Annie in the film…and had a similar relationship in my own life.

  6. Bonnie says:

    Okay. Adorable blogger, that loves Anni Hall. Can we be new blog friends? I cannot believe I have not found it before! Flipping back through all of your old entries begins… now! :)

  7. Kyle says:

    Would you believe I have never seen this movie? It seems surprisingly relevant though. I’ll definitely put it on the list.

  8. Jenni says:

    Love love love love LOVE this movie! It’s one of my favorites. Woody Allen is hilarious, Diane Keaton is adorable, and then you have Carol Kane and Christopher Walken on top of everything else? It can’t possibly go wrong!

  9. zelina says:

    I’ve been wanting to watch this thanks for sharing I’ll have to check it out.

  10. Monique says:

    This is one of my favorite films as well!
    p.s. The Education of Charlie Banks and quite enjoyed it!

  11. one of my favorite movies. was released the year i graduated from high school when i aspired to be a theater major. (yes, that was a while ago – 1977 to be precise, and i did not go on to be a theater major.) it is a great movie, a classic in my mind.
    Kel @ ser?en?dip?i?ty

  12. studiomme says:

    Ooh, I haven’t seen this movie before but it’s beautiful! I love the colors and the ‘grit’ of it. Thanks for the suggestion. I just had to tell you also how beautiful your tattoo is. I’m such a wimp and am scared to get one.

  13. Ashley says:

    great description of Woody Allen. Think you nailed down his greatness! I could watch Annie Hall every single day for the rest of my life :)

  14. courtney says:

    I feel the same way about Woody Allen movies. My parents adored him, and I grew up with his films on our TV. And I love that first shot with the VW bug, because I drove an old one in high school. There are four kids in our family, and every one of us had at least one VW. My sister had three because she kept crashing them.

  15. Becky says:

    My favorite film ever, ever, ever. I hope your post encourages some newbies to watch it.
    ‘What? You speak shellfish!’

  16. andrea says:

    most quotable film ever

  17. Jenna says:

    One of my favorites!
    “I haven’t been myself since I quit smoking.”
    “oh when was that?”
    “16 years ago.”

  18. Sum says:

    I remember I watched this in film class two years ago. I need to watch this again because I don’t remember the details. I also love Woody Allen!